The Offer You Can't Refuse

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  1. When was the last time someone gave you an offer you couldn't refuse? In such a way that there was no way humanly possible that you could say no?

    I ask this because of something that happened to me. She can't speak English too well, and I understand Japanese much less than she knows English. So this one time we were together, just riding on a train just chatting as usual, then suddenly she typed something up on her phone using google translator, and she showed the english translation to me. It read as:

    "I want to watch fireworks with you."

    I just kind of melted when I read that... most of the time it's her making our plans but most of the time based on my likes and preferences. I wasn't going to let her down. A couple of weeks later, I made it happen, and made it doubly good for both of us as we went to a Yakult baseball game where they would have a fireworks show.

    So, please share your own irresistible offer, I'm curious to read what other similar experiences are out there among the Iwaku community.
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  2. One of my friends recently spent over 1000$ on forge world 40k models (said he was taking advantage of the pound drop) but didn't want it shipped directly to his place because his Dad would proceed to yell at him for 'wasting money' (note: It's the friends own money. Parents weren't spending a dime). So instead he asked to ship it to my place so he could pick it up from there, I had no problem with it so I said sure.

    Fast forward a week later, me and said friend had started playing Galactic Civilization's 3 quite a bit. But me and my limited cash meant I hadn't grabbed any of the DLCs for it, but he had all of them. So we play a Vanilla game, and then I save it and we both log off. Immediately after the game closed steam sent a notice I had some gift. It was the main DLC for the game from him as thanks for the Forge World stuff.
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  3. My dad decided to play games again. He picked Dark Souls. As in, the original. As in, the PC port. He enjoys playing it. He wants someone to talk to about it. None of his friends play it (hell most don't even play video games at all).

    So I've essentially volunteered as tribute to play a game I don't generally enjoy all that strongly so my dad has someone to talk to about it.

    It's nice though. A little father-son thing. Makes it enjoyable.
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  4. I was walking down an ally and was given the offer to walk away or get stabbed.

    I chose to walk away.
  5. Watching five seasons of Star Trek TNG because the Mister asked me too.

    After all the anime (shounen AND shoujo) that I had him watch with me, I figured I could watch that much for him. ^_^'
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  6. Moving in with my roommate.

    About three years ago, I was sitting in my shitty one-bedroom apartment when I get a text from one of my best friends from high school, asking me if I wanted a roommate out of the blue because he really wanted to move out of his dad's but the last person he'd asked to be his roommate fell through. I thought about it for less then a minute before saying yes.

    I hated the place I was living in so I jumped at the chance to get out. Never mind the fact that I didn't have much money saved up or that we we're both 21 and had no idea what the fuck we were doing, this was one of my first friends and if he wanted me as a roommate, I would be his roommate.

    But nothing compared to my friend jumping out of his dad's car and barreling me over in a hug during our first apartment viewing. My friend is not a hugger, but he was so happy I'd agreed to move in with him (and that he could move out of his dad's) that he nearly knocked me down and crushed my ribs.

    I melted.
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