The one who got away. (Seeking Male 1x1)

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  1. " Have you ever felt like this? When you meet someone for the first time and your eyes lock, the fire running through your veins and your heart starts to slow. I'm not talking about love at first sight....but it could be. You have the lingering feeling of knowing that person....but never met them a day in your life?"

    Name: Angie Kohaku
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'3
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Occupation: Student

    Angie is a rather quiet girl, just moving from the city to a small town. She was an orphan since she could remember. Not knowing her parents or where she came from. She is staying with her foster parents as she goes to this new high school. Waiting for the day when she turns 18 so she can leave.

    Hello! Cx looking for slice of life, romance! Basicallythe plot is about a forbidden romance that happened long ago, before the humans lived. A romance between heaven and hell. Angie was an Angel in her previous life, she wasn't allowed to become human til now because of the sin she did. She fell in love with the enemy, a demon. They tried to run away together but it was unsecessful. They kept he soul locked away, never knowing if her true love escaped or fell to the Angels or Demons hands. If you are interested please message me! ^^
  2. I would be willing to play a male for you if you still happen to be looking for a partner.
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Thread Status:
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