The Only Thing Worth Stealing

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A priceless artifact is in the process of being moved to the USA by it's American owner, Lily Throp. It's been stolen 46 times, but it is always found, but if you could manage to steal it away without being discovered too soon, some people are saying that you could get billions of dollars OR MORE for it.

It looks simple at first glance, it looks like it's only an old vase....

But it's easily worth so much more than you could imagine, due to the fact that inside of the vase, there is an unexplainable substance that is unidentifiable.

So, many black market groups are busy trying to send out their best thieves to try and steal this vase away while it's in the process of being moved.

This is the only thing right now worth stealing.


Loni quickly moved through the town on her motorcycle, covertly tracking this item that her group, "Shadow Snakes" had sent her to retrieve.

She didn't understand the big deal, even though she had done plenty of research on the item; she just didn't get the big deal about it. Though, the odd substance on the inside of it, that seemed much more important, which made her think, Why not just scrape the rest of that liquid out of the vase and just scrap the container?

Loni only rode faster, remembering that at the upcoming trade-off was where she played her part, She would sneak into the other truck while they were preparing the transport, and would work with the other teams that came by.

That stop was where everyone was going to converge. There was no issue of getting the item away from the transport, the only problem was trying to get it away from the other thieves.

She reached back for a moment, and felt the modified saddle-bag on her bike, feeling the guns she had stashed.

Yes, she was going to get that vase.
"Ready?.....Ok......NOW!!!!! GO TRAVIS!!!! RUN!!!!!!!"

Travis ran like never before. He could hear the wind whipping in his ears as his feet slammed against the pavement faster and faster. Even though his heart beat out of his chest and his legs burned with adrenaline, his target seemed so far away, yet so close. And just that fast, he was there. Travis slid across the gravel as he stopped, and hid behind the corner. He peeked around to see it. The trade. It was happening right before his very eyes, and he was the one that would mess this whole trade up. He was going to be the "Unidentified Thief" all over the 6:00 news. This was going to be the highlight of his devious career. Across the clearing, he could see a bunch of other thieves from other gangs in their positions. Guns, and knives, and weapons of all sorts was being passed here and there. Travis grinned widely. He was the only one closest to the trade spot and still concealed. Where he was, even the police that were beginning to surround the area wouldn't see him. But boy, couldn't he see them. Katalina, his partner, was babbling through his earpiece about this and that. "Make sure your guns are loaded!" "Don't let anyone see you!" "Whooowee! Look at how many police are swarming into this place!"
"This is gonna be a battlefield, man." "Hey! Stop looking out! I told you, don't let anyone see you!" Travis had always had fun whenever he got to work with Katalina, but this time she was getting a little annoying. But that's how she was whenever she was nervous. She'd talk your ear off if you let her.

Sweat was dripping down Travis' neck from his previous run, and the minutes that went by started to feel like hours. All of a sudden, Travis heard a large commotion going on above him. The trucks had arrived and Katalina really started babbling. "Alright, Trav! This is it! This is you, man! Harvey's truck is backing up into position!" she yelled. Little did the police or anyone know that the man driving the delivery truck was actually a gang member. The biggest and baddest gang in the whole U.S.: The Society. Some called them a mafia. Others demons from hell. And it just so happened that those "demons" were fixing to pull off their biggest heist yet. Travis is a member of The Society, as well. And, working with Harvey, they were going to snatch that vase and carry it to "The Boss" right in the truck it was to be traded in. Travis hopped from his postion, and he could see clearly that all hell was breaking loose outside. Gunshots, stabbing, and pure murder was happening all around him as he slid into the back of the truck that held the coveted item. This was it. As Travis inched closer to the metal box, his heart skipped a beat. He read the label and looked on the inside of the box over and over. He had done it. He had actually done it. He had stolen the vase! Travis positioned his ear piece, and calmly stated, "Step on it, Harvey!" As the truck revved its engine (much to everyone outside's surprise), it drove off the lot with a deafening "SCREEECH", hitting a few people, and flew down the road. Suddenly, the back door of the truck flung opened. And a female figure stepped inside.