The One on One Categories Poll! (PLEASE VOTE!)

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  1. I use General Partner Requests and the Categories don't really matter.

  2. I like the specific categories for the requests and rp threads.

  3. It was easier just having one request forum and one forum to post our rp threads in.

  4. I like having the different genre request forums but NOT all the rp threads in different forums.

  5. It doesn't matter to me as long as I know where to post and can find stuff.

  6. I don't do one on one roleplay, I just wanted to press a button!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. This is a STATISTICS POLL to help us figure out if the One on One categories are a help or a hindrance to our one on one players!

    Please vote for the option that applies to you!

    And then post if you want to give your insight or opinions on it!
  2. Well, I normally do not rp there. (PM or groups for my 1x1 rps) But in general I would say specific categories for both rp threads and requests is more organized, and helps people have a easier time finding what they are looking for in that area.
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  3. Personally I think the different genres are really nice, especially if you are someone who likes reading other people's roleplays and want to read a certain genre. Though even for me who doesn't read other people's roleplays it feels really neat. It just feels organized and orderly when you can see what everything belongs in. But I'm weird and like to put stuff in folders within folders within folders within folders in maaany sub categories xD

    For the requests being divided into genres however, it feels a bit unnecessary, because most of them aren't used. Mostly it's just romance and fandom that actually uses those sub categories actively, the rest mainly goes for the general request forum. Personally I would suggest to just have one request forum with prefixes that shows which genre you are most interested in (+ searching partner prefix for people who doesn't have a specific genre and has many plot ideas and request filled prefix in case the request is filled.)

    I wouldn't mind too much if the IC forums were mashed into one, but I do think that if that happens, genre prefixes would be neat there too. (and maybe a jump in prefix? Cause some people do post roleplays with the intention of one random person just jumping in cause they haven't gotten a partner for it yet. o_o)

    So in short: Nothing is a hindrance, I think the different IC categories are a big help and seems organized, but while the OOCs could have been, they just aren't used enough thus feels unnecessary for most parts. If the IC sections were mashed into one I would suggest genre prefixes plus possibly a 'jump in' or 'open' prefix. If the partner request sections are mashed together I would also suggest genre prefixed plus keeping the ones we have now in case they close it or doesn't have a set genre.

    Personally I just wanna know what genre I'm in. Give me prefixes or sub forums, I'm not picky. xD -Hopes anything I said makes sense cause I just woke up-
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  4. I think a general Requests Forum is sufficient in terms of requests; activity there is much higher than in the categorized forums, and I've noticed a lot of threads that specify genre preference in the title there (ie, a thread in the General Requests titled "Looking for Romance RP partners" or "Fantasy plots inside"), people can always do that if they want to advertise a particular category in their requests (despite titles or chosen forum category, people often request or state availability for multiple genres in a request thread anyway)

    I think we could probably also safely trade out the IC category forums for three general ones with genre prefixes (General One x Ones, Libertine One x Ones, Liberteen One x Ones)
  5. The problem with the genre threads and why I always use General, is because there are very few people actually browsing them or posting there, so to me it makes sense to post in the general topic to get more exposure
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  6. I voted for the different genre choices, though I don't think that is exactly the answer I wanted to give. In the past I have used the General Request thread often enough, but if I'm looking for someone new to write with and haven't found someone in General, I will also look in the Libertine section. Occasionally I have found people there like myself, who are a little older and with whom I don't have to feel squeamish about romance, possible sexy time and/or graphic violence (and yes, I do feel squeamish writing simple romance with a teenager - it's a personal thing for me, nothing against the younger crowd who can be wonderful writers). As for the other genres though, I almost never search their request forums because I just don't think to do so.

    So in short, I have used the General Request section for searches a great deal, but finding nothing there? I genuinely appreciate having the Libertine section to choose through as well, and would miss it if it 'went away.' I don't know if it would be the perfect answer or not, but Minibit's thoughts on the IC section aren't too far off for me personally.

    The one thing I can think of that would make my searches easier? A function where I could auto-filter by writing level. I find myself skimming that tag quite a bit and if people don't even think to mark their writing level? I skip right over their request anyway without reading it. :( That probably sounds horrible, but since you're offering a survey about 1x1? Honesty works better I imagine... >.>
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  7. And once again Muirgen reaches into my(our) brain and pulls forth my answer! All of the above x2
  8. Even if we take away the genre sub forums in the one x one section, there is still very little chance that Diana takes away the libertine and liberteen sections. They are there out of necessity so that teens and adults won't smut with each other. (Sure, at times it happens anyways, but it would definitely become a bigger problem if they didn't have age restricted forums for such things, because people can apparently not see the difference between red and blue stars.) So you won't have to worry about them disappearing.
  9. I agree with @redblood on the all requests in one subforum where tags/a prefix can be added.
    Roleplays in their own genres would've fit neatly as well. One thing I do miss though is fantasy as it's own subgenre. Sure, adventure and fantasy can be strongly interlinked but sometimes you don't want to write an epic fantasy adventure or an epic adventure with fantasy elements.
    Sometimes you want to write about the story of characters in a fantasy world, while other times you want to write that adventure where there's no magic to help you out when things get tough.
  10. Use the forums but then I rp via PM
  11. I mostly use the Bordello *cough*

    Buuuut, I will say that my few 1x1s here on the forums span over several genre so sometimes it's difficult to figure out just where I should put them.

    Also, I have indeed noticed that when people do requests, they're usually asking for several things. A list of bunnies, rather than just one specific plot. Seems a good reason why most requests get thrown in the General section, y'know?
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  12. I tend to use General Requests a lot because it seems that is where most people go to post their ideas and such where they don't all fall under the same category. I also don't have any category that I prefer over the others. I'll roleplay anything and everything minus a few. However, I find the different categories useful for when I'm itching to do a Horror or an Adventure or anything else specific.
  13. It's hard enough to find a roleplay partner. Categories just mean more people don't see my want ads...
  14. Hmm, well from what I read so far it seems the best idea that makes the most people happy is to have one general request forum, and leave the actual rp forums split into categorizes. (No point in having several request categorizes if most people only use one of them)

    Prefixes like what 'Redblood' said several posts above would be a good idea then for the general request forum.
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  15. Only thing I can suggest is that maybe when creating, for example, an adventure RP partner request, there could be a checkbox saying "also show this request in the general requests"
  16. My only problem with the different categories for a one on one partner request is that it seems like only a very select few people seem to bother with looking at the different categories.
    You're likely to have much better luck just posting in the general partner request section than any other, though I wouldn't necessarily attribute all of this fault to the category structures themselves.
  17. People who like the multiple categorized request boards seem to be a silent majority

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  18. I think the majority has more to do with the wording of the poll choices. There is no option of "I don't like separate requests forums, but I love the separate roleplay forums," so they may be picking the one that just makes the most sense to them. You have this: "I like having the different genre request forums but NOT all the rp threads in different forums.", but not the opposite. Which is what I'm seeing a lot of in this thread and when I have talked to people. And is also my personal view.

    The different genre request forums are barely used and I never go there. The actual RP threads are utilized and I love them. I feel that if you had that option, you would have a more clear picture of what players want instead of being confused.
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  19. I agree with Jerelin. I would have picked "I like having the different genre roleplay forums but NOT all the requests in different forums." if it had existed, but since it didn't I picked to keep both. Then I explained that I'd rather just keep one of them in a post, but most people just like to give their opinion in the poll and not write them down. They might think that even if they give a different opinion than what is in the poll, that option won't happen since it wasn't an alternative to begin with.
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  20. Thanks everybody for your votes and comments! 8D This has helped a lot!
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