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An RP is its own setting- The city, the time, the characters. Just one in the grand scheme of things. But when the balance maintaining the barriers is broken, what happens? Will the ensuing chaos destroy worlds? Characters will be paired with strangers, all fighting for their goals, or the same goals. Different goals, different paths to attain them- When these paths intertwine, what happens then?
A Crossover RP

It's an idea I sort of tried before, but lost time for. I haven't worked out all the plot yet, and indeed, at the moment, it's impossible. This is a group effort in it's ENTIRETY! Combine RPs with one central plot that threatens all of them, all of existence. After all, strange alliances are born out of necessity, no?

We'll be overlapping characters, taking them out of their natural habitats, and meshing them.There will be an exclusive villian as well as a central plot. Cross-RP relationships, good and bad, are encouraged. There will NOT be a battle system, though. Anyone who's interested in joining would be encouraged to put up an RP they wish to use, as well as characters. When I say this is a GROUP EFFORT, I mean it.

Any owners of submitted RPs will need to speak with everyone else. To keep the plot going, to keep characters going, and to make an intro. After all, I can provide background, but it's ultimately up to you to determine how the characters go from their world to this one, and when. The circumstances, etc.
I may be using exclusive characters for Omega, and if anyone would be kind enough to RP as one or more, this would also help. PM or IM me for more information.

My MSN is:
[email protected]
RPs so far:

Darkstalkers: End Game
Characters: Rose
Characters: Dark Bogan
I'm in ICSYL characters update is:

Dark Bogan, Harken, Kraw, Katsugi, Atoshi, and Ados
Dude, I was thinking of doing an SRW style cross over RP myself, awesome. I should talk to either you and Piro about this..

Don't think I want to add another RPG to it though...None of em finished or got far enough. Although maybe it's possible, I'll just talk to you guys about this at some point.
Sure, add me on MSN. ^_^
And if you end up not adding an RP, you can always use the "stock characters" that I'll be making sheets for.