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  1. We all have one, right? That perfect Roleplay with awesome characters, interesting plot, friendly partner and all the rest of it. Except something happened and BAM, your partner stops replying. Or maybe you had to stop can couldn't get it back? Then the perfect Roleplay fades into your brain as a sad memory...

    What was yours? Why did it stop?

    I personally have two. One was a cute little high-school romance, but it was my partners writing which rocked. Like, we both wrote together in harmony! Our character also moulded together wonderfully. Then, after like ten posts, they stopped replying. I poked them a few times but decided to leave it.
    There was another which was a dance competition one and I really loved the setting and plot. I think that just faded away sadly.

    R.I.P That one RP.

    (please don't call out your [ex-]partners in this, that's not what this thread is for!!)​
  2. Man, where do I start...

    I might get back to this.
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  4. Oh gee, I was prepared for a TOTALLY different type of feels thread.

    But there was this RP on the old guild site, though I forgot what it was called. The GM was real chill so we all had über badass characters and the fights were fun as hell because everyone was ridiculously broken.

    There was a 12 year old barbarian girl who could lift 20 ton boulders, a chick who could just kill you with the shockwave of what happened when she released her power, and my guy was this axe swinging badass who single handedly sunk a ship all the PCs were on (including him) and basically was the perfect monkey wrench for when the plot was too boring.

    Alas, all good things must end and it died due to a scuffle between two key players in the OOC thread.
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  5. I was in a couple of really good 1x1's back on the Old Guild when I was still a teenager (as in blue star level).

    Unfortunately though during said Teenage years I hit a stage where I took the advice "Real men aren't afraid to cry" too far, and essentially started making my characters far more emotional than before and prone to breakdowns.
    Needless to say I had kind of butchered my own characters and had allowed the RP's to get boring and die out as a result.
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  6. Both here, and on RPGuild.
    Whenever I joined a Fate/ Roleplay, we got about two pages into the IC, maybe... Just past summoning,and... It dies.
    There was one that never even happened AT ALL, due to the January First Guild Crash.
  7. This. Needs. To. Happen.
  8. I'm making one.
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  9. Link. Me. O_O
  10. I don't have the OOC up, just an Interest check. I'll get it up tomorrow.

    It is full of Ice Puns, though.
  11. There was this RP about Pokemon gijinkas... which are sort of like anthro versions, basically.

    I know that sounds dumb but yowza did we put a ridiculous amount of thought and world-building into this RP. The whole re-imagining of the Pokemon universe was really fleshed out and really interesting. I had put a ton of thought into making my characters, too, and I was super psyched to get the thing started... but, alas, the whole thing pretty much fell apart due to personal drama between the GM and several other members.

    Now, mind you, I knew the GM and most of said other members IRL, so, the drama was understandable -- it wasn't exactly some dumb internet dickfight, but... yeah. Sad that the whole RP had to fizzle apart like that just because of what happened between them.
  12. I also remembered another one, a Halo ODST RP that was also back on the Guild.
    The DM was amazing, had everything organized, a ton of detail, he even did stuff like add birds eye maps whenever we were engaged in combat.
    And it was something I was able to talk one of my High School friends (who I also did the Star Wars RPs with) to join in on.

    But Alas the DM simply vanished one day out of the blue.
    About a month or so later I tried to resurrect it, but almost everyone else had moved on and it was next to impossible to get people re-engaged.
    That's fine. :P
  13. I have a few of those. The first one we really are still in touch and we really are rewriting it into a novel format. Just we don't know when. We'll finish it. Someday.

    But mostly the greatest roleplay is every roleplay me and a good friend in high school created together. They were always group roleplays and we tended to create all of the stories between each other. Our characters were intricately tied together. Brothers, most of the time. It was great we would always get so far into the story, have a great band of characters, there would be good romance, great plot, and then something would happen with one of the members we didn't know irl. And that story would end and we would start another one. In retrospect we were pretty sick bastards, always writing stories involving abductions, slaves, rape and general wrongdoings but it was great. Thrilling. It was the feeling that real writers must feel when they write. The ability to look into someone's eyes (most of the time not literally, but you know what I mean) and see your creations truly admired. Things really went downhill not because of external forces but internal. I had known my friend was fighting an eating disorder and things were making it worse. There were days when she did not want to do anything she used to really enjoy and eventually we stopped writing together and being friends. I wanted to fight for her but did not want to make her hate me. It was a bad choice. So, in short, my greatest roleplay loss is actually more the loss of the greatest writing partner, and friend, I ever had.
  14. Only one comes to mind. It was a generic fantasy mcguffin quest, get the magical doohickey to defeat the bug bad evil guy, but the characters made it great. I had a guy who was sort of a mix between a paladin and a barbarian, and his personality and behaviors were a fun mix of earnest, exaggerated, and naive (kinda like Thor in his first recent Marvel movie, though this RP was years earlier). Someone else managed a broody angsty assassin that was actually fun to read and interact with. Another player had a paranoid and neurotic bard that thought my character was a demon sent to tempt him into evil. There was also a sorceress that had an awesome magic system the player made, basically a mix of voodoo and rune magic where she had to draw runes on her own flesh to do magic against a target, and she'd get a little feedback effect from whatever she did.

    The GM disappeared right as we were getting ready to do the first boss fight after getting through a cave of monsters, and that was the end of that.
  15. I've had three. Two of my partners has confirmed (I think they both confirmed... Otherwise I've false memories) that they won't start it up again either because they can't get into character after such a long time or have lost interest in it. We still have contact though and sometimes start up new roleplays. One of them was a vampire/human romance rp that went into torture territory. It was the only vampire rp that has worked out extremely well for me xD The other one was about a girl who meets her familiar for the first time when she turned 16 or 18 (I don't remember o__o) and she figures out that she's a witch. Then shit happens and families starts fighting and a dangerously hot wizard comes into town and death scenes that breaks hearts.

    The third one was with a partner whom I'm still hoping will be back one day. But there's hard times RL so it's just to wait and see what happens. -will forever wait for you my sweet prince demon- It has just been half a year since they disappeared, there is still a possibility it will be back up o__o Sometimes RPs has been stalled for a whole year for me xD So I'm hopeful!

    Anyway. It was about a demon (born from a half demon and a human. Don't ask me how that worked.) that was an assassin, and his childhood friend finally met him after 10 years of having been apart. She wanted to change him to become the guy he once was. Basically a person that doesn't kill people xD. So she followed him and got into LOOOTS of trouble cause he has LOOOOTS of enemies and now she's pregnant I: And she fell in love with a douche that broke her heart. And she has been tortured both mentally and physically. But look at it from the bright side. She's not naive about how cruel the world is anymore :D

    I have a few others, but they died so early on I really can't feel that it was such a big loss. Usually then it is more "I'm sad I lost this partner." But I don't mind the RP itself because it is still on a stage in which I can revive it with someone else without feeling that it can't ever be the same or get better. The partner I can always try to get into another roleplay with later on once one of us have some good ideas.
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  16. Gather around the camp fire kids, I have a spell of a tale to tell!

    Or, I'm just going to do what everyone else is doing and just relate my own experiences. Shut up and roast a marshmallow.

    The main one that I'm always going to regret ending was my one Elder Scrolls RP that I was forced to euthanize after I tried unsuccessfully for months to try and get some life and player activity back into it; it was a game I was all but certain was going to reach the end of the story. It had lasted three and a half years and I figured by the time we hit another year, we'd have reached the conclusion and my co-GM and I had a bunch of stuff planned for the remaining story arc that we just didn't get to do (including me murdering my main character with my other one, and they were siblings, and the game having a big final choice where the players would have to decide if it was worth trying to stop an invasion of the dwemer who were on a rather genocidal campaign by collapsing and destroying the enter aetherial realm where they had been trapped in for thousands of years while deciding who needed to sacrifice themselves to do it). The game had gone a long time, as I had mentioned, and it had covered all sorts of ground and made some great character interactions and development. The players really made it something special, and I don't know if I'll ever have a game that runs that well or memorably again.

    The other one was one of my Mass Effect RPs that was something that fell into my lap, since myself and several other players had joined together in an RP run by somebody else who ended up disappearing before the first mission happened. This left us all to basically wing the plot as we went, and surprisingly, it worked out really well! I ended up making a new thread so I could manage the game, but this was the first time I'd had an RP where there wasn't really a GM and everyone contributed to the plot. How it basically worked was one player would but an idea forward, and everyone else would add to it as it went, including introducing characters and conflicts and so on so forth until a mission was concluded, and it worked surprisingly well! It really kept everyone engaged and it built a really good relationship with everyone, as well as it led to a lot of humourous moments. One of the ideas with the game that worked beyond expectations was that all of the characters canonically had known each other for a while already and the RP started up at some point after they joined together as a crew. This spared the game the long and tedious introduction phase that makes or breaks most RPs and character development and mingling happened organically as the game went. It's an obvious solution that I would love to see more often, because there's no reason why characters wouldn't know a decent amount about their colleagues since you can reference character sheets, and it's pretty obvious where you can draw a line for what a character should and shouldn't know. Like, you'll know about their personality and maybe, if the character's a friendlier one, what they did for a living and things they enjoy. It doesn't mean that you'd know everything about their history, and rightfully so. Ultimately, things started falling apart when school seasons really started taking tolls and people just weren't posting like they usually did. I tried rebooting it a few times, and I might do so again, but it's hard finding people who are dedicated roleplayers I'm afraid.
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  17. After some browsing of old convos I found an RP that really bummed me that it ended. It was one of those early on right after I joined Iwaku and was getting into the swing of things. That kind of RP that when you saw the alert for that thread you couldn't read and reply fast enough because the excitement of seeing where else it went could barely be contained.

    A person pitched the idea to me after handing me a ton of settings and plots. They had plenty of little details, and after a rocky start it was under way and going so well.

    Bunch of aquatic races lived in peace, some basic archetypes. Mine was based heavily on a moray eel, down to that long tail and second jaw. Memory fails me and I can't recall who their character was. But their races had been ancient enemies, always bickering, skirmishing, causing havoc.

    Blah blah future. My character was oblivious to the past. There's wasn't.

    The budding friendship and subsequent adoration of my character to theirs was endearing. Someone who was sorta like him and accepting of it.

    I still use the idea today, though many of the details are lost to the archives and time.
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  18. I had one years back. The setting involved some disease that wiped out a large chunk of humanity's population, and some 200 years later, the naturally immune survivors had split into two societies: Technocrats, various clans fighting over the dwindling remains of humanity's technology, and Wildern, native american-esque tribal societies that eschewed technology. I rolled an old technocrat who was obsessed with life before the disease, and the other two players made a pair of wildern lovebirds. I was really enjoying it until the others lost interest and stopped posting. I managed to get them back in after PMing them a month later, and both agreed, but when they petered out a second time, I decided not to push it.
  19. Mine was one of the first major RP's I joined on Iwaku, actually. It was all about a Japanese high school student council and all the characters were based on tropes and stereotypes. I got to do an idol/high-energy/glutton/kinda-secretly-depressed-and-broken-minded Vice Pres. It's probably the most fun character I've played to this day, in a totally whimsical and over-the-top type of fun way. Eventually it fell apart because people dropped out, and I had a hard time feeling connected to some of the players, which tends to happen to a lot of group RP's no matter how good they are :(
  20. The one that got away...

    I have two.

    One was based on (at one point, before getting extensive homebrew as I learned more and more of the system's problems in RAW. Seriously, unplayably broken can adequately describe that game's RAW...) Scion by Whitewolf. There were multiple RP attempts, and even a friendfiction (see: fanfiction but exclusively inserts of other users instead of existing characters from established works). I am now waiting for Hero's Journey to finish and will try again with that thing, although it's a shame to see all the homebrew I made go to waste. Note: while all homebrew was ultimately written up by me, a large swathe of it was based on the homebrews of multiple other sources... one of which has now moved on to make Hero's Journey.

    THAT SAID, IF YOU WANNA DO SOMETHING WITH MY HOMEBREW (see: you like mythology, roughly PBP systems, and stuff) THEN YOU CAN HAVE THE LINKS: here (powers based on innate divine skill; super strength, speed, intelligence, etc), here (powers based on magical divine power, fire, death, chaos, etc), and here (powers based on which pantheon you came from). Just lemme know you're using it and where... in case I wanna join.

    The other is my Mire setting. I was about to do it again but then I realized that 'no, Blorbs is definitely not going to let that work'.

    But fuck it, I love Blorbs. I'm super hype that tomorrow is going to be the first turn of night.

    As for cause of death, mostly sudden player drop rates.

    *impotently shakes fist at player drop rates*
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