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  1. I love Parks and Recreation, and I am starting to watch the Office and I love it! It's so normalish and horribly awkward! So I want to do a workplace centered rp, but I need ideas! Where should the people work? How many of them should there be? Should the boss be gruff like Ron Swanson or heart achingly annoying guy like Michael Scott?

    Help me out here folks! :D
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  2. Oh my goodness gracious. THIS is exactly the type of modern role play I love. If you wouldn't mind writing with me some more (or replace the Friends/HIMYM-inspired RP with this one), I'd be completely on board.

    I've actually been toying around with a low-level workplace comedy idea called Retail Robin. It's centered around a retail store, its colorful employees and even more colorful customers. It's dead-end work - turn-over is high, pay is low, and the hours suck, but there's never a dull moment what with all the drama, stress, tension, laughs, and, of course, romance. If the store is small, there'd only be a need for maybe one manager and a handful of employees (4-5 perhaps). But even with a larger setting (like a chain or high volume store), it's easy enough to create the illusion of many workers while only focusing on a select few.

    But I also like the idea of an office building setting, too. Perhaps an unpopular magazine whose image needs a major overhaul? A struggling publishing company? An up-and-coming social media company competing with the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? There are so many possibilities!

    Does any of that appeal to you? If not, no worries! Just thought I'd throw those ideas out there. Whatever the direction, color me interested! :)
  3. @Mika
    Holy crap I forgot about that Friends/HIMYM rp. -.- Now I feel so bad.

    I love your idea of the small retail store but I also love the idea of an unpopular magazine! I can just imagine all the hijinks and drama that could ensue!
  4. Really, no hard feelings at all! A Parks and Recreation/The Office RP is much more my speed anyway. :)

    If you want a younger staff (18-25), a retail store is the better bet. But if you'd like characters to be a little older (20's-30's), then the magazine is more believable. So, do you want to see characters who are just working to pay the bills/earn a bit of extra cash, or have your characters be in their desired career already?
  5. Hmm, I think I prefer older people. What do you think?
  6. I'm totally in agreement. If you want to go with the magazine company, this graphic might help us figure out the roles of characters:


    This may also be a good time to decide which kind of magazine (or company) you'd like to create as the setting for this role play. I also like the idea of a magazine company, but I'm really open to any type of workplace. I'll go with your preference!

    Also, if you want to gain a few more people, perhaps consider including "The Office" or "Parks and Recreation" in the thread title. I personally wasn't sure what "Single Camera Show" meant until I clicked it. I thought it was an obscure anime! Hahaha! But I think if you advertise this the same way you did for your Friends/HIMYM RP, you may get a bit more interest. :)
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  7. @Mika
    Wow that is a good twenty spots! O.O I'm not sure if I want a twenty person rp. But if the magazine is sort of sucky then I guess they wouldn't have all the positions that they need filled. :3

    And yes, I shall change the title, thanks for the advice. xD
  8. Oh goodness, I didn't mean to say we should fill every position in the chart! That's a lot of people. Realistically (and especially if it's a smaller magazine), there'd be an Editor-in-Chief, a Creative team (1-3 people), an Editorial team (1-3 people), and some miscellaneous workers (mail room, interns, etc). So, something like 7-10 characters which is around the size of the Parks and Rec or Office casts. But whatever the number, we'll make it work.
  9. Awesome! So what do you think we should call it? :O And also would you be willing to be my co-gm, cause you came up with most of the stuff?
  10. You mean the magazine? I'm not entirely sure. I guess that depends on the type of magazine it is. Some options being:
    - fashion
    - lifestyle (food, interior design, weddings, etc)
    - travel
    - tabloid/gossip

    See anything you like? And sure, I'll be your co-GM! Want to plan more in PM so we don't clutter your thread?
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