The Old American West

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    The year is 1880, the place is Texas. The United States is expanding rapidly and the West opens up to much exploration. Rail roads span the land and towns are built all along. Many problems arise in this times. Racial and gender inequality run wild along with Chinese immigrant control. In towns, trade is constant and so are crimes. Gangs of bandits roam the deserts with Sheriffs and Marshall on the hunt. It was a simpler time with great things to come. For now, it's a life of straight tobacco and a six round revolver on your belt. The American Frontier.

    Employment: (Shop Owner, Law Enforcement, Outlaw, Civilian (Rich or poor), etc...)
    *Picture: Either real or anime (It's hard to find a good picture though so cudos if you can)
    *Not required

    1.) This does not have to be historically accurate, fell free to create a town name or things of that nature
    2.) Your character is your character, this relates to rule 1, they can be whoever you want them to be
    3.) In relation to rule 2, we are all humans. There is no powers or abilities (except perhaps sharpshooter, but that doesn't really count)
    4.) I know the plot entails racism, but don't throw around racism, keep it down or non existent. No one likes racists.
    5.) On the topic of love interests, nothing wrong with it just keep it below mature. If you must do the birds and bees, create a separate thread or PM each other.
    6.) Overall have fun. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything please PM me and ask. Chances are it might become a rule or I might remove a rule depending on if it is unpopular.

    I will not join just yet, I plan on waiting to see the reaction this thread gets, for now here is my bio.

    Name: Ethan White
    Age: 23
    Employment: Deputy in LockBridge, Father is sheriff
    Biography: Ethan grew up and army brat who moved all across the west when his father served in the military. Around five years ago, they settled in a large town in North Texas names LockBridge. His father soon became sheriff and not long after, when Ethan was 22, became his deputy. He enjoys his work and loves to serve justice. Ethan's father has taught him well on how to shoot guns, and most outlaws fear LockBridge. Overall Ethan is a softhearted man, under his rough exterior. He has befriended most in the town and will help out whenever he can. Ethan has dedicated himself to the law and will serve it until the day he dies.

    I know that picture is more cartoon than usual but you get the what I'm going for. :)
  2. Name: Delilah Harrison
    Age: 21
    Employment: Assists father in the local grocers.
    Biography: Honestly, not much happened in her life. Although her mother died during childbirth, the deprevation didn't really cause her any problems. Delilah grew up with the love and support of her father, a wounded soldier left with a permanent limp. Due to this seemingly small disability, Delilah took over most of the heavylifting work, as well as any travelling that had to be done in order to supply the shop. As a result of this she has grown into quite a strong woman, both physically and mentally. She is generally a polite girl, but doesn't exactly pull any punches either. Her life is her family of one other, and secretly she is a bit lonely, but now that her good ol' daddy is ageing she feels she owes it to him more than ever to stick around and care for him.
    Picture: The best I could do xD Just ignore the guns.
  3. Name: Colt Franco
    Age: 19
    Employment: Outlaw
    Biography: Colt Franco is better known as Django to the townspeople—and not a woman either. She has been careful to hide her gender and appear as male whenever riding into town or pulling a gig. She suffers from a “Peter Pan Complex” and steals from the greedy and corrupt to give to the needy and innocent. She doesn’t talk much and trusts few people. She does happen to love sweets or anything metallic tasting. Not much about her past is known.
    Picture: (coming soon!)
    Appearance: She has platinum blond hair, right eye is blue, left is brown. Despite being out in the sun a lot, her skin is fairly milky. She reaches about 5’9” in boots, 5’6” without. She keeps herself hidden behind a black hat, scarf, duster, vest, pants and boots. Clinging to her hips and thighs is a holster holding a pair of black and silver Colts, and a bow and arrow wrapped against her back. She also hides a small dagger on her person.
  4. Name: Ulrika VonKrieger
    Age: 22
    Emloyment: Drifter
    Biography: Ulrika was born on the streets of Berlin, her family was dirt poor and ate out of garbages regularly. Her father died of sickness when she was 8. Soon she and her mother were picked up as slaves for a rich nobleman, it was good money, they had a roof over their heads, and ate real food. That all changed 4 years later when the nobleman started beating and having his way with her mother. When she turned 16 he started eyeing Ulrika. One night he tried to have his way with her but her mother stopped him, furious he started beating her relentlessly. Soon her mother stopped making sound and moving, she was dead. Fueled with anger Ulrika went totally beserk on the nobleman. She scratched, slapped, hit, and everything else under the sun until the nobleman too, had died. One of the other slaves had gotten scared and got the police who had found Ulrika crying and holding her mother with blood all over the floor and her hands. She was arrested and was charged with two counts of murder, one for the nobleman, and the other wrongfully for her mother. She was going to be executed after her trial had ended in her conviction. She escaped the prison she had been sent to and snuck aboard a ship to America, where she had sought to start a new life. After she arrived in New York she had been given the new name, "Danielle Faison", she didn't want nor like the new name so she kept her real one. She joined a caravan that was heading to Texas and learned most English. When they crossed into Texas the caravan was ambushed by Native Americans and the whole caravan had been wiped out. Hiding amongst the rubble Ulrika emerged and scavanged all the supplies she could carry, which was two pistols, a trench coat, a hat, one mans custom bowie knife, and a few bullet belts, she only kept one but kept the bullets from the others. She holds the hat low so that it covers half of her face unless she actually looks at the person.
    Appearance: Raven hair, blue eyes, slightly tanned skin from the sun.
    Picture: What better than New Vegas? xD No riot armor of course.
    Bowie Knife:
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  8. Without a doubt, both based on Northern Europeans.. Yeah I don't know how to diversify my characters .__. lawl
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  16. I love German, I envy all who speak it. I am a simple American.
  17. Me too, I can only speak bits and pieces, but I'm learning.
  18. It was not available in my high school, and my major doesn't give me time to fit it into my class scheduling. I would love to learn the language and live in the glorious country for a few months to a year. A guy can dream.
  19. I'm only learning it cuz I have extreme pride in my heritage. My highschool only taught Spanish as a second language.

    Just to counteract the amount of women characters, I'm gonna make a guy. :3

    Name: Jeremiah Enjorlas

    Age: 23

    Employment: Doctor/Inventor

    Biography: Jeremiah's family is one of the first to settle down in Lockbridge, his father was an extremely skilled doctor and surgeon who trained Jeremiah since he was thirteen. Jeremiah in his spare times helps out people with his knowledge on medicine, herbs, and even a little bit of surgery. At the age of sixteen his father kicked Jeremiah out of the family home because Jeremiah's often habit of tinkering with town gadgets go the family in trouble and he wanted Jeremiah to have the full punishment of his actions. Jeremiah for the next couple of years, Jeremiah traveled around peddling his gadgets and doing low fee medical procedures, once having enough money he moved back to Lockbridge. And despite his father passing while he was gone he settled down anyway. While travelling he learned many things including shooting a gun and horse riding although he doesn't do them in his spare time. Jeremiah isn't afraid to interact with anyone in town and is generally very giving and compassionate, most likely due to him being on the streets during his travels.

    Picture: (The guy on the right ^^)

    I think I found a good picture. :P If you search up photos on deviantart you usually will find what your looking for. But when searching wild west there's alot of..inappropriate stuff sadly. lol.

    Also on a note, I don't mind any particular relations to bloom between him and others, romantic or whatever. It would be cool to somehow tie him into some characters bios to add some more interesting interaction. Like they knew him before he left or something. :)