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Beast of Lores

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Lo' and behold, an ambition that is as steep as a cliff! I, the Beast of Lores, or now simply to be known as Beast, have embarked on a brand new venture, and I want you to join me, either as direct participators or observers of what might be a dumpster fire or diamond in the rough!

Some background, beforehand:
Arknights is a mobile game developed by a small Chinese studio known as Hypergryph, distributed by a company known as Yostar that has a healthy backing from its users, substantial lore and worldbuilding.

The game is set in what I would describe as a scifi-modern fantasy dystopian post-apocalyptic setting, on a world known as Terra. The humans all exhibit some manner of animal characteristic, no matter how miniscule, and are known as Ancients. A special mineral, known as Originium, exists and is a source of both magic - known as Originium Arts -and magitechnology that is almost indistinguishable from regular technology. Most of advanced civilization exists on colossal landships known as Nomadic Cities, powered by engines that run off of Originium, which has immense energy yield. They are a response to Catastrophes - natural disasters that are linked to Originium itself. Not only that, the mineral is capable of causing a progressive, terminal, and contagious disease wherein Originium somehow begins to fuse and assimilate the biological matter of an organism - a disease known as Oripathy. Those with this disease are known as the Infected, and due to its lethal, excruciating, and contagious nature, much of the world fears and ostracizes the Infected. So much so that even the governments have begun to systematically oppress and reject them. This is especially compounded by the fact there is yet to exist a cure for Oripathy - yet.

An organization known as Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals Inc., located on a landship known as the Ark, is one of the few things working towards Oripathy treatment and cure research, aiming to alleviate the burdens the Infected face - to help put an end to the discrimination that those with the disease suffer, and find peace.

This setting and game holds a precious place in my heart, not only for the gameplay it offers that somehow precisely strikes my fancy, but the world it takes place in. And the content the developers at Hypergryph produce is also a powerful magnet for me - a lot of it is amazing, they even have music which would exist in-universe being produced!

And so it is that I decided to embark a journey to do something special for this world, the setting of Arknights: A TTRPG system built from scratch, based extensively on the in-game information such as combat stats and the like. It's quite an undertaking, honestly - there's a vast amount of knowledge I myself and many others don't know. But there is enough - more than enough - to look into and extrapolate to make a damn-fine expansion, even if unofficial and primarily fandom, of the world for those who wish to embark on a journey within!

But, as I said, this is a venture - something fraught with danger and obstacles. There is much that needs to be done, much that needs to be discussed, much that needs to be considered!

So, I come to you, people of Iwaku. I come to the people interested in this world made by Hypergryph and in this project, to ask for you to come bearing your talents and help see this work and dedication come to fruition!

Here, the permanent invite link to the server I made solely for the development and hosting of the TTRPG system:

And if you simply wish to observe, that is alright, too.

You don't need to provide much, if anything at all - even the simplest opinions and feedback helps further this evermore to completion. I try to be active every day in some capacity, so fret not with it becoming stagnant. There are many others who are also interested in this project and have already helped extensively simply by being an active participator of the development process.

Now, as a disclaimer, you may find some sensitive material in some art channels, but all-in-all it is a SFW community. If you have any concerns, please, come to me and voice them. I may consider myself an arbiter of the project, but I do this all for the people who seek its completion, and will listen to all feedback.

For those who are interested in immediately helping, there is a survey that you can fill out regarding the combat system.

The issue is discussed in the survey. Please, if you have any feedback beyond the multiple choice answer, provide it in the section at the bottom of the survey. Every bit of data we collect is important. It brings us closer to completion.

Thank you all for your consideration and reading through what is basically my recruitment ad. May you go in peace, wherever.

P.S.: Just another disclaimer, strong language will be present in the server. Just want to point that out so you know what to expect. There are also dank memes. Just to reiterate, artwork found there can also be relatively sensitive in nature but isn't explicit. The artwork isn't necessary to view as it is either unrelated to the setting or simply fan-art for the Arknights setting.