The Order of the Righteous Cross

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    The Order of the Righteous Cross is an organization developed solely for the location and extermination of demons and other paranormal horrors that plague the lives of civilians. It holds a school meant fro training in the arts of exorcism, everything from chants to holy water to other things. So take a seat and learn how to bring light to the darkness!
  2. Another day at The Order of the Righteous Cross. Nyomi sighed lightly, knowing her first class of today were chants and rituals. She wasn't particulary good in that class because she just couldn't get it right. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get rituals nor the chants to work. Sighing lightly, dreading the class a bit, she walked along the path outside. Enjoying the early breeze, she watched other people walk by. Finally, she reached the big doors of the building, making her way to the room. Holding her book tightly to her chest, she bit her lips. Was she late? Was she too early? It was so quiet, so she wasn't sure if everyone was concentrating so much, or she was just way too early. Probably too early, like always. Smiling a bit, she looked into the classroom. She was right. No one was there yet. Taking her seat, she placed her book down, playing with her pencil. Her notes and rituals were in the book, but she knew it was going to be another waste of time in this class. Even the professor wasn't here yet. Looking outside, she watched the clouds go by, just thinking to herself till the others would arrive.
  3. priestguy.jpg A few more students trickled in here and there, until the classroom filled. The light trickled in through the multicolored stain-glass windows, filling the room with a beautiful calm. The bell rang for class, the sounds of church bells of course, and several minutes passed. The students looked around, most too tired confused or just plain apathetic to do much of anything, until a hurried set of footsteps could be heard echoing down the marble hall. The door suddenly burst open, slamming into the stone behind it and an odd man entered the room carrying several boxes covered with cloth, setting each on the desk at the front of the class. various
    snarls and hisses could be heard coming from the objects, but the priest-teacher paid it no mind. "Hell class! Sorry for being late, a few of the imps escaped and started stealing my clothes, so I couldn't get dressed until I exorcised them all...and, anyway it was bloody awful." He said, looking at the various faces of the students. "Anyway, welcome to Chants and Rituals: Exorcisms of Tradition. I'll be your instructor, Father Welington."
  4. As the professor suddenly burst through the door, Nyomi jumped up. She stared at the professor with a quite displeased look. The loud noise surely had disrupted the quiet and peace here. Watching him now, she frowned lightly. He sure seemed strange already. Opening her book, she listened to the hisses and snarls from underneath the cloths. As the professor explained what they were, she looked up the imps. Sighing lightly, she closed her eyes. She hated those creatures. Such pestering creatures they were. Opening her eyes again, she watched the professor. She stood up and bowed as he introduced himself. After the bow, she raised her hand and smiled a bit. "Father Welington, do you expect us to be able to exorcise the imps already?" she asked in a polite voice. She kept standing so the professor could still know who asked the question. She got several looks from other classmates, but she really didn't care about that. All she cared about was if it was possible to learn chants and rituals fast. Because when it becomes dark, several demons may attack..
  5. The professor looked at the student with a slightly puzzled look. "Well, yes, I had hoped most of you knew the chants to exorcise demons. It's simply the first five verses of Genesis. They are beings of chaos and destruction, and so the creation of order, and creation in itself! Drive them away. They are relatively simple minded creatures, and only post a threat to your possessions, but cause no true harm. However...Should a group of them get together..." The man said, and then whipped the cloth off the cages, revealing three small imps, about a foot tall, crimson red, with razor sharp teeth and claws. their eyes were tiny black coals, and their horns were some sickening shade of grey. The man opened the cages, and the three rushed to each other, and their black eyes turned red, and they began to grow more violent and angry. "They are much like ants, and will come together to get the material goods of people, and in extreme cases, to attack."
  6. Layfon entered the class both silently and sluggishly. He was a bit grumpy because his weapons were confiscated at the front desk. How the hell did they expect him to dispose of demons without his weapons? Through ki alone? "This is stupid.." He muttered as he took a seat in the back. His dark spiky hair, unkempt in a casual way, hung over his ocean blue eyes. He wore a short sleeved hoodie and a blue sleeveless shirt under. There was a silver chain around his neck with a black cross as an emblem. His cut up blue jeans and black sneakers may have made him seem awkward because everyone else looked so neat and prepared. Layfon could care less that he was late, he actually preferred it. He looked up to see his professor who was explainning chants at the moment. He began to wonder why he was here. Layfon began to flick his pendant from side to side, making an odd jingling sound in the back killing time as boredom ensued.
  7. The three imps quickly heard the jingling from the back of the class, and their eyes turned black once more as they scurried after the sound. I watched with slight amusement as they began to leap about, similarly to a pack of wolves, hunting the "prey" " As you can see, class, to get something they want, they will employ the tactics of pack hunters, though it would be a stretch to say they have the same level of intelligence. My boy..." I said, motioning to the young man who possessed the pendant. "Would you be so kind as to spin it around and tease these creatures?"
  8. Nyomi's eyes slowly went back to the door as she saw a classmate walk in. He sure looked messy. Seems he was in time for the lessons though. Nyomi yawned a bit and turned her eyes back to the imps and the professor. Frowning lightly as the imps went together, she swallowed lightly. She hated imps. She knew there were many more horrifying demons, so she had to at least learn to take care of the little ones. Sighing lightly, she sat back down, just watching the imps. If they only were after posessions, then that wasn't so bad. Looking at her desk, there was just her book. She looked into the book at quick rituals and chants to get rid of the imps. She really hoped she could exorcise some. She looked up, watching other classmates already muttering things. Nyomi just sighed, closing her eyes. How in the world was she going to learn something, when most of the classmates already did all the work? Nyomi just gave up for now, sitting back in the chair, watching others getting rid of the imps.
  9. The noise seemed to put the minor demons into a small frenzy. "Eh?" Layfon looked up as the professor asked a little favor. "Sure, why not he replied as he took a loose grip on the pendant, his hand formed a light fist as he slowly moved it around. After a moment he sped up thr process making for a much larger sound. Layfon did it lazily, as useful while he fashioned that same bored expression.
  10. As the boy began to spin the pendant more rapidly, the tiny imps' eyes turned green, and the closest one leapt straight to the pendant, the other two trailing behind but not doing much of anything. "Now class, it would appear to you that the other two creatures are doing nothing, being lazy and ultimately useless. However, what they are doing is waiting for the "prey" to make a mistake." the priest looked at the girl who was the only one not reciting chants under her breath, and pointed to her. "Miss? What do you think happens when an imp gets an item it desires?" the man said, looking at the girl with a warm smile.