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Plot back story in a nutshell - All non-human races have been banished from society, you can play as a member of any of three teams;
Byrds Guard - Humans fighting for human rule over everything, founded by Jenkins Byrd
The Kult - Demons, undead and generally thought to be evil, Fighting to destroy the humans in retribution of their founders death. founded by Captain Kult
The Order of Nytmar - Half-breeds and generally good races Fighting for not domination, but their own personal rights. Founded in the memory of Hayley Nytmar, not for her crimes, but her surrender.

350 years ago, in the city of Nytmar, life was different. Humans were tolerant of other races; the elves, gnomes, faeries, demons, and even the vampires were commonplace. It was a haven of technology and magic, with the human engineers working alongside elven sages. Mermen could be found at every bar. Harpies attended sermons from church rafters. Goblins would take part in political events lead by vampires. But it was one of those vamps that caused the problem.

313 years ago, children started going missing, 2 or 3 a week. It was a large city, and disappearances occasionally happened, so the city guard turned a blind eye. It was a few months before they even started looking for the culprit. It took 4 years of searching with no results until a demon guard captain by the name of Captain Kult found evidence that it was Hayley Nytmar, vampire daughter of the human mayor. It was an election year, so she bribed him into keeping it secret.

It was a further 3 years before someone else discovered it. People had been living in fear for 7 years, never letting their children out of their sight. When they finally found the killer, it was obviously going to be a media bloodbath, but a literal bloodbath was less expected. Hayley went quietly, allowed herself to be arrested, but the Captain Kult, went on a rampage when discovered to have taken the bribe. A young elven rouge, the fiance of Nytmar's last heir, died stopping him, and a younger human prophet girl by the name of Harriet was mentally scarred. Half the city guard was killed or incapacitated and it took years for them to recover the numbers. Hayley and her father, Jonas Nytmar, lost any reputation they once had. Jonas was overthrown by a racist human called Jenkins Byrd. Nytmar's Heir committed suicide over the loss of his love.

Byrd took instant control over the situation, first banishing undead, vampires and demons, then goblins and harpies, as the most 'evil' races, but with the lack of guards crime rose and most of them stayed. Soon, the guards got their numbers back, mostly human, and Non-humans were exiled all together, with crime blamed entirely on them, and the city was re-named Toeford, after the river flowing through it.

With Toeford's high stature in society, many other towns and cities followed suit and banished half their population, especially seeing the sudden drop in crime, that was in reality just due to the sudden influx of guards and loss of people, meaning guards almost outnumbered civilians. Some humans left their towns too, in support of their friends of other races. Only useful lesser beasts, such as horses and pack-mules, or meat bearing animals, like swine and cattle, were left in human society. Some cities even denied pets.

In need of somewhere to live, undead took over abandoned villages and demons and daemon took the local ruins. Vampires sheltered from the sun underground in self made villages. Goblins, dwarfs and harpies fled to the mountain caves for solitude, followed by the minators, gnomes and tourans. Mermen fled to their old homes in underwater cities, sirens followed. Elves, faeries, lycan and shifters went into forests, with eternal grudges against the creatures that forced their banishment. Half breeds and other races formed camps, some content to settle down, others wanting to fight back.

With the entire population scattered, humans flourished and the slums were cleared to be re-built properly. The city was walled off. Magical objects slowly became less common and less powerful as enchantments faded and humans magical skills wore down with no other magical energies left in them. Their technology had to be re-structured and started over from scratch. But whenever a non human society became too structured, they were slaughtered. Those living in natural formations had their surroundings for protection, and gradually built up, but humans still managed to slow their growth just enough.

Finally, 6 years ago, after 300 years of banishment, non-humans started to gain the organization needed, and some races even dropped grudges against each other. Many groups were formed, but 2 stood out for their basic goals. The Order of Nytmar, followers of Hayley, believed that she had done wrong, but in allowing herself to be taken into custody for the death sentence she had redeemed herself. They believed that humans and non humans could live in harmony again, but they knew it would have to be done by force. They were made mostly of humans, elves, dwarfs and faeries. Many other species were also members. Taurans and gnomes favored them, but mostly stayed impartial.

The other team, The Kult, followed the demon captains morals of greed and wrath, wanting to take Toe-ford back for themselves, killing all human occupants out of wrath and revenge. They were led by the first to leave, demons, undead, harpies and goblins, but also had other races in them. Many lycan favor them, although the more powerful 'lone lycan' sub-race hates them. They prayed for the day that their leader would return.

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Name: your full name
Nickname: if required, what do you normally go by
Age: in format of Appeared age/Actual
Race: species and/or subspecies. Mongrels allowed (e.g. ½ elf+ 1/8 faery remainder human)
Team: Part of the Order of Nytmar, more agree with Kult or a soldier in Byrds Guard
Appearance: use picture or describe
Main abilities: the groups that encompass you abilities
Sub abilities: a short list of spells/rare abilities you have
Basic Equipment: what you normally carry
Other info: anything else you may need to know?
Bio: back-story, not required.


Name: Mool, first name long since abandoned
Nickname: Yarvie Mool
Age: 32 / 327
Race: 'vessel' – human in all ways but one, she can allow other minds to enter her body. They are the missing evolutionary link between human and elf, and very rare as they can only breed with others of their kind and their children are elven.
Team: Second in command at Harriet's outpost for The Order of Nytmar usually. Occasionally a warrior in Nytmars Assault.
Appearance: 5”8', reasonably thin. Looks human, except for the hair colour. Normally has neck length, strait pink hair, has been seen with much longer, frizzy purple hair. Wears loose fitting trousers or a skirt with a side-cut. Usually wears bright colors, but been known to wear black. Kind eyes. Rather flat chested.
Main abilities: Prophecy, thievery, knife throwing. Can occasionally cast fire based spells and wield a katana.
Sub abilities: Needle rain (a technique using a block of needles tied together and a knife, that causes it to quite literally rain needles in a small area.) Preparing the attack is time consuming, so usually used once in a mission.
No more skills worth noting (yet)

Basic Equipment: throwing daggers, penknife, 5 meters of 'sharp-string' (enchanted string to be sharp and strong as steel wire, but light and flexible as wool.) and occasionally a needle block.
Other info: lives in a tent in a small settlement outside of Toeford at the moment, is generally nomadic. Has multiple personalities, Mool is the prophet with pink hair, Yarvie is the thief with purple hair. Yarvie is slightly taller than Mool. Solquar is kept deep within the subconscious when possible. Each persona has a different ability
Bio: I don't do spoilers =p

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short posts allowed in conversation and pvp or team battle.
Any race allowed, but merman/siren discouraged.
Post your ch sheet and let me review it before you start.
This is not a 'mature' thread, but smut is still allowed (just don't let it get in the way of the fighting)
Name: Kalib Cyrus James(Wierd but so were his parents)
Nickname: KC
Age: 34/340
Race: Half breed of fae(the tall ones that run around with wings and dust and stuff)
Team: Nytmar
Appearance: (He doesn't normally show his wings)
Main abilities: Can charm humans(and weak minded halflings or full blooded), pretty good with double swords, and his fae powder does have some interesting properties.
Sub abilities: No real name for it yet since he rarely uses it but he can put people to sleep or cause poison.(It's very random and he doesn't even know how he does it)
Basic Equipment: Two swords which reside on his back, and a backpack filled with who knows what.
Other info: He's a very confused guy and implusive at very random times. It'll either be very easy to read his mind or very hard.
Bio: :P
Character Sheet:

Name: Ashe
Nickname: Ash (no difference I guess =P)
Age: 1500/18
Race: She's basically a half breed of fae & human but strangely she's both fae and faerie but that's one half and the other half a human but has a little siren in her too. She is a fae of moon and being part siren she has a perfect combination of moon and water.
Appearance: rather more slender and stands 5'4 in height.
Main abilities: Can create healing tonics aswell as poisons, very good in seducing people but oddly is not good with seducing men. Can water meld but only small water bodies like ponds or small lakes.
Sub abilities: Has a siren's ability so sing beautifully and lure any one she desires, the only way men can be seduced by her.
Basic Equipment: She carries a boy and arrows, a dagger in her belt around her waist and tiny needle like blades in her boots.
Other info: Is a nomad currently, has a general sweet appearance that most people fall for. Her wings stay hidden and are like this when they appear and can glow in the dark if she needs to find a way but only at night when the moon is up,
Bio: will be revealed as the stories goes
I like it ^_^ good start from the lullaby team, but one favor sis, could you refer to her ability as 'water melding', it's a school of magic that exists across this world. Mools informant is a fire melder, and so was Kult. I also have a metal melder in another story. It features heavily in Asus's books.
Alright, I know I'm playing a demonic Kult guy, don't yet have his character though. C:
I liked what you had a minute ago, had even worked the back-story into the plot XD
Oh, really? Unfortunately, the more I thought about it, the more the character didn't fit it. I should have my backstory/character up late tonight.
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Name: Maria Sinclair
Nickname: Sin
Age: 26 years old
Race: Human
Team: Byrds Guard
Appearance: 5'4, chubby but with arm muscle and slight leg muscle, a dark tan, and almost black eyes. Her hair is shoulder-length and wispy, bangs pushed to the left side and often roughly sliced at an angle. Often seen with a few band-aids and some "skinnies" and a tank top. In colder months a turtle neck, also always wears hiking boots. Her clothes are usually earthy colors. She has a scar on her right eye-lid and another scar underneath it, from a scratch. You can also often see a dagger/throwing knife or two in her gun belt, which is worn a bit low.
Main abilities: Charmed with weapon making, she's pretty good at blacksmithing. She works as a blacksmith and makes different swords/daggers. She's often able to extract information by harassment, successful with less tough creatures than tougher ones.
Sub abilities: Cooking the simplest things, she's not great but she can get by off of her cooking. Though, it's usually quite bland.. it's still edible! Sin is quite skilled when it comes to gun-shows, she has acute accuracy with her daggers/throwing knives and is quick to dodge small, flying objects.
Basic Equipment: A collection of throwing knives/daggers, and a few swords. Has a few books as well.
Other info: Pros:
  • Blacksmith
  • Great at throwing things
  • Average fist fighter
  • Dependable

  • A bit anti-social
  • A little below average sword-fighter
  • Not sneaky, at all(Can't whisper)

How is that?
I've added 'team' to the ch sheet, could everyone quickly add it in?

San-Gry: Nice, but is she gonna be on the sidelines or in the main battles? Cus I prefer warriors in my RP's to be a little overpowered. And PLEASE don't use that tiny tiny annoyingly tiny text in the IC
I won't, and I won't be using the color too. XD My IC posts are just of the normal style text~. Glad ya like her so far, ah I believe she'll usually be on the sidelines, pitching in a hand every now and then. C: Also, edited it with the team~ x)
Perfect, We now have A person on each team, need to get your team leader now, hopefully I can get Kai to join, I think he would make a great Corporal for Byrd, and we need another member of Kult, then we can start.

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And is it safe to assume you're working with mool?

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Like the edits Bau, still not got your team on there tho (but I can tell it aint Byrds XD)
Name: Brigadier General Morgan Hex
Nickname: Morgan.
Age: Unknown, Appears roughly twenty.
Race: Demon
Team: Brigadier General of the Army of The Kult
Appearance: White blonde, with dark eyes and pale skin. He also has very thick, dark eyelashes. He appears very human. On his chest he has tattooed two arcane symbols of protection, one on each pectoral muscle. On his back, there's another one, between his shoulder blades. He wears heavy chainmail, a black surcoat and a black overcoat. He wields a rod and a long-sword that he refers to as a 'pact-blade'. He's of average height and has a muscular, toned build.
Personality: Somber, melancholy, but moody and quick to anger. He's very loyal to his people and his race, though he acknowledges that they are monstrosities by definition. He is often uncertain, but pushes forward anyway. He's also quite loyal to the old ways that his mother practiced, and that humans practiced many, many years ago - when they worshipped magic like it was a god. As a demon, he is naturally persuasive. He occasionally exhibits a dry sense of humor.
Main abilities: The ability to use his rod and pact blade to conjure up magic - generally bursts of shadow and fire magic. He usually has limited powers of conjuration, such as the ability to summon and banish his underlings. With this ability, he can also bind creatures with a fair amount of confidence.
Sub abilities: Due to his ability to conjure shadows, he often is shrouded in them. The shadows are semi-solid and act as a protective layer of additional amrour. In addition, they make him slightly harder to see, though his hair usually gives him away. Being a demon, he is quite good at persuasion and plays politics well. He is also exceptionally long lived and hardy and doesn't need to eat, drink, or sleep.
Basic Equipment: Chainmail, cloak (black, wool), surcoat (black, wool), longsword (runed for binding, steel), rod (Black, wood, steel caps.), carries around a black book that he refers to as a holy text, and several candles.
Morgan was born in a small village right outside of Nytmar several hundred years ago, to a young woman who was regarded by the locals to be a witch. She was treated with some distrust by the villagers, but she helped them with aliments but mixing herbs and warded their houses against demons. However, people remained suspicious of her. She knew that magic was very powerful and very corruptible, and drilled that lesson into her sons head before she taught him any magic. She and her young son, Morgan were rarely spoken to unless they were being interrogated by the local city watch. As trusting and indiscriminate as they were in those days, a witch and her budding warlock son didn't really go unnoticed.
When Children began to disappear - his mother decided to cast several protective wards on him to keep him to keep him safe from harm, as well as casting several spells that enhanced the boys own power. She was scared for her son, and wanted him to be able to protect himself. Before the killer was caught, she cast one more ritual on the fifteen year old Morgan - a spell that would jointly protect him, increase his power, and hide him from those who wished to find him. His mother sensed a great deal of talent in the boy, and realized that if only she unlocked it, he would never fear anything - for as a child, Morgan was a fearful boy. The ritual was long, and she had to invite several other witches and warlocks from across the continent to assist her.
She set him down on an altar nestled in a clearing, and began to reciting the words from her black book and lighting the candles. It seemed to be going fine - until a stray gust of wind blew through the clearing, blowing out one of the candles in her triangulation.This altered the ritual greatly - instead of a ritual of awakening it became a ritual of conjuration. In a flash and grumble from the earth, a demon appeared. He was unbound, and was more wild and chaotic than most. When he saw the boy Morgan, laying vulnerable on a slab, he found his escape from the witches and warlocks that were attempting to cast seals of binding on him. His mother had to keep saying the words of awakening- due to the fact that if she stopped, the ritual would be altered further, and not in a good way. He leapt into the body of Morgan just as the binding was cast - and ended up bound in the body of the boy, awake, alive, and with a good deal of newly stirred power at his disposal.
Naturally, the demon began to take over his body - making him think and feel things that he would not have dared as a magically gifted human boy. He still considered himself to be human - if altered, and if twisted. He watched and listened to the events in the city of Nytmar with horror and apprehension - though no fear compared to the fear he had of Byrd. Byrd and his troops came personally to their village, and somehow, the human was able to see the magic and the demon inside of Morgan and Morgan's mother. Byrd ordered them to be seized, and told the hysterical woman that he would exorcise the demon from Morgan. Morgan had been completely capable of ridding the demon from himself with a flick of his hand and a few murmured words of magic but it had grown to be part of him - and he knew that if the demon left him, he would take a part of himself with it. Besides, he knew that Byrd would kill his mother, and kill him shortly after getting rid of the demon.
Thus, Morgan pulled from his pocket a wand of sorts - a stick that he had shaped into a cylinder, and with it, he blasted the guards with a shadowy incantation that he wasn't entirely sure was his own magic. He grabbed his mother's hand and began to run, but the spell's effect was only disorientation and as soon as it wore off the guards began to chase after him. Over his shoulder he yelled words in the language of Hell itself, a language that Morgan didn't know, but that his demon did - and with every word flames and shadow leapt from his tongue onto the guardsmen. His mother, though she understood that her son was just protecting himself, was also horrified at the power that she had helped create. They ran into the woods where the began a struggle to survive.
They were found by the faeries and elves living there. Morgan's mother said that they were a witch and a warlock who had escaped from Byrd's inquisition, and said nothing about the demon inside of of her son. Morgan was good at hiding his demonic taint - he showed no features of the beast and kept his powers under wraps. The elves took them in, and they lived a long time in their enchanted village. His mother began to age, her magic finally taking its toll on her - and her health rapidly began to decline. The elves, natural healers, could do nothing for her, and said that it was the symptom of old age and promised Morgan that she would go in peace. Morgan accepted this with a heavy heart.
In his room, he grieved in private. This moment of weakness was noticed by the demon, who saw this as a good moment to try diplomacy. A voice whispered into Morgan's head, and told him that all of the tragedy in his life, all the suffering he had endured had been because of one thing; Humans. The demon spoke to him and said that all humans were like Byrd, afraid of the unknown, afraid of anything special or unusual - anything that made him different.
That morning Morgan was greatly changed, and left the elves without another word. He never returned.
He wandered for some-time, joining other magical creatures, and encouraging them to fight back against their oppressors. He had heard, in his travels, about The Kult, a group committed to fighting back. Other beings, fae, unicorns, dwarves and halflings, encouraged him to avoid the Kult, for they were made up entirely of demons and goblins, trow and harpies, and was no place for a human warlock. Morgan, however, was committed to finding them, though the demon inside whispered that the Kult would never accept a human - no matter that it was a self-hating human with a magical gift. To be accepted, he had to become something they would respect. On his long trek the demon whispered more and more, and said that it could turn him into a demon if he wished. The demon saw his chance coming. Morgan finally gave in, and said yes.
What followed was pain - Morgan had been born with black hair but terror shot it white blonde. His heart ached, and his ears rang, but he continued to walk, walking more and more as the demon took him over. Soon, he carried a demonic aura, and a demonic scent, and could be both bound and banished. The demon that had been in him was effectively, him. His personality was more demon than man. He finally stopped thinking of himself as human.
He eventually reached an outpost of The Kult and demanded to be accepted as a trainee. He rose through the ranks quickly, and a high ranking general himself watched the man's progress with growing interest. He eventually achieved the position of Brigadier General through sheer hard work and power. Unlike many demons, he knew how to banish, bind, and summon other creatures. He consulted with his general friend frequently, wanting to over-run the village that had been his home, and dig his runed blade into Byrd's throat. The general admired his passion, but realized that the man would require a good deal of training in regards to planning and strategy. Morgan was intelligent, certainly, but revenge clouded his vision. The general didn't have time to teach him, as he was killed before he could teach Morgan some more serious strategy.
Again, Morgan mourned in private. But this time, there was a silver lining. He could finally take his revenge.
I love it! ... till the end. 2 Important things to note, first, you got the timeline wrong, The Kult wasn't formed till after Captain Kult was dead (for that matter, nor was Byrds Guard)

These 3 teams were created as a DIRECT result of Kult, The Kult was in formed in his memory, Byrd only took power because of his actions and the Order of Nytmar was formed by the disgraced Nytmar family in an attempt to repair the damage Kult did.

So to have worked under Kult you would have to have been in the mixed race Nytmar City Guard, but that would mean Byrd wouldn't have been in power when your city was destroyed.

To clarify, you would not have met Kult himself, but you would still have been a member.

And second is a major spoiler, But You'll need to know it to be your character, I'll PM you about it.
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