The opposite circle of life.

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    Sebastian sighed as he grumbled slightly. He was in heaven hiding who he really was just to being some angel to the hell. It wasn't like he minded. He really didn't care. He was the only one trusted that could do this without a mess up. Anyone else would mess up terribly and as it's funny to Sebastian it is a difficult thing for the ruler of hell to get something other then frustrated.

    The demon had a picture of what the male looks like but he didn't really know where to look. The demon was cloaked with light so he would look like an angel until he leaved heaven after he found the angel. "Come on. Where are you?" He mumbled to himself.
  2. A fairly young looking male was walking through, wearing a cloak over his head and looking down. Most recently he had been considered to sin, and though he admit he has, it was just one time.. Heaven was surely strict in some ways which was understandable, but the black haired male was also terrified to be shunned and dragged into the deep pits of hell. With the cloak over his head, he saw no one from hell allowed into heaven just to retrieve him, and hopefully, no one did.

    But his meticulous walking stopped when he suddenly bumped into another male, Sebastian. The male didn't look up but rather bowed."Sorry.." He mutters in response, walking away quickly.
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  3. Sebastian was minding his own business before he noticed someone bump into him. He looked at the male suspiciously as he knew Angels never wore cloaks. They always wore things to show off their body and their light and everything. He could tell this was something different and this might actually be the person he is looking for.

    "Wait! Don't go yet. Can I see who you are. Please. That would be a lot of help for me and well yeah." He mumbled looking down as though he was ashamed to be talking to him but Sebastian was good at acting and making a good character out of nothing. As he kept his eyes to the ground. "My name is Seby" he said making himself blush just for the act. "I wanna show you something can I show you something." He asked.
  4. "Wait! Don't go yet. Can I see who you are. Please. That would be a lot of help for me and well yeah." Quentin heard. He stopped and looked over his shoulder before turning around slowly to see Sebastian. He felt nervous, and his heart began to beat faster."My name is Seby" he introduced. "I wanna show you something can I show you something." He asked.

    Quentin didn't know.. Should he? For some odd reason he was irresistibly trustworthy, and the angel frowned under his cloak and nodded, biting his bottom lip."Sure..." He said."Uhm.. I'm.. Alex." The male whispered, not so confident... He was lying of his identity, but he had too. He couldn't risk being open ever again now."What is it that you wanna.. Er.. Show me? I'm late for work!" Quentin quickly said in a nervous tone, making up another lie. He was an angel that was wanted, and running. Hiding.
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  5. Sebastian smiled kindly and took his hand. He could tell the angel was lying and that this was the angel he was looking for. "Come on we have to go somewhere no one can see us or people will be mad at me. No one knows I can do this so I'm trying to keep it hidden." He said.

    Another thing they choose him for this job was because he could Teleport to wherever he wanted. "Come on down this alley. I don't see anyone here." His voice sounded sweet but inside he was wanting to take advantage of this sweet angel. He could tell he only did one thing wrong but to Sebastian that didn't matter he was bringing him to hell no matter what.

    "Stay holding my hand this is cool and I never shown it to anyone." He said as he closed his eyes or pretended to before he teleported them to hell shedding his good angel posture.
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