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  1. All the Valkyries lined up, every single successful individual. Their ages all varied greatly, some young and some old. There was no pattern between each of these people, they only had one thing in common. They were soldiers of the next generation, unmatched by modern standards. Those that had undergone more physical changes were easily spotted, even one with a blue exoskeleton. The Valkyrie were all standing at attention in front of one man. He stood tall and confident, very short hair, dressed in veteran military attire of dark blue with red trim. His facial hair was hardly worth calling a beard, but he certainly was missing at least a days worth of shaving. Finally opening his mouth while holding his arms behind his back, a speech began. The voice seemed to be reserved for gods themselves as he spoke with authority and power.

    "Good morning Valkyries. We don't have time for introductions nor do I know if you all deserve one yet. This is the first ever Valkyrie mission. Ten years, Twenty years, Hell, even Thirty years from now, everyone in the world will be looking back on this moment and saying one of two things. 'Damn these Valkyries were heroes' or 'What in the gods names were we thinking?' and whichever that is is for you to decide. You were all sent a memo for the mission, so this briefing won't last too long. In thirty minutes a military airship is going to be deployed and sending you all from this peaceful little island you call home and taking some of you to Fenwick. There you will watch for and eventually encounter the terrorist group known as the Balder Front. We do not know what they want nor who they think they are, but I want you to make them tuck their tails between their legs and never think of attacking us again! Your squad leader is Herleva Asler, you may be all equal in rank, but you should treat your squad leader with respect and do as you are told. She was chosen for a reason and you will respect that. Herleva, you have the floor."

    Stepping away from the center of attention, the man sat down on a nearby seat with a small group of other known officials. One from the Odin Initiative as a representative, a member of the governments elected council, among some others that Herleva didn't quite recognize.

    Taking her cue, Herleva stepped forward. She was wearing her armor as she had no intention of changing between now and their departure, and her stance was also one with dignity and power, but she seemed much more relaxed. The red haired Valkyrie spoke up with a less powerful voice, but still holding much authority in her tone. "For this mission, I am taking only three others with me." She was direct, cutting straight to the point. "If you are not selected, that means very little. As of right now," explained the confident woman, "The Balder Front has no idea we even exist. We can give them one hell of a surprise, however if we all go at once, they will have seen us all. They will retaliate by building their forces, so we will only give them a small display of what us Valkyrie have to offer." Taking a pause, Herleva looked at all of the people in the room. Some could be rather unstable, hopefully they understood and didn't lash out. "The three that will be going with me are; Gilliam Loren, Meira Edelweiss, and..." pausing as she tried to remember the long name of this one, she gave up and cut it short, "Anarchia Vasper." She was sure she got that wrong. As she contemplated the validity of the name, she remembered properly. "I'm sorry, that's Anarchia Vesperia." That was embarrassing, but hopefully that wouldn't make the others question her knowledge. "We have under half an hour, be on the airship in 20 minutes or be dismissed. As per the rest of you...Better luck next time."

    This group was hand picked by Herleva herself. As a tactical fighter, she chose to bring Anarchia because her close range prowess would definitely prove to be useful in stopping anyone that got close enough to Meira, who would also be able to use her fire magic to take out distant targets. As far as Mr. Loren went, this one was a risk. He had a powerful ability, if not the most then one of the most powerful abilities a Valkyrie could have. She thought of him as a fail safe, should he not prove to be to loose a cannon and destroy military equipment.

    Saluting the other Valkyries, Herleva walked away. In the military, the salute was another way of dismissing attention. It used to be a greeting, though she was unsure of how that had changed, not that she much cared. Wasting no time, Herleva walked into the dock that was a mere 7 meters away through a rather large doorway, though the doors were locked open at the moment. A large open space filled the dock and inside of it fit a rather small flying machine designed to hold the squad of 4, 2 pilots, and 2 men of medicine. The two pilots were already resting inside the ship making sure everything was in working order, but the two physicians were just outside chatting among eachother. Blowing right by them and ignoring the pilots, Herleva sat inside and waited. She was already prepared, hopefully the others would be on time, else she'd need to leave them behind, and she chose these 3 for a good reason. She was confident the 4 of them would make a good team.

    However, her silence was interrupted as a masculine and fatherly voice whispered in her mind. "Don't get too cocky, we don't know what the enemy will bring. I'm still not sure about your decision to go with just four."

    Speaking aloud, she startled and confused the pilots as all they heard were her words. "Eight. Each artifact can think for himself, Monjo. You're a solid example of that."

    "We'll just see how this goes."
  2. Gilliam Loren, #1a1a1a
    Gilliam was really never one for semantics and speeches, just say it as it is; bad guys have a name, this group has a bigger name, remove the other name!
    Though that was grossly oversimplified it’s mostly what most wars or battles came down to, one side wants the others gone. Gilliam was a perfect example of this; he might be a little unstable as any official might consider, but he had an incredible powerful ability and had enough knowledge to use it in odd and effective ways... Only problem was his personality and.. well.. Most mental evaluations have the men in white coats with an ever so strange backwards jacket waiting for him if he says the wrong thing at the wrong time, he is by all means; walking the line.
    Though, it seemed that this master tactician had seen through this, perhaps she was the reason he was not lead into the padded room and rather to the outside world at the last mental evaluation? Gilliam could really not be that certain, but as his name was called it was all he really needed to know; he was going to fight someone, who these guys were he really didn’t care as long as they weren’t his allies.
    Considering his ability it was halfway clear why he was chosen as one of the very few, he had power and versatility, though he could only do this one thing he did it well and in a lot of strange ways, his companion only increased the level of versatility of the duo as a pair.
    Having absolutely no knowledge about the rest of his team... that’s a strange word... Something he is not used to be called, a team. He often works alone due to his... view.. on things. His companion is one of the few that have survived him, mostly due to her being useful and not in his way, it helps that she is worn on his head but that is a matter of semantics. This aside he did really enjoy the feeling of being in a team, as long as they managed to see him as a friend or ally rather than ‘that thing that destroys things’....

    “We should be going” A female voice in Gil’s head echoed, only way she could communicate.
    Snapping out of his own mental world the gravity manipulator realized that people were moving about and that the briefing had ended. He had caught about a third of what was said but all he really needed to know.
    Those guys bad, we good... And this woman was the team leader... Where had she gone now..?
    A sigh echoed in his head “She went to your right, through that door” Qua stated to her handler, so to speak.
    “Ah!” The man stated out loudly, he was glad that at least someone was paying attention.
    Moving through the small crowd, not really a problematic thing but still annoying, they should know to move for their better. Perhaps if he gains commanding power this will change.
    Walking through the rather large doors he entered into a rather decently sized hangar, with a strange and interesting contraption in the middle, his new team-leader had already entered and first now he realized they shared hair color! Not that it mattered but still an interesting happening.
    “Channel?” Gilliam asked as he entered the flying contraption with a finger halfway in his ear, clearly asking which communications channel she planned to use... She did have a communications device, right?
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  3. Anarchia Vesperia - Sevensheep, white

    Despite her curiousity, Anarchia stood ramrod straight and stared dead ahead. All around her stood many others whom she did not know. There were no familiar faces from her original unit and there were no sense of actual uniformality amongst those present. It was almost like army recruitment days where individuality were still lingering before it was stamped out, except on a larger scale. Anarchia herself was lucky in that she didn't look that different, physically, to a normal person. Sure the people that stood near her may occasionally feel a slight tingle when they got a wee bit too close, but it was nohting compared to many others. Each one of those present today were to be part of an elite unit. The best of the best that did not wash out of the harsh selection process. At least, that is what the military man said in his speech. Rather than actively listen, Anarchia did what soldiers did best. Zone out whilst standing at attention. It was most likely jsut another rousing military esque bravado speech and Anarchia had heard enough to last her a life time.

    Anarchia only snapped out if it when a woman in armour took to the stage. This woman was to be their leader and the one that will take charge of the first mission for the unit. It was to be a small lightning assault unit. As their leader shot off two names quickly, her sudeden pause made Anarchia's stomach drop. She had a gut feeling why there was a pause and sure enough, she was right.

    "Anarchia Vasper."

    Her name has been a source of trouble since birth. Her family was notorious amongst government clerks. The number of grumbling, muttered curses as they wrote their full name on official documents was astronomical

    "I'm sorry, that's Anarchia Vesperia. We have under half an hour, be on the airship in 20 minutes or be dismissed. As per the rest of you...Better luck next time."

    Anarchia had no idea what these three others were going to be like. Surely they were selected for specific reasons, but what they were were lost on Anarchia. More likely than not, they needed her to sock the enemy in the face, a kind of over glorified muscle. As the other Valkyries trailed off towards their own ships, Anarchia followed after Herleva. It was in her best interest to keep up in case any crucial information was passed around and she missed it because she was dallying about. Her worries didnt quite paid off as their leader silently boarded the small ship and just sat there. With nothing else to do, Anarchia followed suit, dropping herself into an open seat before resting her head against the wall of the vehicle.
    Even important information such as which comm channels they were going to use didnt really budge Anarchia. She heard what was said, but that was it. She didnt feel like talking.

    Well, that wont do. We can't ahve you ill before you go into combat, you know.

    Not sick. Just indifferent. If our good leader was halfway competent, she would provide us with enough info for the job to be done. So i dont see the point of being all uptight now that the big wigs are gone.

    Dius was overbearing as usual, but she made a good point. Going in without the mindset was deadly and she was most definitely not in the right mental state. With a qucik slap to her cheeks, Anarchia straighted up ever so slightly and tried to get involved with the"team". As if to announce to the world that she was correct, Dius glowed and pulsed a delightful pink on the physical artefact.

    I suppose we will get more information when we become airbourne?

  4. The assembly of valkyries might look a motley crew, but Meira didn't have time to glance around at her comrades. She stood at full attention for the speech, like everyone else in attendance. Besides, she'd been around long enough to know some of the other soldiers here, and certainly at least know of the more unusual ones. The speech wasn't anything special, just a little morale boost and quick summary of things they'd been given in writing already. She was happy to be part of this historic moment. Twenty years of work on the whole project, and now they finally decided the people they had were ready to go. It was about time.

    She perked up when her own name was called. To be singled out as part of the first mission was something of a unique honor. At least she'd have a little time to get to know the rest of the squad. There wasn't any reason to go back t her room or otherwise wander around and waste what little time was left before deployment, anyway. Everyone present, herself included, was already prepared and ready to go, or certainly should be. The top brass did their job well and sent word to be ready at a moment's notice as of this little assembly. She made a disciplined salute to return Herleva's own, and once dismissed, began making her way through the dispersing crowd toward the airship dock.

    As she climbed inside the transport, Meira discovered she wasn't the only one to go straight to the ship, and if anything, was the last to get there. She quickly swallowed her own bitterness at herself and put on a more pleasant expression. "So, looks like I'm fashionably late," she said to the others, though likely only be a minute or two. She recognized her squad leader, of course, as the woman just on stage. The other two, she wasn't as sure about. "I'm Meira Edelweiss. Since we'll be working together, let's all get along."
  5. For Caecillia, it felt like it was only yesterday that the Odin Initiative took her in to help in working with the Valkyrie Project. But now that all the tests were completed, all the simulations were run and everyone's physical condition had checked out, it finally came time for their first combat operation. Or at least so the semantics of her military supervisors made exceptionally clear. Decked in formal military attire as per the custom with non-augmented personnel, she listened intently at first to the commander then to Herleva Aster, who would serve as the Valkyrie's squad leader, choosing three members to join her in the mission.

    Caecillia headed towards the small airship's entryway while making sure all the information on the four Valkyries taking part in operation were up to date, as well as what confirmed information can be found on the Balder Front. Due to the nature of the operation and of the lack of information on their OpFor (Opposition Force), this would prove as a capable evaluation to witness the full combat capabilities of the Valkyries on the field.

    With everyone else on board, Caecillia would head inside the ship, and first began to check on the pilots, making sure that they have everything set up and ready to fly, then it would be the medics to make sure all their equipment was sterile and everything would be ready in the event of emergency.

    Once all matters were secured, the last matter of business to deal with was speaking with the Valkyries themselves. "Good Morning Valkyries, I am Caecillia Westerberg. I will not bore you with speeches or semantics so I will get straight to the point. I will be evaluating your abilities and combat performance on the field. How you achieve your objectives once we arrive in the mission area will determine how successful this project is to our organization. I will act in the capacity of witness and evaluator, but only in that capacity. That is all, good luck out there." After saying her peace, she proceeded to sit in the rear of the transport, ready to see what Odin's new super-soldiers are capable of.
  6. Herleva greatly appreciated everyone showing up on time, this allowed Herleva to speak about the details before the humming of the magical machinery became a distraction. Reaching beside herself, she pulled out an earpiece that didn't look very well concealable, but that was simply because there was no need to conceal it. "There is one of these beside every seat. The channel should be already set to 6, but be sure to double check." Herleva looked at the oh so small display to check, making sure the channel was right. With no need to adjust, she put the piece up to her ear and spoke. "We will be arriving 30 minutes before the enemy unless their plans have changed."

    Turning her attention to Gilliam Loren, Herleva felt the need to add one more thing to the mission specifics. "Destruction of military equipment will be punished." Now focusing back on the whole group, she decided it would be time to specify everyones role in this mission. "Anarchia, Meira, I want you two beside eachother. I am confident you will be a good duo, your abilities match up well. I would like to see Meira primarily in the back, but if we come across magic filters, step up and take them down with your artifact. Anarchia, don't let anyone without a filter get by you. As for you, Gilliam, I want you with me. Thanks to your artifact, your location isn't vital, so I'd suggest staying behind me, however, that might not be necessary knowing what you two can do. If we need to split up I want it to be Anarchia with Meira and Gilliam with me. As for you, Caecillia, I mean no offense, but I would like to see you keeping yourself safe. Any help you can provide is appreciated, but you are no Valkyrie."

    Glancing over at the pilots, Herleva was anxious to go. There was no real reason to wait now that everyone was here, but it was also a bad idea to rush a pilot. A premature departure could lead to an unwanted premature landing, to put it nicely.
  7. Gilliam Loren, #1a1a1a
    A few others he had not really seen, or rather; noticed before, entered the machine. Gilliam were happy that he was not the leader, though if he had odds were high for mission success but low for absolutely everything else. Or rather... This would have been the case if the mission was to destroy something.
    The leader finally stated the channel. Gilliam had to let out a single chuckle, she didn’t even have her own com-unit. Naturally the gravity-lord had his own, though that was two fold; mostly it was because it was his own, a bonus side effect was that his own had less problems with handling the disturbance that comes from being so close to gravity wells that he does, not to mention portals. The laws of physics had a tendency to act different around him, and some side effects were bound to happen.
    As he set the channel on the earpiece he already had on, clicking the channel-up button three times, moving it into channel 6, the leader continued with information that was... well, boring.

    Not being able to do less than grin widely as he was indirectly already warned against destroying military equipment. She had without doubt read his file, or, the parts that might not be classified... Or had she read those as well? He really didn’t have a grasp of how long her fingers stretched.
    He was being paired with the leader?
    “Is she insane-?” Qua stated in Gilliam’s mind. “-Doesn’t she know what happened to your last leader who told you to stay behind them?”.
    Gil’s grin was still on his lips as the groups was split into small parties.
    “Are you certain?” he asked his leader. Was she indeed certain to be paired with him? the one that without doubt was the most dangerous to a friendly?
    Or perhaps... This was the reason? Perhaps she was smart enough to realize how Gil did things, or rather the basics of what he is capable of?
    “Oh, this will be good~” Gilliam stated back to Qua in his mind.
  8. "Zero Point," Stated the squad leader aloud. The call for Gilliam was both fitting and not at the same time. 0 wasn't what he did often as far as she knew, but that was just from hearing and reading. "I know how dangerous you can be, that's exactly why I want us paired together. I'll spare you the details." Typical Herleva, confident and headstrong as ever. She was quite certain that if anyone was capable of at the very least surviving Mr. Lorens wraith it was her, Kiku was shapeshifting and was also extremely fast. Fast enough to pull Herleva out of trouble if need be.

    "Perhaps your arrogance will be your undoing," interrupted a voice inside Herlevas head.

    Despite the condescending tone Monjo spoke with, it reminded Herleva to speak up about her artifact. "Moving on, my artifact is a shapeshifter. Only people touching Monjo can hear him speak, but he can hear all of you." She almost showed the others Monjo sitting in her earlobe, but quickly dropped the thought as being a shapeshifter made it pointless to show the shape Monjo took outside of combat.
  9. Caecilia nodded in agreement and turned off her pad. "I appreciate your concern Herleva, and I have no intentions on getting in the way of your mission unless you ask of it. As I've stated before, my task is as an evaluator." Caecilia looked over at Gilliam. She was aware of the stories she had heard about him, and his terrifying power would be a hazard considering his personality. She truly wondered if pairing him up with Herleva was a wise idea. Only time would tell whether or not she would survive.

    Nonetheless, Caecillia kept her reservations to herself, as she began to turn on her pad. This time to follow the trajectory the pilots were taking, and how long it would take for them to arrive at the combat area, as well as the mission data. The intel appeared to have checked out, and if things were going in according to plan, the operation should proceed quickly and smoothly. But Caecillia knew that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.
  10. Anarchia Vesperia - Sevensheep, white

    Just like she said, from the side of her seat, Anarchia pulled out a headset and made a quick double check on the channel. Sure that it was six, Anarchia reluctantly put it onto her ear. Instantly, the earpiece erupted into feedback and the noise was quite irritating for a few seconds until Anarchia and Dius could adjust themselves and their interference. It was one really annoying thing about this entire ordeal.

    "We will be arriving 30 minutes before the enemy unless their plans have changed. Anarchia, Meira, I want you two beside eachother. I am confident you will be a good duo, your abilities match up well. I would like to see Meira primarily in the back, but if we come across magic filters, step up and take them down with your artifact. Anarchia, don't let anyone without a filter get by you.

    Anarchia took a look at this Meira that she was to be paired with. If she was considered a good pairing with this Valkyrie, that must mean that she was a ranged fighter. After all, Anarchia was mainly "in your face" type of fighter. Herleva just further emphasised her point by actually tasking Anarchia with preventing enemies from closing the gap with Meira.

    Right. So, take out everyone that comes close.

    As for you, Gilliam, I want you with me. Thanks to your artifact, your location ...

    Since the following orders were directed to Gilliam, Anarchia took this chance to size up this Meira. Anarchia thought she was quite flashy, given her bright red hair when Dius quickly brought her down to earth.

    That.... is decidingly rich, coming from someone with teal hair, dont you think?

    Ah. that..... hm... you are right....

    Regardless, if the Initiative is willing to send off a team with zero coordination or practical experience into a live operation, then they mst really expect smashing results from their project. Anarchia was sure she was going to get her job done, but what of the others? They even had a non-Valkyrie along for a ride. Only time will tell. As a sign of obligated politeness, Anarchia gave Meira an ackowledging nod.

  11. Gilliam Loren, #1a1a1a
    Oh? That was the reason she wanted him with her? Why were she so sure of herself? Did she believe she could handle him at his worst? Or would she be smart enough to move away when told to? Superior officer or not.
    Not really explaining much more she did state that her artifact was a shape-shifter, an interesting idea but would it’s power alter as well? If it became a flame thrower could it throw flames? And how did it work if it became a gun or something with ammo and fuel?
    It didn’t really matter, it was not for him anyway, he had something that worked much better for his way of thinking and though he never told anyone; he was rather happy that it listened to him rather than being all whiny and pushy.

    Another woman started to speak, though it made sense Gilliam was never too fond of evaluators, after all if most of them got their will he would never see the light of day again, hopefully this one was smarter than that.

    Gilliam just sat back into the seat, not bothering to buckle up at all; freefalling out of somewhere was never a problem for him, and in a few cases; his preferred method of entry.
  12. Lin is arriving at the island, her partner Alex was following close behind. The general asked them to investigate the island, A band of terrorists known as the Balder Front attacked our homeland recently. Lin had no knowledge of this occurrence, but she was not letting this go easily. Her mission was to find any evidence of missile or explosive compounds and secure the area of the base so the assault squad could come in with ease. The driver of the boat warned Lin of the incoming island and the large gap between her and Alex.

    "Keep going! Don't stop!" She shouted trying desperately to overpower the waves. Drumg didn't understand. "Lin are you positive? What if you get in trouble?" Lin's expression got annoyed. Drumg had a hint of withdrawal in his voice. "I-I see... Well continue on then." The boat came to a stop on the island. Lin ripped the necklace off and summoned Drumg in blade form. She sheathed him on her back and ran through the dense forest. "Lin your using too much energy your not on the assault slow down and conserve energy. Observe your enemy avoid contact as much as possible." Lin nodded and slid to a tree. A small helicopter that could only hold a amount of 2 people landed. "Is that them?" Lin slid down the hill toward the heli. She creeped to the back of the chopper. A door swung open knocking her off balance. "Ungh... My nose..." Two figures wearing oxygen tank masks began to slowly close in on her. Drumg hit Lin with a ton of magical power accelerating her lightning burst. The two men fell from the blast. "Thanks..." Lin stood to her feet and checked the helicopter. She found some guns, an extra uniform, and something that angered both her and Drumg, hostages. This is why the island is so calm they were going to threaten them with hostages. More were probably coming and Lin needed to hide the hostages some where. Sheathing Drumg she began clearing a patch of shrubs. She instructed all of the hostages to hide there. "Lin what are we gonna do?" Lin kept silent and gripped Drumg stabbing him straight into the ground. "Lin?!" She hopped into the helicopter.

    C"Come on, there has to be orders in here somewhere... A map, more guns, a filter... N-No!" Lin tossed the filter well out of her range. "Nothing! There's nothing! We'll have to move in further." A disguised hostage pulled out a pistol. Drumg called for Lin, but she was too busy searching for info he couldn't even get her attention in her head. "Im sorry Lin. Seventh Punishment! Chest Pain!" Lin's chest felt like a bullet pierced it she bent over the shooter missing his target. Falling out of the helicopter Lin limped to the man, who tried to squirm, but the real hostages stopped him. Lin picked him up. "Tell me what's going on here." The man explained three more helis with a total of 6 more hostages were coming soon, there was a radio tower and barracks near the heart of the island. The whole north end is covered in patrols but there is a broken air duct where she could get in. She threw him in the shrubs. "Keep his mouth shut." With that she grabbed Drumg and limped to the barracks.
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  13. Alex, blue Alex absentmindedly toy with the straps of his armor "So why are we doing this again?" He spoke aloud to seemingly no one, Startling the boat captain. "How many times do I have to tell you? I can read your thoughts. This is why we got kicked out of that last town" "Kay, so where we going?" An exasperated sigh sounds in Alex's head "Our mission is to infiltrate and observe an enemy base" The sound of a throat clear draws Alex's attention. "Uhm sir? We're here, your squad mate went on ahead of you." Alex nods and hops out the boat "bye. Ummmm now way is it?" He waves to the captain. "check you pocket for a map and your headset. Otherwise we might be wandering this jungle for months instead of hours" Alex just shrugs and starts wandering into the jungle. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out his headset, Only to find it cracked "uhhh, I think it's broken" He places it in his ear anyway. "And, I uh....I forget the map back at the base. So uh yeah, we'll find this place sooner or later" "I hate you so much right now" Swinging Jormungandr over his shoulder "you dont mean that"
  14. Lin reached the barracks and found a place to hide and rest. The pain from the chest pain earlier still lingered in her chest. "Lin are you alright?" "I'll Be fine Drumg. But, My partner should have been here by now." "Right now you need to be still and calm and wait for further instruction by your squad leader. The rendezvous point is about a click from here. Take this time to meditate." "I will." Lin sat back and began her meditation. She sent an alert to this squad captain on what's there.
  15. Alex, blue "So umm, any Idea where we go from here?" Alex asks looking around "I don't know you tell me" Jormundgandr replied snarkily "It was your idea to just wander off into the jungle" Pacing around a small clearing Alex starts thinking aloud to himself "If I was an enemy camp where would i be?" Suddenly a helicopter flies over head "How about you follow the helicopter?" Alex nods and adjusts Jormundgandr's strap pulling it closer to his side. "That's a great Idea Andy, maybe they know where I'm supposed to go" "That's not know what sure, just make sure they stay where you can see them" Alex nods and takes off ruuning through the trees after the helicopter.

    [red and green were a bit too christmas-y]
  16. Choosing not to respond to Caecilia due to there being no real reason to, Herleva continued on the details. "As we speak there is a squad of two already headed towards Fenwick. The rendezvous point is inside the Fenwick Military Tower. The Balder Front is believed to be headed for the armory. If they get their hands on the devices held there they could kill civilians, such is our duty to stop that before it happens. They have already attacked residential zones, but they've been stopped. Now they want to raise stronger arms. Do not let this happen even if it means destroying the equipment. Those are not direct orders, they want us to keep all the equipment intact, but you have my orders to destroy anything if it gets into the wrong hands." Just in time to finish briefly explaining their objective, Herleva heard a beeping sound from her right. Reaching down she had seen an alert from the recon group. Well, it was just from Lin, Herleva had no way of knowing if the two were together or not.

    Setting the device on her lap, she noted that the enemies had hostages, but chose not to say anything. It was the recon groups job to handle such. Leaning her head back to think for a moment, Herleva let out a deep sigh while she contemplated a way to get the hostages out without the recon pair getting discovered. Pulling out a small black phone from her pocket, Herleva dialed the number to contact Lin. Just at this time the humming of the machine they sat in began to turn on, thankfully it wasn't loud enough to make this call hard to hear on either end. The feeling of the ship rising was something Herleva wasn't used to so the feeling irked her slightly since she couldn't sit entirely still due to the ship shifting ever so slightly.
  17. As Lin sat in her meditative state Drumg used her magic absorption to her advantage. By taking the life-forces of plants around him, Drumg turned their energy into a punishment magic. Every so often Drumg would punish Lin with a cough or sneeze. By the time Lin was fully healed a call came in from the operation leader. Lin sat in her meditative state until Drumg gave the O.K. to answer the phone. "Answer, but don't move too much. Just speak." Lin nodded and tapped her earpiece sending the line to it. "This is Lin. What's up?"
  18. "Lin" Herleva spoke, "It's Herleva. I want you and your partner to free the hostages before you arrive at the military tower. This sounds simple but the trick is to not get caught, if they know we're on to them they might change their plans, rendering our intel useless. Once finished head into Fenwick and go inside the military tower, meet us at the armory, it's on floor 3. We will be arriving in 25 minutes. Good luck." Herleva ended the call with a click. She chose not to explain what exactly the recon group was doing to the group on the ship. If Gilliams profile was true he wouldn't much care anyway, and it wasn't their job anyway.

    Riding on an airship sure was different. Unlike the rocking of a ship sailing at sea, this was much more stable, remaining much more still, and also much faster. To go from the Odin Initiatives headquarters to Fenwick in 30 minutes was extraordinarily fast. Of course, she got humbled as she remembered that Gilliam was faster. He could skip space itself with his artifact...That is, however, one of the reasons she chose him. That and if she gave him the ok he wouldn't hesitate to cruse the whole place. Success of the mission was top priority. Each of the three she chose were hand picked for a reason.

    Anarchia was wonderful for close quarters, and some of the fighting would no doubt be taking place in doors, giving Anarchia an advantage around corners, cutting out the possibility for range as a whole. Granted there were loads of close combat Valkyrie, however Anarchia was different, and therefor more valuable. With her ability to use electrical energy and her artifact making it even better, with the shout of one order, Herleva was confident that Anarchia could take out all the lights by blowing the buildings circuit boards with a massive electrical 'flood'. Monjo didn't need light to see, Her artifact saw through the detection of items, not through eyes, much like a radar.

    As with the other two, Meira was an important part of this all, as well. Magic filters were a hindrance to the work of the Valkyrie, so her ability to cut through them would be a boon to their work. It would be foolish to think that the Balder Front would make an assault without these filters to protect them. Her fire magic was a bit dangerous indoors, but it wasn't much of a concern to Herleva. They were to protect the military equipment, nothing was said about the facility.
  19. Lin sighed and grunted coming to a stand dusting her hands off, she picked up Drumg as he turned into a blade medallion. She spoke into the earpiece "Alright I'm there now, but I have to act quickly I'll meet you guys later." Lin tapped her ear piece to cut it off entirely, looking over her shoulder she saw the vent she was going to use was in the process of being fixed. "It must have happened while we were resting. Lin take out those two repair men and get in that vent." She nodded and zoomed from cover to cover. She finally made it where she could charge the two. She slid down the rest of the way and ran at the guards, uppercutting one and dodging another's laser tazer to land a blow in their stomach doubling them over. She bent down and jabbed them both quickly in the neck putting them to sleep. She dragged their bodies to a wall near the end of the building and lit one of their cigars putting it in their mouth the other one she leaned against the wall standing over the smoker. Coming back Lin shuffled the dirt over the tracks and hopped in the vent.

    Once she reached inside the building there weren't many inside. A couple walking around surveying everything with guns and glances, but they just seemed like your typical person lounging around. That is until Sgt. Marks came, this had to be a well respected and feared man for the men to straighten up the way they did. All of them started conducting thorough searches the minute he walked down the hall, Lin backed up watching his feet and another soldier who seemed to be slacking off apparently and Sgt. Marks's feet shuffle and their voices converse. "This is bad. I can't move, where is that guy?" "What guy?" "My partner. If he could make his way here that would be amazing." "Lin think you can't rely on others forever." Lin listened to Drumg's words examining the scene.
  20. Alex, blue Breaking the tree line Alex slides to a halt, scanning the area he sees a building and what looks like a radio tower. "Hey Andy, what do you think that place is?" A couple of guards exit the building and begin patrolling the area "That is a radio tower, which is odd because local maps say this area is empty" "Maybe the military put it up?" He says looking at the guards "Those guys do have weapons'' "No Odin would have told us, well me really, so lets just take it out. We're almost to the tower anyway" Nodding at Jormgandr's suggestion he stands up fully and grabs her hilt, pulling her over his shoulder and into a downward strike position. Flooding his system with magic to increase his strength ten fold he crouches slightly before jumping into the air, leaving a small crater behind. At 30 feet in the air he does a front flip to increase momentum before throwing Jormundgandr at the ground on top of the helipad, through one of the helicopters and and causing a small earthquake and a crater 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep to form. Landing in the middle of the tower Alex kicks out hard snapping some of the supports and knocking the top half of the tower off.
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