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  1. Greetings denizens of Iwaku!

    I'm Krysondra, or Krys, if you like. I've been tabletopping off and on since highschool, mostly Dungeons and Dragons with a little White Wolf thrown in, and I've been RPing online since college on some minor sites that are mostly dead at this point. I enjoy writing and have participated in NaNoWriMo several times but never completed it - perhaps one day when the kids are out of the house.

    Upfront warning, my posting times will depend on getting two children, three and a half years apart in age, to actually sleep at the same time. But as a stay at home mom, I vow to use my copious amounts of free time to fill up pages of RP, even if it's just my characters talk to each other. It wouldn't be the first time. (ToT)

    I look forward to meeting everyone and all their better (and worse) fictitious halves.

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Krys! I give all new members cookies, so take a cookie and enjoy you stay.
  3. Thanks, Dipper! I love a good cookie! Especially one I don't have to share.... *G*
Thread Status:
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