The One Wish That Changed It All {Sign-Up Only}

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  1. [Before I start this I want to thank @Cry for allowing me to use her plot bunny
    from her Jump-In POKE-A-WHAT. But since I prefer to plan things
    I had made a slightly different version of her RP.]
    For as long as anyone can remember, Pokemon and Humans have been living side by side in harmony. It would be terrible if they were wiped out. But what if I told you they were in a way and not in another? Through out many generations many people have made a similar wish of, "I wish Pokemon were Human." but up until now the wish has been ignored many of time. That is until one small girl made a very meaningful wish,

    "Dear Pokemon God, I wish Pokemon were human because my mommy is really
    ill and I don't know what to do. I am all alone. I need help but my Zubat
    can't help with too much. But I know it's ok because he does his best by
    staying by her side on the ceiling when I need to go get food. I just wish he was human for one day,
    I need help...I can't take care of mommy by myself... I don't Know how... then if
    Zubat was human, we can help a lot of people. We will make mommy proud."
    If there was a Pokemon God or not we may not know but someone was listening to her that night and that night her wish was granted. In the middle of the night a mystical wind swept through Ikuo Region causing all the pokemon to take a new form. The form of a human. When people woke a word was all over town that Trainers Pokemon were human! What were they to do? How did it happen?

    In this RP Pokemon have all taken human form, but who actually done it? Is there really a Pokemon God? What needed to be done? You have a choice through this RP; Find out what has happened or Continue on a normal life.
    There will be sign up spots for a group who want's to find the answer and the bad group. Pokemon alone and humans who may not be trainers or not want to find the answer do NOT have to sign up but still turn in a Character Sheet.

    Sign Up Spots:

    If more want to sign up for either group, still do but if there is not enough in ratio you may not get the spot.

    The Group Of Answer:
    1. Sirena Frost
    G. Igba

    The Group of Chaos:

    The One who Has Granted the Wish:
    1. (Must be a Really descriptive Rper and CS. Don't matter if you are good or bad.)

    ** When I have finalized the spots, I will pull each group into Conversation separately. There we will discuss if you want to give yourself a group name, how you guys will meet or have you already, who will be the leading role for that group, why the bad group is considered bad (What will you be doing? Ex: Preventing the Group of Answers to figure things out.) And more. This gives you guys the range to put your own twists to things all in fair game!

    How you Should Set Up Your CS
    (This is a real Mystery Character. This Will
    Be the Girl who Made the Wish. You don't know her just yet.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: ?
    Age: 8
    Gender: Female
    Partner Pokemon: Zubat
    (In The RP you will have one Bound Partner or Soul Partner. Someone who won't leave your
    side. This is optional though especially if your ownly a wandering human.Throughout the RP you can acquire more than one Pokemon by another RPer who is playing as just a pokemon but will not be the
    Soul Partner and they may leave. Like a temporary friend.)
    Occupation: ?
    (You can be a Trainer, Gym Leader [Request Permission Please] or a Professor [Specify Field] Anything Other than Must be approved.)
    Family: Mother, Zubat
    Physical Appearance:

    (If you do not have pictures or want to add details, write a decent idea of an appearance for BOTH pokemon
    and Human.)

    Optional Mental Characteristics:
    (This is optional if you want to give an idea of how they act to each other, or others in general.)
    Bio: ?
    Pokemon's Favorite Saying: "I won't let you go near her! Even if I had to give up everything I have been granted. We will cure mother together!"

    100% Optional
    Everything above unless optional is what I would like to see. I don't ask for too much. If you want to add anything else you may and I would be appreciative too because I love to see what people come up with. Good Luck everyone and Let's solve this mystery!

    **I am sorry to say we cannot collect them all this time. Humans are harder to get in a Poke'ball than a Pokemon... And they are bigger too.
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  2. (Mine is Very Basic)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Igba Yuiko

    Age: 24

    Gender: Female

    Partner Pokemon: Sylveon (Silesia)

    Occupation: Professor of Habitat Relations
    Group of Answers
    (My Characters will be part of the Group looking for Answers. But she may or may not travel with them. Find out!)

    Family: Sylveon

    Physical Appearance: [Igba] Has long silver hair that can appear snowy white under direct light. Her eyes are faded gold due to health with smooth pale skin. Generally wears formal clothing and always carries a shoulder bag. Igba stands 5' 4'' and weighs 120 lbs. [Silesia] Was given knee high bright pink boots, frilly mini skirt and a white blouse with long sleeves.

    Mental Characteristics:
    [Igba] Generally always sounds exhausted but is calm and kind. [Silesia] Has a big ego and loves to think she is best giving her partner a hard time. Deep down she really cares for Igba even if she acts like she doesn't care.

    Bio: Igba grew up in a wealthy family as an only child, but at the age of 5 she was diagnosed with Progeria**. Her father was a Professor of Evolution and when he first discovered Sylveon, he gifted the Pokemon to Igba at the age of 8. Igba's Mother was a hard working stay at home mother, but her and her mother had little time together since her mother was always working on the computer. At the age of 18, Igba's parents died in a boat accident. She was given the mansion and their money. She has used the money to go to school to be a Professor and take care of her medical and Sylveon.

    Pokemon's Favorite Saying: "Look how cute I am!"
    **Progeria or Hutchinson-Gilford progeria is an extremely rare genetic disorder where symptoms resembling aspects of aging are manifested at a very early age. AKA She will look older than her real age.
  3. Ill like this ME JOINING SAVE SPOT FOR MEEEEEEEEE im using m kobo so its gong to be ugly

    also Are what type of pokemons are you alowed can you be..... I dont know Maybe my fav Mew if not Im being Pika hands down so In sing Pika girl fothe fun of it
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  4. You can be whatever you want. Legendaries are limited to only so many think maybe three minus the wish granter if who ever picks that part desires to be so. What part you want so I can reserve it for you.
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: MEW
    Age: ummm Old >.> rudeness (looks 8 years old)
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: MEW
    Occupation: Being MEW
    Family: MEWTwo (Anyone can be mew two and if you don't like the fact your a family member I will take it off just tell me)
    Physical Appearance: (OoO) Im short
    Bio: I'm an Old pokemon I helped people and stopped my brother believing that all pokemons are bad? i don't understand (*runs away*)
    Pokemon's Favorite Saying: "YEAH I DID IT!" "Your cute But I'm sorry Your in my way"
  6. May i play two Pokemon? i wanna play Pokemon brothers.
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  7. If you think you can play more than one character then yes you may. If at any time during the Rp you feel like you can't keep up with both characters let me know!
  8. Of course! Ill make my CS now! :D
  9. Name: Roki le'rocket

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Partner Pokemon: None

    Occupation: Pokemon

    Family: Loki Le'rocket

    Physical appearance:

    Metal Characteristics: Roki is very proud, and very protective of his younger twin. Roki will speak kindly to anyone, unless given a reason not to.

    Bio: Will be relived in Role play. (i have a dark taste, so his background and such will be very sad and or strange.)

    Pokemons favorite saying: "My brother is all i have! You will not take him!"
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  10. Name: Loki Le'rocket

    Age: 19 (Younger twin)

    Gender: Male

    Partner Pokemon: None

    Occupation: Pokemon

    Family: Roki Le'rocket

    Physical appearance:

    Metal characteristics: Loki is very polite, and very quite. When provoked however, this changes, Loki will become aggressive and blunt.

    Bio: Relived in the roel play.

    Pokemons favorite saying: "I will not fight you!, i will NOT give in to this angry!"
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  11. i have two questions, one, can pokemon still use their powers? Also, Like where in the Pokemon world are we?
  12. Great Questions:
    Yes your pokemon can use their powers. But don't Powerplay. If someone doesn't understand attributes, they can give me a PM and I will list them.
    (Ex. Fire is weak against Water ect)

    This place is made up and it's going to be explained when it starts but since you asked...
    There will be a series of forests and paths, One Main city; Yunti City and other small cities, and a tower which will be revealed in the RP.
    A lot of places are fair game. Except for Yunti City and the other small cities that will be revealed in the RP. People can start wherever they need to but I will be talking to everyone before we do start and if I get enough people.
  13. I have a question. Are trainers allowed to have non-humanized Pokemon in their party? In other words, travel with a small party other than humanized Pokemon.
  14. No sorry. The wish that was granted swept through all the land turning everything into humanized pokemon. Later in the story though there will be a part where they can have a chance to change back before the mystery is solved.
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  15. Oh! I understand now. I didn't realize this spread throughout the lands. I thought it was isolated in one specific place. That's why I asked in the first place, ha.
  16. Pokemon, #006633



    Pokemon Trainer
    [rainbow]ραятηεя ρσкεмση:[/rainbow]

    Gentle | Reserved | Perceptive | Resourceful | Intelligent | Soft Spoken | Protective | Stubborn | Blunt | Graceful



    Twenty Four

    [rainbow]нυмαη ραятηεя:[/rainbow]

    Reserved | Blunt | Intelligent | Perceptive | Stoic | Brave | Reckless | Protective | Resilient | Serious

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  17. Great job! Can you let me know if she will be on the good team or bad or neither?
  18. I prefer she is on the good team.
  19. Could i ask a question, i would like to know if the human Pokemon faint?

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