The Old Republic: Korriban Calling

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  1. Alright, so I was thinking about a Star Wars rp that takes place in the Old Republic, sometime after the events of the first video game. My idea is that Revan returned to the dark side to rebuild the Sith empire under the mighty power of the Star Forge, with Canderous and Bastila by his side.

    Now naturally we wouldn't be any of the main characters, no, we would be the Sith acolytes, apprentices, dark Jedi, guards, and various snobby teachers of the Sith academy of Korriban. There are ridiculously few rules, other than the obvious rule of not god moding. You are not Jesus Christ, nor are you the Goddess Gaia. So don't try to control others' characters. Also, this tenant is sort of covered by GM'ing but nevertheless, don't make your charrie so bad-ass he can never die, that's just unfair. As well as these there's the obvious rule that an apprentice cannot be a master of force storm (or other third tier skills).

    Here's your basic sign-up sheet...

    Name: Because names are how we identify you.
    Species: Twi'lek, Mandalorion, Human, any species stated on Wookiepedia that isn't a total OP.
    Age: You know what age means.
    Rank: Acolyte, Apprentice, Dark Jedi, Dark Master, Sith Guard, Sith... Janitor? etc.
    Brief Background: such as how you came to Korriban, previous affiliations (Jedi, military, etc.)

    Just fill this baby out and post it, and we can start immediately!

    Here's mine by the way:

    Name: Mariner Pann
    Species: Human
    Age: 26
    Rank: Sith Teacher
    Brief Background: Mariner Pann was born on the planet Naboo, though her parents were originally from Tatooine. She grew up along the edge of a large river, in the country side with her middle-class parents. She always despised her father for his ignorance, and her mother for her complacency. She was later recruited by a dark master named "Illia Lethe", and was taught the ways of the dark side. Mariner worked her way through the ranks, until one day, she realized her master had taught her everything she needed to know, and could teach no more. Pann did what any self respecting dark-sider would do. She killed Illia and moved on with her life. Eventually Mariner signed on with the sith regime and was stationed at Korriban to teach the new generation of Dark Warriors.

    And here's the IC:

    Ignore the first three or four messages in the IC, I was a derp.
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  2. Oooohohoho. I'm so glad this appeared in the recent RP's section. I very rarely venture out of Fantasy, but Star Wars? I want in - a great deal.

    Name: Talzon Bett
    Species: Human Cyborg
    Age: 17
    Rank: Sith Apprentice
    Brief Background: A young man living on the grassy plains of Naboo with his family, Talzon Bett's future seemed to be that of an engineer like his mother and father. His interests actually seemed to be in exploration - the plants and animals of his native homeworld. How they preyed on each other, what certain plants did or what could be made from them. While at first encouraging him, his parents were shocked to find his interest in poisons and other such things. They kept a close eye on him, though he found ways to sneak out anyway - it was during an attempted sneak-out that he was caught. Not by his mother or father, but by one of Naboo's natural predators. Talzon was horribly mauled, though managed to kill the predator through pure dumb luck. His father found him later on the verge of death, using parts from various other machines to 'rebuild' him. Through pure force of will, Talzon survived. This sent a bit of a ripple through the Force - it was Talzon's pride and fury during the fight with a predator, and the wash of emotions when he turned the predator to his prey that caused him to be Force-awakened. He was sought out by a recruiter, and quickly completed his loyalty task - kill his parents. He even impressed his recruiter by using what knowledge he knew - using an extremely painful poison to kill his mother, and his beast-control force powers to have his father killed by what were normally peaceful creatures. He went from Sith Hopeful to Sith Apprentice extremely quickly, and seems to be following the path of a Sith Alchemist - it's what interests him the most.
    The prejudice against cyborgs only fuels his powers...
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  3. Ooh! I'm excited to rp with this guy... let's wait for a few more entries before we get started.
  4. Looks like it might just be us. <_<
  5. Yes... Since no one else appears to be signing up, do you want to go ahead and start?