The one that got away

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
The Role-play that never was

Have you ever had an Idea for an RP, but never got around to making it?

Maybe It's an idea you've had for a long time, but every time you try to start it, for whatever reason, it never comes together.


What was it? What got in the way of you actually making it?

Yus. D: The biggest factor usually ends up being time. I generate ideas faster than I can use them, so I end up dropping them in my folder for a later date.

The other thing that gets me is that the more I like an idea the less likely I am to run it cause I get horrified at the thought of trying it and seeing it fail/bomb/ruined. x____x So some of my best plots I end up not running cause I just can't let them go.

And as EXAMPLE, one of which is a murder mystery and every time I try to run that roleplay, something happens. >< Main characters drop out, no one signs up, we'll get to a certain point and then suddenly everyone bails, a player might drive someone bonkers.
And here I thought that this was going to be about the girl you loved that got away.

War of rock and wind.

Post apocalyptic, two factions, cyberpunk guys who survived the apocalypse by living in floating cities on the edge of the troposphere and have all the tech but no resources and the used future/modern tech guys who were left behind and have resources and numbers.

The cyberpunks were invading the ground for resources and bringing civilization to the 'mudders' in a very firefly inspired manner.


Had the whole setting planned out, just needed a plot.
A musical roleplay.
And here I thought that this was going to be about the girl you loved that got away.

That's how I get people to look at the thread!
I have a lovely little dark supernatural RP set in old Japan. You'd think with all the otaku I know this would be a smash hit! I think people got intimidated with having to know something about old Japan, which I think is silly, I wasn't expecting a historical RP just a folklorish mystery.
An RP set in the Fire Emblem series. All I had figured out was the prince main character being a necromancer and his royal guard was a dragon rider. Beyond a kingdom name and a berserker-esque enemy for the first primary antagonist I went nowhere else.

It is still in stages and memories early enough for me to actually bring it out. One of these days I should flesh out the story more and do an interest check.