INTEREST CHECK The Oncoming Storm(not dr who)

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  1. Going to start with saying, I am new here. I am not new to the world of RP however. I have ran D&D, pathfinder, Demon Hunters, Serenity, and various other table top games for five years now. I am a member of the excellent site role player guild since mid 2008. Had an idea for a cool (in my opinion) RP just to find rpg is currently down. I searched and hopefully found a new home here. So, don't let my nonexistent post count fool you. I am an experienced Rper. Now that that's out of the way, on to the game.

    On the continent of Gildern there are two primary kingdoms, the Hallin, and the Oatenspiells. Their kingdoms are perennial rivals, fighting over border lands and resources. It has been almost a century since the last thing other than small skirmishes. The Seers on both sides however, predict a terrible war that will reshape the whole of Gilder. Fearing for their kingdoms, both sides create small groups consisting of four to five members. Scouts and skirmishers, their mission is to cross the borders and discover where the war will start. Neither side knows of the others activity. Neither side knows the secret that hides in the shadows, pulling strings to cause an all out war.

    Far to the west of both kingdoms, in the Catskill mountains sits an ancient monastery. This is the last refuge of the Black Clan. Trained from birth to be unseen unheard, these spies and assassins sell themselves to the highest bidder. The only question is, which side paid them more?

    If I get enough interest I would like to have a group from each side potentially meeting each other, neither group knowing the motives of the other. If I can't get enough people however one side can be fully represented as NPC's.

    The Black Clan, they are your average fantasy based Ninja. Anyone wishing to play as one, either in one of the groups or with a different task please message me for fuller details.