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The Opening Act

Type: Play-by-Post Alternate Universe RPG (X-men)
Age: Brand New � Opened June 7th, 2011
Writer Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Admins: Tambourine and Ukulele

[blockquote] New York. Most people think shopping, crowds, and the view over Central Park at Sunset. But not everything is what it seems. What most people don�t know about New York is the number of mutants who reside there � living in (or under) the streets, living their lives in exile, or even living among us without our knowledge. These mutants are normal people, except for their differences. So, where do you side? Do you fear the mutants? Despise them? Are you on their side, wishing only for mutants to live in peace with humans? Or do you not even care what happens to them, as long as you�re not directly involved.

Professor Charles Xavier. A mutant himself, he wants only for mutants to be able to live a good, able to control their powers to the point of being able to blend in and live normally. Unlike most mutant supporters, however, Charles Xavier did something about it. Years ago, he took a number of mutants under his wing, training them to use their powers wisely. They were the X-Men � Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey. Now those mutants are adults, capable of teaching other mutants themselves. So Xavier decided to open a school � a school for mutants, where they can be among friends as well as other mutants, and where they can learn to control their powers and lead a normal life. And with that, Xavier�s school for Gifted Youngsters was born.

It�s now been three weeks since Xavier opened his doors, and everything is going wonderfully. The original X-Men, as well as a few other recruits, work as teachers, educating new students on normal subjects such as math and science, along with training sessions to help expand their powers. There are tons of new students, with Xavier tracking down mutants using his computer, Cerebro, and inviting them to attend. In a world where people fear and despise mutants, Xavier�s was a safe haven for them all.

Everything�s going great, but will it last? Along with being able to locate mutants in need, Xavier has sensed a growing danger on the horizon. He feels his old friend, Magneto is planning something. He cannot detect exactly what it is straight from the mind of the other man, but he has learned from those at his side of the formation of a group that is being called The Brotherhood of mutants. They are just waiting to show themselves to the world as an adversary to humanity and a 'defender' of the race of homo superior.

Peace cannot last forever.


Characters Needed: Iceman, Beast, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, White Queen...(many well known names are available!)

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