The Old West

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Would you be interested in an old west group rp?

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  1. Well, like the title says, this rp would be about the old west so the time period would be in the 1800's. It would be centered around a small town and everyone would have a specific role to help make the town prosper. Someone's character would be the shop keeper, another person's character could be a rancher, another could be a wife, or a daughter. There's a list of different kinds of people your character could be.

    Basically, this would be similar to slice of life as the plot mostly focuses how everyone interacts with each other and whether or not they can make the town last or if it'll fade to nothing. But in this time period, there was also plenty of superstitious people. This is also the time where there were slaves as well.

    So, that's about all I have so far and I just wanted to see how many people would be interested in this sort of thing before I created a thread for it. I'm also open to suggestions and if you have questions, feel free to ask away :)
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  2. I'd be down for this! I've been wanting to do a Western for a while now ^^

    I think I'll take the role of a young Rancher, who recently inherited the plot of land from his deceased father.
  3. Great :) As for the roles, they won't really be decided till the thread is set up and there'll be a list of different possible roles to choose from as well.
  4. Alright, sounds good! I threw in my two cents about a potential role I'd like to play in my last post, but I'm down to wait and see what's up ^^
  5. ooo interesting, dibs on outlaw
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  6. Interest shown! If we talking roles, dibs on sheriff 0.0
  7. It's time to go yee-haw and ride it like a see-saw

    I could be a daughter/son/child.
  8. I'd be interested.
  9. Well, since there seems to be a decent amount of interest, I'll set up a sign up thread. But we just might need a few more people to be able to keep the town running since there's several important roles that need to be done or they can just be more like NPC roles.
  10. Alright, here's the sign up thread. Please make sure to read everyone else's role when they have their character sheet up. I'm working most of today so I won't be able to regularly update the list of roles avaible. First person to ask for it, gets it.

    The Old West |

    Sheriff is all yours :)

    Rancher can be yours as well :)
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