The Order of Lilies



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[size=+1]Know your place...[/size]

Those who wield power in a mighty arc, with rippling muscle that cannot be overcome...
They are weak to us.
Our charms render them defenseless.
When they are at their weakest, we will strike.
What good is brute force against subtle poison?
Careful, now, what enemies you make....
Else you may find out soon enough why you must
Fear the wrath of a woman.
[size=+1]An inconspicuous killer...[/size]

The year is 1603.
You, an assassin in the covert Order of Lilies.
The task, a secret that will change the course of history.
The mission is to kill the good Queen, Elizabeth I.
Or will you try to save her?
[size=+1]Character Sheet[/size]
Daytime Disguise:
History: (What has happened to your character??? What have they done?)
Savior or Murderer?
Name: Santima de Iago
Age: 23
Daytime Disguise: Wife of Whitman
Personality: Fiery and passionate, Santima won't keep quiet about anything, which often leads to trouble.
History: Santima was a child from a Spanish convent who learned the proper ways to be a woman there. When she was eighteen, she was married to a handsome young Englishman. This Englishman happened to be her husband, Whitman, and he was a member of the Order of Lilies.

Santima does not long to betray her husband, though he has often allowed her the freedom to do so. He welcomed her into the Order when they were wed and she had been married to him as his guise. Santima became a respected member of the Order for her natural talent, which makes her husband very proud.

Santima believes strongly that Elizabeth is a worthy queen and in this vain, she has sworn to defend the lady.
Savior or Murderer? Savior
Name: Whitman Rossi
Age: 25
Daytime Disguise: Banker, husband of Santima
Personality: Calm and even-tempered, he is a polar opposite to Santima's fire.
History: Whitman was raised almost exclusively by his doting mother, who lavished her son with every amount of affection. He never wanted for anything and his family was always wealthy as his father was a banker. Whitman was a studious child who accepted the reality of one day marrying a woman with a less than satisfied heart.

As Whitman grew older, his oldest friend, Henri, changed his life in two drastic ways. First, through Henri, the gentle and effeminate Whitman became a respected member of the Order of Lilies. Whitman's naturally slender body, which had been a constant source of humiliation for him, finally served him to good use. He was an unintimidating man, which led others to be at ease in his presence.

Second, Henri counseled Whitman to take a wife from one of the convents in order to further place himself as a non-threat and to end rumors running amok about his fondness of women or lack thereof. Whitman took a liking to Santima because of her wicked temper and unexpected purity of heart. He does not wish to be a burden to her with being his guise though and has told her often that he would not see her taking a lover as betrayal.

Savior or Murderer? Murderer, Whitman will do as he is told by his superiors.
**shakes people desperately**
Name: Collin Renmar
Age: 23

Daytime Disguise: Meat cutter for a local butcher shop

Quick tempered, hate filled, stubborn, decisive, psychotic, unrelenting. Through all this he is a charming young man in the right situations.

Collin Renmar was Raised primarily by a drunk abusive father. His mother, who abandoned him at birth , was a french harlot. He was filled with anger, and often excluded as a child because of his tainted family life. At the age of 12 he began running with homeless gangs of street kids who would beat their unsuspecting victims within inches of their lives. He developed a deep fascination with violence and death at an early age. When he was 15 he killed his first man, a drunk coming out of a local drinking establishment. After this, Collin used to stalk and kill people for the sheer thrill, rarely ever robbing them. He was even dubbed " The sterling slasher" because one of his victims was cut so deeply across the neck that the only thing holding his head to his body, when the authorities found him, was a sterling silver necklace. When Collin was 18 he was arrested, but not charged with the dozens of murders he had committed due to lack of evidence. After a short interrogation he simply confessed to them. Collin hated his life and honestly didn't care if he was executed. However, instead of being prosecuted, he was instead recruited to be an assassin for the Order of the lilies. The fact that he had never been caught for his crimes made him a useful assassin, and the nature in which he killed, granted him fear and respect amongst his peers.

Savior or Murderer?
Name: Rhodri Laugharne
Age: 25
Daytime Disguise: Esquire
Personality: Rhodri's actions are always guided by his heart, and his heart is not always that of a killer. He kills because he has to and not from choice and remembers he face and final words of every person those life hes taken. Thats not to say he wallows in regret, quite the opposite. He goes about his missions with an optimistic attitude and faith that each mission serves a purpose.
History: He was taken in at a very young age, he began training with the order at 11 being the illegitimate son of a welsh noble to main method and strength is getting close to the target and learning whats needed before the actual deed takes place and so has received both court lessons and assassin training.

It was on his 3rd mission at 15 years old that a pickpocket witnessed him stabbing a target discreetly in a crowd and he was forced to lead her out of the press of bodies the bloody knife pressed to her spine to a secluded alley. He would have killed the street urchin only he saw use for her talents and recruited her for the order conducting much of her training and initiation himself to forge both of them onto a capable team.

Due to his court training and interaction his fingers remain on the pulse of the political climate, which is why hes chosen as he did. If Elizabeth dies the heir apparent is the Catholic king of Scotland. If he succeeds the queen the country will once again be torn between Catholics and Protestants. A recipe for civil war.

Savior or Murderer? Savior.
This a roleplay about female assassins?
Name: Aine (pronounced Awn-ya) Olearius

Age: 22

Appearance: Tall and slender, Aine is almost a carbon copy of her mother. Her hair is strawberry blonde, shoulder length and her eyes are green. Complexion fair, she also has the same freckles that trace across her cheeks and nose.

Daytime Disguise: Chef

Personality: Oddly quiet and always thinking, she inherited her father’s thirst for knowledge and when she is not busy on a mission, spends quite a bit of time studying or being around Rhodri. After the sudden death ofher parents, the once cheerful girl is cold and calculating- which helps her execute tasks given to her. The loss of her parents made her change drastically and the only time she shows any kind of emotion is with Rhodri or some of her very close friends.

History: Aine was born to an Irish mother and German father; they wed young and were excited about their bright and cheerful little girl. Her father was a scholar, while her mother was happy with tending to the house and raising their daughter. As a child she was taught many things, from cooking to fighting. Between her mother and father’s teachings, the girl could easily take care of herself.<o:p></o:p>
Unfortunately, due to a terrible fire, she soon had to.<o:p></o:p>
Wandering the streets at the age of 10, Aine soon found herself pickpocketing to survive. When she was 13, she met Rhodri and he took her in; the order of lilies put a roof over her head and food in her belly. It did not matter what she did, as long as she followed orders to show her gratitude. Over the years, the girl has grown attached to Rhodri and normally can’t seem to function unless he is around. When he makes his choice against the order, Aine is left confused yet vigilant to the people who raised her.<o:p></o:p>
Savior or Murderer? Murderer. No matter what, Aine listens to what she is told- even when it means to do so without Rhodri.<o:p></o:p>
Name: Vladmire Grandle



Tall, broad shouldered, kind, and heroic, Vladmire is a kind man who believes in justice but also peace.

Daytime Disguise:

Vladmire is the essence of all that is good and holy. A guardian and great protector of the queen he is always worried about her well being and constantly checks up on her. He's a man with great wit, physical talent, and excellent leadership skills. He often enjoys training and mingling with those that fight for the queen.

As a young lad Vladmire grew up with a poor family in a small hut within a tiny village. His father a struggling carpenter, his mother a house wife, with no siblings. After his village was attacked and destroyed by vikings and pillagers his father urged him and his mother to run away. Buying time, his father tried to ward some of the vikings off so Vladmire and his mom could run to safety far away from the village, but his father was quickly slaughtered leaving only enough time for Vladmire to make it out alive with his mother being caught in the chase to be raped and killed. Vladmire was alone and torn for days out in the wilderness barely surviving off what little food he could find. Eventually he was found by a loyal soldier of the queen on a scouting mission, and was then raised, and trained to battle under her reign. Ever since Vladmire has been loyal and incredibly dedicated to protecting the queen and her kingdom from the threat of evil. Many have tried to kill him through his time with the queen leaving him many battle scars, but he remains alive and well doing whatever it takes for the safety of the kingdom, his will power seems almost never ending.

Savior or Murderer?
All accepted ;D
I have a male character of my own so... :\
All accepted ;D
I have a male character of my own so... :\

Yeah I just figured being a savior I'd make him one of the queen's guards, or top honor guards/guardians whichever so I can have a story to work off of, won't mean I'll be breathin down the queen's neck though xD