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  1. Okies, so, to be ABSOLUTELY blunt, I'm SO TIRED of playing a guy in all my RP's. I need to play a girl So I don't care if this RP is straight or not, but I will be a woman.

    For her 17th birthday, my character's friends drag her to the concert, with VIP passes, of their favorite band/rockstar (your person), but my character isn't big into them. So when their group goes backstage to meet the band/singer, she's the only one not literally vibrating from excitement, which in turn intrigues your character. You ask my chick to hold back for a moment and you start talking until you accidentally say something wrong (sexual-wise) and I get uncomfortable and make an excuse to leave. So, before your band leaves town for their tour, you hunt me down to apologize and we end up going out for coffee (or something), where you're noticed beneath your disguise and we're chased by the paparazzi into a tiny abandoned house, where we end up staying the night and... well, it can go from there.

    WARNING: Due to time limitations, my posts will not be very long. I've only been on once a day for the past few days, but I'm hoping to up that number. My posts are RARELY one-liners (They only are if I'm having a complete frikkin writer's block and need something to work with.) So. YAY :D
  2. I wouldn't mind playing the dude.
  3. Okay that's great. You don't have to play a guy, you can do either, I don't mind :)
  4. I want to do this plot with you :3
    I'll be Drake.
  5. Drake, who is a.....
  6. Rapper/Singer/Used to be actor..
    Unless you want me to make up a character who sings?
  7. OH THAT DRAKE Lol I thought you made up someone named Drake.... Wow I'm so dumb...
  8. Lmao, you scared me..when you didn't know who he was. I love him.
  9. Lol I'm slow, sorry... :(

    But yeah okay sure.
  10. Haha, it's ohkay :D
    So, shall you start it? Or would you like to make character sheets?
    And I'll make my own personality for drake(:
  11. I don't know if I have the time to start it now, my evil stepmother is on the rampage again, but I'll do it asap.
  12. Aw, alright. :3
  13. Could I play as maybe your best friend turned enemy?
    (because she ends up having sex with the guy you love?)
  14. What do you mean?
  15. Just posting an example for a character.
  16. still looking for a partner?
  17. Well, I've started one about this rapper named Drake, but if you have another celeb you'd like to be, sure :)