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  1. Odin Initiative
    <In Character>
    Just as with every world, military force has been advancing with science and technology. One of the most important advancements was the advance of magic, which was a studied science by many. With both technology and magic advancing alongside one another, eventually the two had combine. From the combinations came two types of machines, ones that ran on magic power and others that used magic. Using the combine technologies flying machines were created, however since they ran on magic energy, they are not used for civilian transportation, only for military and emergency purposes. This was only the beginning of the magical machine advancements. After a few more years of research, the Odin Initiative was founded. The purpose was to create a new set of weapons for war by creating an entirely new type of equipment. The objects were called 'Artifacts'. The Artifacts had many prototypes until finally it was realized that they needed to put more magic energy into the items and use specific methods, however this proved to complicate things. Doing this caused the artifacts to gain a sentience of their own, becoming intelligent beings with their own thoughts and emotions. As far as the Odin Initiative was concerned the largest complication that came with this was the extreme difficulty to use. It became clear what had to be done.

    A select group of people had been chosen from a list of subjects to go through experiments. The Odin Initiative chose not to tell anyone what was happening, making much of the experimenting to be claimed immoral, however they needed results and feared that knowledge of the experiments would negatively influence the outcome. Humans were filled with immense amounts of magic energies, causing effects that were unexpected. Some had gone mad, others had worse effects. Finding the proper amounts and methods to get it right proved to be extremely difficult, however they managed to find the right answer after many years. It was finally declared as a success despite everyone still having side effects. These people needed a title, so the head of the Odin Initiative had decided to call these people Valkyries. As expected, the exposure to so much magic energy also made certain abilities awaken in each individual, different from person to person. Each Valkyrie was to be given an artifact that matched their specific skills and abilities, then training began.

    With the Odin Initiative being a complete success, it was time to send the Valkyrie and their Artifacts out into the world. This is where the roleplay begins, the very first Valkyrie mission. Not many people know about the Valkyrie or their artifacts, so the Odin Initiative holds an advantage over the target. Said target is a group of terrorists calling them selves the Balder Front, military Intel has received information on the groups next target. While little is known about this group, it seems they are after military technology for unknown reasons. If the technology is to fall in the wrong hands then terrible things could very well happen, and as Valkyrie, it is your primary objective to make sure that they do not get a hold of any more tech then they already have acquired. Everyone involved in the Odin Initiative has been looking forward to sending out the Valkyries and their artifacts for over 30 years.

    The world:
    World Map (open)

    Key Locations
    Three States: Currently the headquarters of the Odin Initiative, this ideal location remains isolated, nobody is allowed in or out without authorization. Shipments of food and supplies come in twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday. The main building is held on Josam, a towering structure that goes further underground than it does into the sky, even having an underwater area. Tirral is the main training island where each Valkyrie spends most of his or her time. Obstacle courses and combat testing floors dot the island and underground sits a massive training room spanning half the island directly in the center. Chooldon is where the experiments are held, it is still open and working on more artifacts.

    Nalnar: Divided by East and West purely due to the East Gap, Nalnar is the nation most of the roleplay will take place in. Nalnar houses the world government in Tark-Nod which governs every island and continent in Flognun Mala. Tarna is east Nalnars trade port with West Nalnar, with A'Guire being the western equal. Vash is known as the industrial city, famed for its numerous inventors and it's university dedicated to teaching the youth so that they world may have more brilliant inventors in the future. It teaches both the science of magic and the science of all machines. As one would expect, with the university comes one of the more advanced city, it was the first city to have an underground rail system. That was built before the time of magic and runs on steam power. This has been kept in order to save budget money, currently Vash plans on being the first city to ever have a commercial airline.

    Torhal Empire: Named for its historical significance, this is not an empire by any stretch of the imagination. It once was an empire, however the people of this nation overthrew their government and were thrown into chaos. Nalnar, having the most military power, stepped in and signed a treaty with the empire, taking the land, but letting the continent govern itself. That was over 300 years ago.

    Machines have been created to use magic, however there are also other mechanical contraptions. Robotic augmentations exist as well, however those typically use magic as a fuel source, feeding off the energy of whoever has it. Since magic can feed machines, a power source is often not required, however the machines that do use magic require one, since machines cannot seem to be powered by magic while using it, nor can the magic energies be converted into anything the other machines can use. Flying machines use magic to achieve flight and require a large power source. The usual source for energy is either standard liquid fuel harvested from the planet or steam powered, also requiring fuel, but is more efficient. Flying machines do not use steam. Cell phones exist in this world, but do not expect them to do more than call people. In a world with magic, cell phones are not used for entertainment but for conversation, texting is not a thing in this world.

    Weaponry: While guns exist, due to magic being used as a military defense, guns are not effective at dispatching targets. Shields made from magic exist for the purpose of preventing gunfire, these are machines that use magic and are extremely compact, even looking like a bracelet at times. As such, you may carry a gun, but know that it will not be very useful in combat. Instead the military and enemies alike use melee weapons as they render the magic shields ineffective due to being in close quarters. For the same reason, flying machines do not house very many traditional weapons if any at all, instead any artillery attached to a vehicle or mounted as ground artillery fires magic, each machine with varying effects depending on the design.

    Magic Filter: Among military defenses such as armored vehicles come magic filters. The most basic that nearly everyone is equipped with is a shield designed to protect against firearms. It takes the form of anything that can hold the hardware, though a bracelet is of sufficient size. The Magic Filter only takes effect under certain prerequisites that are matched by the filters settings. These can be adjusted to prevent different attacks by changing the prerequisites, but it is not wise to change the filter to anything that you can handle. These items can only function under one list of prerequisites, therefor having one to prevent melee attacks would not prove as useful since you can wear armor to do the job, the same idea follows for anything your character has a defense against. These same items can, however, be modified to prevent other attacks such as certain magic attacks. One person cannot wear too many of these as they will become very taxing on the user, making them pointless. Because these machines were so flawed, they needed to crate better magic equipment, thus beginning the Odin Initiative.

    NOTE: It has come to my attention that the magic Filter is not full understood. To make an attempt at explaining it properly, I will use basic mathematics. The hardware has a 3 parameter system. Say you want this to defend against all projectiles. This costs 6 parameters, however if you restrict it to High Speed projectiles, that is a -3 modifier, bringing it back to 3, but not functioning against slower projectiles like arrows and thrown weapons. The same applies for anything else as well, these filters can be set to defend against attacks of all nature. One person is restricted to how many they can wear, a normal human can withstand the strain from one while someone that is able to sustain much more could very well withstand the strain from two. If someone were to wear more than they could handle, the side effects would be dangerous, sometimes leading to death. The strain these cause is added to the strain of a Valkyries artifacts, so while a Valkyrie could wear one, they likely will not be. These filters are usually set to defend against firearms because they are so hard to defend against, but this is just the usual, they can defend against any one thing, but only one. This will be the Balder Fronts main defense against the Valkyries, that is their purpose. It would be unusual to see a Valkyrie use one. These magic filters can be reset by a magic technician, but the hardware takes an 18 hour reboot period.

    Artifacts: The artifacts are magically enhanced items that have developed thoughts, feelings, and personalities of their own. The artifacts are tools, they were created with so much magic energy that it required humans to be modified through magic to use them to their full ability, as they take a large toll on anyone that hasn't been modified. A Valkyrie using an artifact would feel little effect on their body, but anyone that has not gone through the enhancement process would find the artifacts extremely taxing meaning either the items full potential would never be unleashed, or extreme side effects to the user, and in some cases one of the effects was death. An Artifact could be anything, and I do mean anything. A suit, a weapon, a floating orb even. Due to each being unique to itself, they all have different forms of communication. Some use telepathy, some have mouths to speak from, some have been known to use images. Currently, the Artifacts stand as the largest achievement in scientific history. Despite their success, they are still in the development stage, and are not perfect, they also have yet to be tested in field work.

    The Arcane Dead: [Thought up by @Daws Combine ] This group of rebels is strongly set against the use of arcane arts. They believe that if man kind was meant to wield magic so freely then the gods would have left the doors open to do so. To keep a sense of secrecy each member is given a title of any major arcana card of a tarot deck.

    Rules (open)
    I'd like to start by saying that pretty much anything is allowed as long as it stays within world limitations. If you can provide me with a decent explanation as to how something came to be, I'll allow it. If you have an idea but you don't know how to make it fit, you can ask me and I can give you a way it will work. I am not picky and I like creativity, I'm very easy going, again, as long as it has a decent explanation, and I do not mind working with your ideas on this one.

    Standard roleplay rules remain, no godmodding, power playing, or metagaming.

    This is a free choice roleplay, you do not have to follow the plot, but again, I'd need a decent explanation as to why your character would behave as such, as staying in character is important.

    The magic energy forced into a human body can cause physical changes, so while your origins will be human, you could in theory become anything. Want to be a anthropomorphic platypus that shoots fireballs from it's nose? Fine, be whatever you want to be. Magic does mysterious things to the body.

    You do not need to be a Valkyrie, you may be a standard soldier, someone who developed the artifacts, or even a terrorist. Be what you want to be.

    Never be afraid to ask me questions, I'm always willing to answer.

    No duplicate artifact abilities.

    Decent grammar is required, but I'd be a hypocrite to demand perfect grammar, as none of us are perfect.

    If you read these rules then make the first thing in your post a suit (heart, spade, diamond, or club. ♥♦♣♠)

    Anyone who did not put a suit in their post will be ignored until they do such.

    Character Sheet:


    Nickname: -Optional- Also can be used as a codename



    Are you with the Valkyrie, Odin Initiative, or the terrorists? (custom groups allowed)


    -Hair Color:
    -Eye Color:
    -Skin Tone:
    -Body Type:
    -Other Features:
    If the exposure to magic altered your body, this is where the changes will go.
    -Portrait: -optional-

    Weapon(s): If you have an offensive mechanical augmentation, please put it here.

    Armor: If you have a defensive mechanical augmentation, please put it here.


    Things your character knows how to do that aren't a result of magic exposure, such as cartography, cooking, hunting, trap making, etc.

    Brief History: This doesn't have to be long, just let me know your background. Please include your hometown, how you came to be where you are now. For Valkyries I want it specified if you were a test subject or an experiment that came after the enhancements were completely understood. Please note, human experimentation started 25 years ago and was perfected only 10 years ago. All ages are viable candidates.

    Artifact(s): Valkyries only. Each artifact is completely different and there is no standard for an artifact. These were created as tools, but they were given more purpose as they evolved. I give complete freedom, just make sure it makes sense. Remember, these are sentient. Also having more than one is rare, if you do, please explain in the brief history.
    -if applicable, some will be too large, all up to you-
    -Why were you chosen:
    Of note, sometimes the Artifact can pick the person. You could use this fact to obtain more than one.
    -How does it communicate: Some talk, some use telepathy, some show images. How does yours communicate?
    -Other Information: Since each artifact is unique, this section is reserved for information that does not fit in any other category.
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  3. Name: Herleva Asler

    Nickname: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Age: 29

    Alliance: Valkyrie

    Personality: Herleva likes to keep to herself and remains distant from everyone. The other Valkyries around her that were going through the same thing all recognized her, and some even tried to talk to her, however she had shown no interest in becoming friends with them. As the Odin Initiative has noticed, she is extremely dedicated to her work, this is thought to be an effect from the magic exposure, however she is more likely to tell you she behaves like this because it's the only thing for her to pass time. The truth is that she's not cold or heartless, nor is she a sociopath at all, she simply doesn't know how to open up to anyone anymore. Even anger is difficult for her to express, but she will not try to hide it. She trains as hard as she does for the sake of it being the only way she can get praise from anyone she could consider an authority figure as most of her life has been dedicated to the Odin Initiative.

    -Hair Color: Red
    -Eye Color: Green
    -Skin Tone: Slightly tanned Caucasian
    -Body Type: Slim, durable, and well toned.
    -Height: 5'11"
    -Other Features:As if forming a bandits mask, a slight pale blue strip wipes across her face, though it is hard to spot from a distance.

    Weapon(s): Herlevas weapon of choice is set of hatchets. Each one of this set of three is weighted for throwing with heads made of iron. A lighter steel makes up the handle which is wrapped in a leather grip. Image.

    As a firearm, she carries a Model 500, one of the most powerful handguns witha range of 183 meters. Due to magic armor creating barrers to prevent gunfire from being fully reliable, she doesn't carry very much amunition and instead can only reloard this 5 shot revolver twice, meaning she has 15 rounds at a maximum.

    Armor: Herleva doesn't wear excessive amounts of body armor due to her Artifact being able to protect her just as well. Despite this she chooses to wear metal bracers made of high grade steel that also cover the back of her hand. Covering her chest is also a breastplate made of steel, it is thick enough to stop most average weapons, however it is vulnerable to piercing weapons. Covering her feet fit heavily armored boots made of heat treated steel. The rest of her battle attire is mostly worn leather, allowing her to keep full mobility and also protect from light blows, but the material does not protect against much.


    Exposure to massive amounts of magic has given Herleva the ability to see magic energy, however being able to identify it is difficult for her as it appears as a fog, there is no difference between the appearance of different magic energies

    Using her magic seeing eyes, she can also see very far distances with a zoom effect, making out even fine details. This also removes any peripheral vision, lowering her field of view to only that which is in front of her. Her vision becomes capable of seeing an estimated 100 meters further than normal.

    With the exposure to magic energy Herleva was also granted unnaturally high stamina, making her capable of sustaining much more physical stress than most people. This does not increase her strength at all, this is strictly a matter of stamina.


    Brief History: Hervela was born in Enahal of the Torhal Empire as the third child of the family. Her older siblings were both also girls, each was 4 years apart. This sisters were never too close as each had a clash of interests mostly due to age difference. Once Herleva hit the age of 10 the Odin Initiative showed up at the familys doorstep. They had come to take Herleva away, however, her parents refused. In response, the Odin Initiative took her by force using tranquilizers. She was to become a test subject for the magical experimentation, this experiment was intended to see if the subjects age had an effect on the experiments. Claimed as a success after a span of 9 years, Hervela was quickly paired with the artifact named Kiku Ichi Monjo and began training in the same day. The training routines made one thing very apparent, a dispiriting discovery made the crew that had experimented and monitored her progress realize that her life span was dramatically shortened. They claim that she will never live to see age 40 and die from natural causes.

    -Name: Kiku Ichi Monjo [The Single Listening Monk]

    -Appearance: As a shapeshifter, not much is constant with Kiku, however no matter the form taken Kiku is easily recognizable as any parts made of metal will appear magenta, any nonmetals will appear black. The shine on the metal is unnatural as it seems to shimmer in almost any light. As for any nonmetals, only an equivalence of silk cloth and leaver can be created, though it is much more durable.

    -Abilities: Kiku can shapeshift. This ability is limited to its wielders own ability to sustain the forms as Kiku can only be as good as its partner. Larger, more complex forms become more taxing on the body, a form too large could devour Kathrine into pure energy, effectively killing her. Of note, projectiles cannot be created, however chains are within limitations.

    -Uses: No matter how one looks at it, Kiku is a tool, and that is exactly how it sees itself. The original design for Kiku was to be a suit of armor, however the shapeshifting changed that. While Kiku is most comfortable acting as armor, it's also usable as a weapon, among other tools. As armor Kiku defends against piercing weapons, high velocity projectiles, and most slashing weapons, however cannot defend against magic.

    -Storage: When not in use, Kiku takes the shape of an earring with a simple rounded head.

    -Personality: Kiku sees itself without gender mostly due to seeing itself as a tool. The highest priority is to protect the wielder under all circumstances, even if that means disobeying direct orders. While it wouldn't admit it out loud, it cares for Herleva very much and is willing to go far distances to keep her safe.

    -Why were you chosen: Herleva turned out to have much fewer abilities and less magic capabilities than most Valkyrie, so she was given Kiku Ichi Monjo, the most versatile artifact, though far from the strongest. With Herlevas stamina and endurance, they were a fantastic combination.

    -How does it communicate: Kiku Ichi Monjo has one way telepathy, pushing thoughts and ideas into the head of anyone physically touching it. Its voice depends on the listeners psychology, everyone hears a different voice. Herleva hears a fatherly voice.

    -Other Information:
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  4. Well, this is an interesting premise. I might have to join up, if I can think of a character.
  5. Brilliant, just remember, if you have an idea that you aren't sure will work then I can work with you to make it fit. This RP allows for a lot of original ideas, I'd never want to restrict your creative freedom.
  6. Ok!
    Since I am like I am, I won't post the bio here, but 'ere is a link for you gais!

    Enter: Gilliam Loren.

    Now you have a mage on your team!

    EDIT: Not gonna put that heart of yours in the post!
    So, you have to just deal with this [Heart] ^^
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  7. That'll have to do <_<

    Gilliam is in. If we get a third character/player, this can launch.


    Anarchia Iilyavich Farandole Vespertania Vesperia - Sevensheep


    -Callsign: Kongō





    Fiery and generally straight forward are quite good words to describe Anarchia. To most people, Anarchia can be described as being serious, tempermental and sharp tongued. She does not have time for frivolty and small talk and even if she did, her humour tends towards snarky and sarcastic. However, most that actually know her understands that her words aren't out of malice and ill intent, but often as she sees it. Her barbed jokes may appear hurtful, but are mostly taken in strides by those on the receiving end. It is this straighforwardness that many find refreshing and weather the more blunt side of her personality. It is the reason why she makes friends in situations where other makes enemies. One would be hard pressed to call her feminine and some may even call her hot headed and explosively expressive.

    As much as that is true, Anarchia does possess a good head. Her temperment does not interfere with being perceptive, processing information, making decisions and adapting in different contexts. In these circumstsances, under the veneer of the fiery personality, the woman's sang-froid means she is able to properly access the situations and make proper judgement calls. She does not mistake self assurance with recklessness and knows the boundaries in which she can push. All teh internal workings of her mind is covered by her more obvious personality traits which results in people underestimate her thinking capabilities, mistakenly believing she has good instincts rather than a good mind since all they see is her hot headed exterior.

    -Hair Color: Teal

    -Eye Color: Teal
    -Skin Tone: Pale Caucasian
    -Height: 165 cm
    -Weight: 55 kg
    -Body Type: Slim, lithe and supple

    Anarchia is a pale woman. Her homeland is extremely snowy with very little sun, hence her lighter skin colour. Her face is pointy in shape and her features are equally sharp, giving her a less homely and more independent and rather stunning look. This sets her apart from the "cute" town lasses, with a more striking mature and feminine feature. Anarchia's nose is slender and comes to a point, while her cheek bones are higher. Her lips are of average size and are equally pale, being a light pink and slightly down turned while her eyes are large, but sharp in shape like an eagles. Matching her eyes are her eyebrows which are thin and angular. Her choice of hairstyle is surprisingly childish, being pulled into twin side pigtails with relatively long fringe. It is parted on the left side of her head with most of her fringe sweeping right with a bit on the left going left. Anarchia inherited her mother's recessive genes, giving her a rare teal coloured hair and eye colour. It is made worse when it is not a slight tinge, but her eyebrows and entire head which has been turned into this fantastic bright teal.



    Other Info:

    The Initiative experimentation to improve her compatibility with her artefact has done something interesting to Anarchia. The syngery target goal was actually exceeded, but the side effects was less than desireable. It has essentially turned her into a being of pure electricity. Anarchia could potentially accidentally discharge and disperse her being, which require her to be recollected and reform, either via a machine created by the Odin Initiative, or naturally (much more lengthy period of time). This results in several interesting abilities. In order to avoid this, Anarchia originally had to keep aware of her physical form in her mind or wear insulating clothings, but through adjustments, her Artefact currently assists her in keeping her form.

    Even without her artefact, Anarchia can use her electrical magic, although less powerful and more draining. It is based on production and manipulation of electricty, whether that be producing lightning bolts to other aspects of electricty such as electromagnetism. However, Anarchia is extensively educated in order to obtain extensive knowledge in the laws of nature in order to understand and execute new abilities and understand their limits.


    As someone drawn from the spec ops wing of the military, Anarchia knows many survival skills, mainly along the lines of tracking and scouting. This makes her quite adept at being the pointman.

    Anarchia is armed two pairs of weapon. Both of these have been given special (and costly) treatment along with her clothes so that Anarchia can take them along with her when she uses her power. The first is a pair of gauntlet that covers her hand and the wrist. They are used to assist and enhance her hand to hand CQC style of fighting through reinforced knuckles, diamond tipped retractable nails and plated protections, particularly the overlapping plates above the wrist. These plates offer some form of protection against bladed weapons as well as support for her wrists. When not in any danger, these gauntlets are slipped into her belt and left to hang.

    The second pair of weapons are a pair of combat knives. These knives are interesting in that it was made after her transformation. These blades can work as normal knives or be charged with alternating electric current and turning it into high frequency blades. These two knives are stored behind her waist in its sheathe.

    On an ammunition belt is 10, 15 cm long aerodynamic flechette as well as a small side bag full of metal marbles which she uses in conjunction with her electrical powers.

    Anarchia runs on the ethos that speed will be her armour. Since her combat style relies on speed, wearing armour would slow her down. That, and the horrendous price of treating many armour pieces for electrical travel would be astronomical. As a result, her gauntlet is the closest thing she has to proper armour, along with her boots.

    Brief History:

    (Finish this later)
    This doesn't have to be long, just let me know your background. Please include your hometown, how you came to be where you are now. For Valkyries I want it specified if you were a test subject or an experiment that came after the enhancements were completely understood. Please note, human experimentation started 25 years ago and was perfected only 10 years ago. All ages are viable candidates.


    Dius Sol Lir, shortened to Dius (Noble Radiant Light)

    -Appearance, Expanded:
    Dius appears as a pair of somewhat large ornaments which resembles circlets with an inner and outer circular part. Around its edges, it is capable of glowing or emit light across the entire spectrum.

    Production and enhancement of electricity based powers

    Dius' main purpose was to give users the power of electricity. It provides the user with the raw material and its limits are up to how the user uses it.

    One interesting use Dius has that is unique with Anarchia is that it helps Anarchia with keeping her form. Originally, Dius would course electrical current through the user, empowering them should they be able to withstand the stress. With some tinkering, the engineers were able to set Dius to accept Anarchia's electricity form into its system and actively rebuild Anarchia. As one of the pair absorbs Anarchia electrical being into the artefact, the other side of the pair simultaneously rebuilds an equal amount.

    -Storage: -
    The inner circle of Dius can auto adjust to being worn anywhere on her arms or legs. Anarchia has chosen to wear them as hair ties as they were a bit unwieldy on her limbs.

    Dius has quite the personality. It identifies itself as a mature female with quite an independent personality. One does not simply command and order Dius around, but requests her assistance. In fact, if she doesnt feel like working for a particular person, it is possible that she would not function at all and if it was severe enough, she may actually kill the user. However, those that she accepts are protected like a mother hen. She views these rare user as her charge and are under her care. As a result, she can be quite protective of them.

    -Why were you chosen:

    Their meeting was less by chance and more like a pre-arranged marriage. Anarchia is one of the many subject which the Initiative tried to pair with Dius, but only the first one after experimentation. Perhaps its because of her unique body or that she young or whatever. In a rare display of compliance, Dius allowed Anarchia to use her and even helped the girl with her issue in keeping her physical form.

    -How does it communicate:
    Dius communicates in two ways. With its user, it is a two way telepathic system. With everyone else, its a one way system where she can hear them, but the only way they can understand her is the shading of light she produces.

    -Other Information:
  9. Nobody likes my suits D:

    Bio is approved, now that there's 3 I'll work on the first IC post. Soonish is all I can say.

  10. Name: Meira Edelweiss
    Nickname: None
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Alliance: Valkyrie

    Personality: Meira is a headstrong woman who is used to getting her way. She’s quick to give commands or lead and expect others to follow, even if she isn’t in charge. She often acts on impulse or before thinking, so her course of action is likely to be direct or influenced by emotion, rather than the best. Whatever the case, she still acts like the domineering heiress, eve if she's far from her own household. When not going off half-cocked, she is strict and disciplined, and holds others to the same standards. She trains hard, studies hard, and expects the best in everything.

    Although she's been molded by high society and her family's strict upbringing, Meira is not fond of her family, and particularly dislikes her own father.

    -Hair Color:
    -Eye Color: Blue
    -Skin Tone: White
    -Body Type: Athletic
    -Height: 5’7”
    -Other Features: Meira’s unnaturally red hair is a result of magical infusion, rather than nature. She smells faintly of smoke, and embers sometimes drift around her.

    Weapon(s): Pramilarily, Meria’s weapon is her artifact sword, Fragarach. She carries a standard-issue semi-automatic pistol as a sidearm, and priamrily relies upon magic for ranged attacks.

    Armor: Meira prefers modern options for her armor, opting for light or medium military-issue gear. She favors mobility too much to wear the heaviest equipment available, but she knows better than to trly solely upon her own ability to get out of the way or deflect attacks.


    Meira has developed a strong affinity for fire magic. While the most basic use of her abilities is simply to light flammable objects, which is quite handy if one smokes, or needs to start a fire, she can do more than simply create a small flame. She can toss around small fireballs for ranged combat, or create a small cloud of bright embers and smoke to act as temporary cover in a small area around her. As this is essentially a mana-conversion ability, any spell or magical effect she were to create would be touched by flame.

    Skills: Meira is a trained swordswoman, skilled in a traditional Nalnar style. She has basic military training and is familiar with most weapons. She can play the violin with reasonable skill.

    Brief History:

    Meira hails from the rich, powerful Edelweiss family, and was brought up to be a proper young lady, as would be fitting of an heiress to the family fortune and company. She grew up in North Tarna, enjoying a privileged childhood and the best education money could buy. She learned etiquette, music, and even swordsmanship, in addition to her usual academic studies. Her life was rather...structured, offering few freedoms.

    When she came of age, Meira joined the military, as many of her family had before her. She volunteered for the Odin Initiative when she heard of it. By this point, the infusion process was far from experimental, and she is, essentially, just another soldier-turned-valkyrie.

    -Name: Fragarach
    -Appearance: Fragarach is a one-handed longsword, with a wide, double-edged blade. It's well-balanced, with an ornate crossguard and hilt. The sword's blade is covered in a number of magical formulas.

    -Abilities: Fragarach is something of an unusual artifact, with powers that focus on dispelling other magic, rather than generating spectacular effects of its own. It’s also a preternaturally sharp sword.

    -Uses: Its blade can essentially cut through other magical effects as if they were physical objects. It can easily penetrate magical barriers, and can also be used to cut or block incoming offensive spells. Note that cutting a magical shield/barrier need not destroy it, merely disrupt it for a time. The point is, such things are not an effective defense.

    -Storage: Fragarach is stored using a sheath and belt, like any sword.

    -Personality: Fragarach primarily considers itself to be a weapon, and doesn't have a particularly strong personality. It has something of a noble bearing, and does what it can to encourage or advise its wielder in most effectively using it. The sword is not particularly willful, however.

    -Why were you chosen: As one of many swordsmen and one of many swords, Meira and Fragarach's assignment to one another was essentially random.

    -How does it communicate: Fragarach communicates through verbal speech, and has a low, male voice. It addresses its wielder as "sir," regardless of their gender. It can, of course, hear the speech of those around it, to carry on a conversation.

    -Other Information:

    Just some personal notes, but I'm not sure what standard-issue anything might be, so I'm not going to elaborate on whether it means a kevlar vest with trauma plates, or older armors, or magically-reinforced clothing, or whatever else. If I need to elaborate on things or otherwise work on anything, let me know.
  11. Standard issue in the military is a bit different from standard issue Valkyries, but for the most part the standard armor is a steel plating that has been "soaked" in mana. Think of the soaking as an enchantment that reinforces the armors strength Since this is neither an artifact nor a device, it doesn't do much other than...well, be armor. It can take any appearance you want. Herleva doesn't wear it because Kiku is a very strong material and acts primarily as armor.

    Meira Edelweiss is accepted.

    Also, I said soonish, but then I wound up taking the whole weekend away, but here I am. Got some other roleplays to catch up in before I post the IC.

    Posted the IC
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  12. I am declaring interest for this RP, Squee. Bio is forthcoming, though I wanna ask you something. Is Magic restricted only to the Valkyries or can anybody wield it?
  13. Anyone can wield it but the Valkyrie are better at it.
  14. Thanks for answering, because of that I am now finished with the bio for you to review.

    Character: Caecillia Westerberg

    Now you have someone who's not a Valkyrie in the RP.
  15. I like it. If you want to join on the current mission you can do one of three things. You can be the co-pilot of the flying machine they will be taking (As a magitech engineer you should know how this works well enough)

    You can show up as a witness/evaluator to how the Valkyrie do.

    Or you can show up as added force against the Balder Front.

    Unless you had an idea of your own, in which case I'm all ears. So if you wanna join this mission, I was gonna post just now, but I'll wait for you.
  16. *sadface*
  17. Weekend RP poasts and I don't mix well, what can I say? D:
  18. Sounds interesting, but I'd love a break down of you three main factions. like who is allied with who and the like
  19. The Odin Initiative is a military research company, much like an arms developer, but instead works with humans and creating tools for them called the artifacts. They are allied with the world government and are responsible for the Valkyrie. Working for them does not make you part of the military force, most of the people within the Odin Initiative are researches and scientists that took part in the experiments that created the Valkyrie.

    The Valkyrie are soldiers made to be the next generation of war, being experimented on they are much more powerful than any normal person, As of now they also are soldiers for the world government.

    And lastly the Balder front is being a little hidden for some surprise value, but I can spoil this much. They are a religious cult that believe humans need to be eradicated from the face of the planet, they want to kill everyone, including themselves.
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