The Odol Lineage: Jegi's Creation Helper Request

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  1. The Odol Lineage

    So, you've read the title of this post, aye?

    Was it the fact that I requested a creation helper that drew you near?

    Enough messing around. I'm in need of someoneto support me in my latest idea: The Odol Lineage. 'Tis rather dark, if I must say.

    It is with a proud mind that I present the idea-

    The Odol Lineage is an occult organization of men and women whom hath given themselves to an entity known as Odol. The term "Odol" supposedly means blood. I'm not sure, but I personally like the name. Anyways, those whom hath given themselves to Odol are automatically stripped of their own blood, their heritage, the connectioj of family, kin, all flayed off as Odol slowly enriches the one who is receiving him his blood. Those who have joined this occult organization aren't typically changed, but are biologicslly changed. Specifically, what their body's digestive track can take in for nutrients. Of course, this nutrients would be attained from blood, as normal foods would be luxury for Odol, and those who given themselves to Odol are forever changed in heritage, inheriting the qualities of Odol also.

    It's age is supposed to be around... over eleven centuries. They are responsible for the creation of Blood Liquors, a kind of beverage derived from the blood of a living thing. I'ts typicslly drunk to suppky the body with their new kind of appetite. I even have a few kinds of Blpod Liquors thougt of. Cinnabar wine, for example, is made of dragon's blood. It has a sharp, spicy taste and scent, and will warm up any chilled flesh in a heartbeat.

    What I need is a world to place to put it all in. I need a friend to help me out on this. I personslly need only one, but others are free to come also. I've gotten the characteristics of their "Home" in mind, and have a character created for this already. The oldest ones who actually made the Odol Lineage are known as Revenants. They're called this moreso due to their brutality, cruel nature, and incredibly powerful abilities.

    Odan Grimmur

    The character I spoke of, Odan Grimmur. He's not the most physically powerful Revenant, but his capabilities for destruction using his Odol-given Bloodworks is something to admire. He's able to turn a corpse into the most horrific explosive you've ever seen, and can mark territories with a kind of sphere that releases crimson mists. To do this, he needs blood, of course!

    Anyways, if you're interested so far, make a reply.

    My skype is: specterdawn

    Kik: Arjentol

    Oh, and Revenants tend to stand above eight feet in height, so... yeah.
  2. I realize my grammar isn't right in this in some ways... let's let this slide. ;3
  3. Hello! Are you looking for someone to help you build this out by roleplaying it, or are you looking for someone to simply help you come up with interesting bits and pieces to make it more interesting? If it's the former, you can feel free to disregard this, but if it is the latter this should be in the "Content" section of the forums, as opposed to the roleplaying part. :D I can move it for you, if need be, just let me know!
  4. I'd love it if you could move it. I still don't know the ins and outs of this site. I have always made mistakes with this type of stuff. Thank you so much. :3