The Open Bottle Hall (Me and fawndrew)

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  1. Name: Dharil (Ril for short) Valeena
    Race: high-elf + imperial mix
    Class: Healer and illusionist
    Allignment: Chaotic Nuetral
    Gear: Various potions and poisons, slots for potions and poisons on a belt/bandolier, on her lower back on the right side, spellbook in a specialized holder on her lower back on the left side.
    Personality: Very bubbly and energetic, quickly changes moods, but generally happy. Distrusts others because of how she's been treated for being mixed race. She has a few spells that she uses often memorized, but has to check her book for others and can cast memorized spells silently.

    Name: Alviana Kjarik
    Race: Nord
    Class: Barbarian
    Allignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Gear: Fur armor (cuirass, grieves, gauntlets, helmet),
    Personality: Not very good at expressing emotions in a way other than acting out; when she's angry she starts swinging. She tries her best to not be so violent but she loves the feeling of battle and winning. Very vengeful when wronged. Despite all this, she enjoys having friends, just doesn't show it in the way most others would. Has been trained in basic battle and self defense by others in her class.

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  2. The Winking Skeever was crowded, as was usually the case at night, when Dharil, a semi-permanent resident of the city of Solitude, sat at the bar. She put some coin on the counter and Corpulus exchanged it for a bottle of Black-Briar Reserve. She opened the bottle as soon as her friend walked in, "ILLDI!"
    "Ril!" The student bard visibly perked up when she noticed her friend. Illdi ran over to the bar and hugged Dharil before taking a seat next to her, "Have you had any luck finding a traveling companion?"
    Dharil sighed and took a swig of her mead.
    "I'll guess that's a no," Illdi bought a bottle of mead as well, "Well guess what, I heard that a boat came in from Solstheim, there might be somebody who's new to town that can help you."
    "Maybe," Dharil said, still not sounding hopeful, "But usually the newcomers are so eager to adventure that they just leave."
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  3. Steady ground was the highlight of Alviana's day. She did not do well on water, no matter how sturdy the boat was. She preferred to actually be able to walk without getting dizzy, to hear leaves crunch under her feet, to see beasts and rodents around her. Those things didn't exist on the water. All she'd had was herself and whoever was unlucky enough to catch her in a bad mood; she'd only bruised up one person this time, so at least it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

    Now that she was on land, her feet seemed to not be used to walking anymore. All that time aboard the boat got her used to walking with a bopping rhythm beneath her, and the stillness of earth was like learning how to walk all over again. It made her feel infantile. Maybe she should find somewhere to sit, at least until she's used to it. But first she needed somewhere to stay, and for that she needed a map.

    She began the odd walk deeper into town, mostly following where the rest of the crowd went. She looked up at the signs protruding from buildings while she walked. Eventually she found a general store and bought a map for a few coins from an old gentleman standing at a wooden table outside. He gave her the name and directions to a popular nearby bar, saying the owner could give her somewhere to stay for relatively cheap. It was only a few minutes' walk, and she arrived shortly. The bar was full of people. At least the old man was right about that part and she wouldn't have to go back with a more... direct approach. Now to find the owner.
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  4. "Welcome to The Winking Skeever," Corpulus said as the door opened, "what can I get ya?"
    "You were saying," Illdi whispered to Dharil as she motioned in the direction of the newcomer.
    Dharil glanced quickly, "Well I'll be damned," she smiled a little to herself, "looks tough too."
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  5. "Honningbrew." She took whatever seat was closest to her, thankful to be off her feet for a bit.

    She set her coin pouch on the table in front of her and looked in. She wasn't the most well-off in terms of finances but she had enough to get her by until she could make some money of her own.

    The bar had a nice atmosphere. Alviana hadn't known what to expect from the townsfolk but they didn't seem too annoying or strange yet. The only real difference was the accent.
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  6. "A Skaal?" Dharil recognized the accent, but shrugged it off before going to introduce herself to the newcomer, "Hi, you're new in town, aren't you, I'm Dharil, but you can just call me Ril." Illdi was visibly exasperated by how easily Dharil was able to introduce herself.
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  7. Just when she was getting to be alone (or, as close to alone as one can be, surrounded by people) someone had to talk to her. She moved her coin pouch off of the table in case this person tried to take it.

    "Alviana," She responded, "and yes, I am. I take it that you're not."
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  8. "What gave it away?" Dharil motioned at her own head, "Was it the ears? Anyway, what brings you to Skyrim?"
    At that moment Illdi quickly started to pull Dharil away, "I'm so sorry for my friend's nosiness."
    "Illdi," Dharil whined, "I was about to ask if I can travel with her."
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  9. The ears and the accent and the pure fact that she was asked were all things that gave it away. She didn't say that though. She just watched the struggle between Dharil and her friend.

    "Adventure." She shrugged. She honestly just wanted to spend some time away from home, make some money, try new things. She didn't like being cooped up in the same place for so long. She wasn't even sure if her reply was heard through the whining.
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  10. "Adventure, huh?" Dharil and Illdi ended up taking seats at the same table as Alviana, despite Illdi's earlier reaction, "Well if you'd like a guide I can help, but in exchange I'm... looking for someone, sound good?"
    Illdi sighed and put her face in her hands, still exasperated by how quickly Dharil was able to talk to people.
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  11. Maybe a guide wouldn't be such a bad idea. At least then she wouldn't get lost.

    Wait, looking for someone? Did she forget that she's new here?

    "I don't exactly know anyone." She raised a brow.
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  12. "I know," Dharil said, "I know where he is, or at least I'm pretty sure. I just need somebody to travel with me and Illdi is stuck at the college because of her studies."
    Illdi nodded, "Also I'm not a very good fighter anyway and wouldn't be much help on the trip to Riften."
  13. Sounds like a good plan for adventure. "I have nothing better to do, and I'm a good fighter."

    She'd only been here for less than half an hour and she already had a partner. Her drink still hadn't come yet though. It better be some really good Honningbrew.
  14. Corpulus came by the table and placed a bottle of Honningbrew mead on the table, "Sorry it took so long, had to go down to the cellar. Also I couldn't help but overhear that you're planning on adventuring. I heard that Falk is looking for someone to check out Wolfskull Cave and offering a reward to whoever can bring him information on the 'strange happenings.'"
    "That seems like easy coin to me," Dharil said with a shrug, "we can go tomorrow if you agree."
  15. "Wolfskull Cave...," She took out her map, first finding their current location, then the cave. "Seems like an easy enough way to start. It's not far at all."

    Upon mention of tomorrow, Alviana remembered that she needed somewhere to sleep. "Oh, by the way, I was told you can help me find somewhere to stay overnight. Is that true?" She asked the bartender.
  16. "Sorry, I'm all out of rooms tonight," Corpulus said, "more travelers tonight than I was expecting." He then returned to the bar to help some other customers.
    Illdi nudged Dharil and cleared her throat.
    "What," Dharil glared at her friend a little, "OH, right! Alvianna, if you don't mind sharing a bed or using a sleeping bag you can stay in my room here tonight. Or I can use a sleeping bag."
  17. Well, a sleeping bad or sharing a bed would be better than trying to find somewhere else to stay.

    "How much do you want?" She reached for her coins.
  18. "It's alright, I paid for it already," Dharil said with a smile, "besides, I'd be helping out a friend."
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  19. A friend, huh? That's the quickest she's ever made a friend.

    She took a drink of her mead. This was all happening quickly, really. Was it smart to just take the first offer she got?

    Oh well, she'll take whatever comes her way.

    "Thank you." She wiped her mouth with her hand.
  20. -the next day-
    Dharil had said her goodbyes (which basically consisted of giving Illdi a hug), and the trip to Wolfskull cave was uneventful. Dharil drew her dagger and prepared a sun fire spell in her left hand, "Looks like we might be dealing with undead." She launched the ball of sunlight at the farther skeleton before running at it, "You take the other one." She quickly removed the skull from the one she had attacked and used her dagger to pierce the cranium.