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  1. Elllo there all! So this is my wonderful search for a partner and a few good roleplys. Anyone feel free to join on in and jump along. I'm not too picky so long as you meet the stuff bellow.

    what I'd like


    This is the list of stuff i'd like from my partner, Don't be intimidated if the list appears long, detailed, stiff, or snooty. I promise you I'm quite nice and easy to work with.

    ◊ Willing to post at least two paragraphs per post/ character. (paragraph = 4-7 sentences or more)

    ◊ Be willing to play more than one character. We may not have to, we may not need it, but incase we do, I don’t want to be the only one who ‘can’ and thus be the one who ‘has to’.

    ◊ Be willing to do smutty stuff. I don’t like to fade to black. So even if it’s vanilla, short lived, and not very kinky I’d enjoy to rp the sex scene out IF it happened.

    ◊ Be comfortable with the English language. Okay I don’t mean a novelist, my own writing isn’t anything to put in the New York Times. I mean get as many homophones right as possible. Your and you’re, whether and weather, there their and they’re. Those little things like that. Try and feel comfortable with coma’s, I’ve recently found out just how important one can be. However, you don’t need to be a scholar, I promise!

    ◊ Be comfortable with at least one of these genres as they are my favorite. Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Sci-fi, Smut, and Schooling (Middle school through college). These categories are broad and not to be ‘restricted’ in anyway.

    ◊ Contribution to the plot, plot twists, and plot development. This means I don’t want to hear “Whatever you want.” Unless you’ve previously been contributing.

    ◊ Communication so I know if you are not interested anymore, if you are going on a break, if you are going to have to stop because of difficulty. I’m very understandable I promise.

    ◊ For smut I prefer Yuri and not Ecchi, yaoi is off limits. But it’s not a must.


    Here are the Genres I’m interested in. If I have a plot I’ll list it under the genre itself. Thanks for understanding.

    ◊ Superheroes
    ◊ Boarding school / High school for the gifted/ College
    ◊ Roommates/ Dorm mates/ Flat mates
    ◊ Naruto (AU, Canon, or OC’s)
    ◊ Bleach (Au, Canon or OC’s)
    ◊ Master x slave
    ◊ Sister x Sister (Step sister adopted sister whatever. If you WANT a brother instead that’s fine too)
    ◊ Popular kid/student/teacher/ect x Unpopular
    ◊ Home Brew (Meaning you and I make up the universe of choice)
    ◊ Dungeons and Dragons (We can be all sorts of creative here)
    ◊ Girlfriends from the Internet (Yeah it’s simple heh?)
    ◊ Parental relationships (if you want sure why not)
    ◊ Suggestions no on this list

    I role play through IM’s (not skype) and through Iwaku forums and pm, as awell as Email. I strongly prefer forums.

    The gender of my partner doesn’t matter in the least. However your age does. You must be 18 years or older to roleplay with me if you want smut or intend for smut to be involved in even the slightest way otherwise shoot.

    You may reply to this forum or to me in a PM I’m okay with either.
  2. I'd like to rp with you! I really like Fantasy, Modern, and Schooling genres. From the list I like the sound of Boarding school, Naruto, MasterXSlave, and SisterXSister. I prefer using forums. Only problem is I don't like too much smut, but i'm ok with a bit. And I can assure you my English grammar is great!

  3. Wonderful I'll PM you now.