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  1. Okay so I've been thinking of a roleplay mainly obviously centering around the Greek Gods from mythology. It would be about the internal affairs and conflicts of Mt. Olympus like the secret romances, betrayals, arguments, fights.

    A lot of stories happened in Mt. Olympus an example would be like how Hera once stole Zeus' Lightning and she was hung by her feet and so on..this meaning that there would be many opportunities for different events between the larger Greek Gods and for the drama to unfold.

    It'd be like a drama-ish roleplay with characters varying from The Greek Gods themselves or the Demi-Gods or some of the lower Gods (giving opportunities for OC's and such.)

    Right now my thoughts are a bit hazy about the storyline but I got the main skeleton of it. But I'm not sure if the general public would be interested so that's why I'm posting here.
  2. I think this is interesting!
  3. I'd be up for it. I actually was just looking around for a RP based in greek myth. I'd be especially game if this went the way of mundane men and women caught up in the affairs of feuding Gods.
  4. This reminds me a lot of "Polaroid Stories" by Naomi Iizuka. I might be game =D.
  5. Im Definitely interested!
  6. This could be interesting. Always love a bit of mythology :D
  7. I'll probably snag Eurydice or Persephone.