The only way to go is up

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  1. Stories.
    Legends scattered throughout existence.
    It is known as the reflection of one's society, a literature of one's century.
    However, what if they get the inspiration for these stories not just from their minds, but from a vision?
    Yes, visions in which they peek through other realities, letting man see a vast world in which they call fiction.
    But what if these 'visions' collide into a single tower reaching higher than the heavens themselves with no way out?
    However, only one path remains...
    The only way to go is up.
    Character Sheet:
    Universe:(Basically which show/game/book does this guy belongs, if OC please explain your universe)
    Bio:(Short or long, I don't care.)
    Items:(Include Weaponry)
    Misc:(Like a theme, or some random fact)
  2. Rules:
    1. No Immortals; Some people have to die, you know!
    2. Romance is allowed. It's the kind of thing that I hope to see with the character interactions we're going to have
    3. OP characters are allowed.
    4. GM is love, GM is life
    5. Enjoy
  3. Interested. What is the plot?

    Edit: Here is my CS it's a work in process but mostly everything is there.

    Edit 2: I'm uses the version of Harley that is in her God Tier, so if she is to OP I can make her before she was God Tier (which is basically her with god abilities).

    Edit 3: dljsdfafasdfaj s I also realized that God Tier Jade can only die heroicly, which is sort of Immortal.

    Edit 4: Which I guess is fine since we can make it so she can die since her immortality is sort of mysterious

    Edit 5: Hmm are you there?
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  4. Name: Meulin Leijon
    Race: Troll
    Personality: Goofy, overexcited, friendly,
    Universe: Homestuck
    Bio: A once quiet troll from Beforus she has an interest in shipping, drawing, and matchmaking. She was dating a male troll of higher nobility named Kurloz, and during a nice nap the noble had a terrible nightmare or horrendous proportion. He woke up with a scream that was supposedly heard all across the living quarters. Sleeping right next to him, Meulin was turned deaf by the screaming. The poor Kurloz was heartbroken that he had turned his loved one deaf, and took it to such extremes as to chew off his own tongue and sew his mouth shut. Meulin wasn't very happy about the extreme Kurloz took upon himself, but she couldn't really be upset or mean to him about it. However, they agreed to stop dating. Still as very close friends, they learned sign language, and Meulin could even read lips. She returned practically to her normal self, the only odd thing is that they always seem to be in on a secret no one knows.

    Later in time they played a game called SGRUB. This would take ages to explain so in short my Meulin is from a timeline where she and Kurloz did a Romeo n Juliette and ended up getting special powers of heart or soul by becoming a Mage of Heart. Meulin can use her powers to either be a simple mediator or to actually be a mage and use the energy of her own emotions and will to destroy another's. She's never done this however.

    Abilities/Powers: fights well with her claws equipped, mage-y powers as described above
    Items: claws, husktop(laptop), drawing materials
    Misc: loves kitties

    Images- (Last one is her in her magey outfit thing)

  5. Accepted
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