The Ochin March

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  1. The proud species of the Arar. They are grey-skinned, with feathers instead of hair, and have cold-colored eyes. The males have a frilled crest down their backs, the largest one signifies the leader. They are famous for their temples, worshiping a single goddess known as Farar. Descendants of the elven clans, they are very beautiful, often being courted by other species. Especially renowned for their spies and swordsmen, they have struck fear into most every other race in the country of the Golden Vale.

    The exotic entity of the Nahlo people. Having an affinity for mountains, they worship a single abstract deity who is the cause of good in the world, and who has a nemesis responsible for evil. Managing to control a mountain kingdom, they were created as a breeding experiment that failed - creating them instead. These people are extremely proficient in weapons of mass destruction, their advantage in the war.

    The elusive race of Bana. With a loving of grassland territories, they command the Plains of Ranier to the East of where the Arar dwell. Well-known for their use of wide spread semaphore systems and roadways, they are a wealthy race. They worship a single hermaphroditic deity who works with a host of created sub-deities that are also worshiped. Most believe that the powers that be are generally distant and uninvolved with their lives. They are the creators of both the Arar and Nahlo, two mistakes that they try to fix with the War of Three Kings.

    The girl laughed, blood spewing from the poor soul she had just cut down. This was her element! As another soldier rushed at her, she raised her sword, ready to defend her race. The War of Three Kings started many years ago, before she was born, but that didn't mean she wouldn't fight to the death for her people, the proud Arar. Never again shall her people be killed at the hands of those damned Bana, their creators but also their enemies. Not as much as the Nahlo, who declared war over a lost prince, who may or may not be dead already.

    Hearing a call from her direct superior, she looks up to see a Nahlo super weapon. It was called a golem by many, a Nahlo-operated machine made with stone or sometimes clay, brought together with their superior metalworking skills. "Everyone, fall back!" The women, more like a girl really, shouts, already running, seeing some of her friends falling to the ground in front of the larger construct. It raises its foot, then smashes it down on Arar soldiers.

    In the distance, the sound of a horn being blown is heard, the signal for the Nahlo to move out, no matter what. This wasn't good. It meant that they were unleashing their trump card, a superweapon that the Arar had only just heard about. It was like a cannon, sending a projectile filled with the most explosive stuff imaginable. Easily, it could take out half of the Arar and Bana's armies, and it was named the Hallowed Subjugator. No one knew what it meant, and some believed not even the Nahlo knew what it did, but everyone believed that nothing good would come of it.

    As the Nahlo armies began pulling back, moving for safer ground in the hills, several of the Bana stopped fighting, thinking that they had finally beaten back the Nahlo. "Everyone, get back!" Shouted Captain Alwel. Several listened, while others, thinking them to be smarter than the young captain, stayed, continuing to fight the Bana and remaining Nahlo.

    And then, like a moon covering the sun, a sense of dread filled all the peoples. The blaring of the horn had ceased, the weapon was about to be utilized. For a second, the entire sky grew white, nearly blinding the warrior Arar. The sound followed next, an intense thundering, shaking the ground with its pure strength. A giant wave of power came after the thundering, as if it was a reinforcement of the power of the Hallowed Subjugator, knocking down anyone who hadn't braced themselves to the floor.

    The light ended, the sound gone, and the girl picked herself up, wondering what had happened, running a hand through her white feathered hair. Looking down at her hands, she sees it glowing a fluorescent blue, chips of it falling away. Looking under her shirt, she finds it happening all over her body, leaving a void where the chips left. And finally, her whole body was gone, leaving her unconscious.

    Haera Olorn wakes up parallel to several people she doesn't recognize, the gloom of trees blocking out any sort of sunlight so she can see what army they belonged to. "What just happened?" She asks aloud, wondering if the weapon's power had been something in the air, a poison. Would she die?

    Sighing, she gently shakes the arm of the one closest to her, waking them up.

    ((This is designed to be a steampunk-ish world parallel to ours. More of where they are will be revealed in later dates.Please only be one of the three warring races...))
  2. OOC: I'd love to join but I need a little head up on what happened in the end, I got confused. Plus i'd like to be Bana, is there something more I need to knw about that race?
  3. (I'd like to join under either the Arar or Bana race)
  4. butterflymima: Okay, at the end, the Nahlo activated a super-weapon, which no one knew what it really did. It was basically an Omega 13, from galaxy quest. Here's what it seemed to do: Coming into contact with the weapon's power caused bits and pieces of the body to chip away, until there was nothing left. Then, all the characters affected by its power woke up somewhere else. I can't tell you very much, as it would kind of ruin the whole "discovery" element of the plot, but that's the gist. The Bana are an elf-like race, very smart, good with archery, etc. So, in a genetics experiment went wrong, they created the first of the Nahlo, who asexually reproduces, creating more like him. At first, the Bana tried to use them as slaves, but that proved to be a mistake, as they rose up, and left for their new home. They inherited the Bana's smarticles. The Bana also created the Arar at a separate occasion, this time coming into contact with radioactive-like materials, disforming them and changing around a quarter of the population into the Arar. They inherited the Bana's fighting prowess. The Bana are very self-righteous sometimes, and cannot stand to have made two mistakes. Thus, they started a war, calling it the War of Three Kings in an attempt to conceal the real reason for going to war, which is to wipe out their mistakes from the face of the world.

    XxStephxX: You can be either~!
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  7. Symphonia groaned as she walked scouted the ruins that would soon be a battlefeild for Arar and another speices. She could care less who her enemy was this time. Maybe pure boredom brought on this nonchalant attitude towards the battle. Yes, It had to be the boredom. That's what caused her to volunteer to scout ahead in the first place. During her scout Symphonia had discovered several trenches, holes, and other hiding spots that would help the Arar to gain an advantage over the enemy. All that was left was to wait for the rest of the troops to catch up. She looked down into a puddle left from yesterdays storm and gazed upon her own reflection. Her body was fairly petite for a warrior of her Calibur. Her dark blue highlighted feathers danced in the mid afternoon breeze. Her eyes were dark blue aswell and seemingly empty. Her body was fairly developed for a 16 year old Aranian Knight. Her cheeks were plump and adorable. She wore an extremly thin black breastplate which looked more like a bra if anything. It showed basically all of her stomach. She then fashioned a plain black miniskirt and no armor for her lower body. This was because Symphonia was naturally cocky and this was her way of stating that she could not be harmed during battle. She brushed her feathers letting some hang over her left eye. She then lookd towards her weapons. Twin daggers strapped to her thighs and a sheathed longsword she almost never drew. No sheild. Symphonia was very fast in nature. She used her speed to make up for what she lacked in physical strength. She's given herself the self acclaimed title of the "Swift Killer". She was broken out out her trance of self admiration by a "Yo Symphy!". Symphonia turned to see her fellow knights and troops. She eagerly awaited the next battle.
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    Annalaey who was the healer and the mage of the Bana's lay faint due to the explosion, when she came to her sense all she could think about was the soldiers, she would run across the battle fields and tend to the wounds and although she;d grow weak using her mage spells she;d sometimes defend her soldiers. She was brave enough to carry the knights back to the tents and tend to their wounds. Annalaey's pale skin was bruised and all dirty and so were her white clothes, she wore a simple top more like brassier made with a thick white cloth fastened tightly along with a white slit skirt but the slits were most likely revealing her long slender legs. She liked to roam barefoot with a single bangle in her right ankle and would always have an elegant mage' staff with her. The first thing Annalaey looked for was her staff, reaching out her hand to sense it's presence she couldn't find it and slowly forced herself up. Her pale skin tone was complimented with blonde white hair which she'd usually tie up but had at the moment were a mess. She slowly got up and looked at her surroundings, there was nothing but blood shed he felt like the only one alive in that desolate plain and as she walked limping across the battle field, she searched for her staff but was only depressed by the amount of lives that were lost.
  9. Symponia turned to her army making small talk with her fellow knights and so on. Fashionably bored she ached for her turn to fight. She sat in front of the armory polishing her daggers when a hude explosion was heard not too far east. It wasn't that great a distance away but the pure force of the hit startled Symphy. She knew a battle was taking place over there. Arar's original plan was to wait for the victor of that battle to be decided and take them while they were weakened. But this was taking to long.. Someone should've lost already. Symphonias boredom and curiousity got the best of her but she knew she wasn't allowed to break her formation. She waved towards a fellow knight she knew well. It was Mason. A broad shoulder muscle bound and highly recommended knight who she saw as an older brother.
    Mason: "Yo, What's up Symph?"
    Symphonia:" Mason.. Umm.. D-Do you mind.. I'd like too umm." She coughed up her words
    Mason: He sighed. "Go ahead Symph.. Ill cover for you. You have 30 minutes so be fast and don't get involved.

    "Thank you Thank you!" Symphonia yelled out as she hugged Mason and darted off to the sound of the explosion.

    Symphonia made her way to a cliff a few yards off from the fight and watched the onslaught. "Now that's what I'm talking about!"
  10. IC:

    Annalaey who had walked for sometime finally fell on her knees, she had grown weak and did not have the strength to tend to her own wounds but she didn't want to stay here uselessly and so she formed her hand in a ninja posture and closed her eyes. If her staff got in the wrong hands and if they managed to use it it could be dangerous. In her meditation she felt a pull, somewhere under the dead corpses lay her staff, which glowed at its top where an orb was placed sensing the pull. The glow like a bulb would stay glowing until she had retrieved it. When she could make out where she had to look she got up gathering her strength and tied up her hair in a high pony and also tied the tip of her pony tail, that was just how she worked. She knew where she had to go and so she took off in a sprint, not as fast as many others but enough to dodge enemies. She would stop in her tracks shortly not just to catch her breathe but to see if any of her comrades or if any wounded soul was still alive. She found it a miracle to be living when everyone else lay dead.
  11. About twenty minutes had passed and the bloodshed still saw no end. Symphonia was growing very impatient knowing she couldn't enter the battle until this one was over. She was enjoying watching the two factions fighting but much rathered getting in on the action herself. "Come on.. Come on lose already!" She grumbled. She had to return to her fellow knights in 10 minutes but wanted to see this through. Suddenly she wiped her brow assuming she was seeing things. "I-Is that pile of bodies.. Glowing?". She watched intentedly fiddling with her sheath. She leaned on the base of a tree stump and continued to watch silently.
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    Annalaey kept walking and came to see a place where soldiers were still up in battle, Annalaey had to think on her feet as her enemy approached her from behind and she dodged him. he was wielding a huge club, probably too heavy for himself. Annalaey picked up a sword from near a corpse and defended herself. As her fight exceeded she soon felt that pull, her staff was near by, if only she could reach it she could finish him off. Slashing with her sword and stabbed him through the guts and jumped right on top of his head and with the help of her thighs cracked his neck up. She tossed the sword aside and sprinted through towards the pile of dead bodies where she saw another person or enemy standing there observing the glow which grew dimmer. 'Come forth' she commanded and the staff shot out and rested perfectly in Annalaey's palm. So close to loosing it she thought to herself as she gained her strength from her staff that helped her absorb mana or energy from her surroundings. She felt much stronger now and she wondered if she should leave this useless blood shed or fight yet again. Annalaey found this war useless, she believed that the races should be set free rather then suppressed and her eyes looked at the young Arar soldier, she shouldn't be fighting Annalaey thought, but she would have been pressured by her surroundings.
  15. Symphonia continues her watch of the battle. But something kept catching her eye. It was this blondy who basically risked her whole life for a single staff, which was the apparent cause of the seemingly glowing pile of bodies. Symphonia was quite impressed at the girls resourcefulness. She dodged her enemies in a rash fashion and even took out an opponent who seemed more powerful than her. Symphy was very taken by the blondes actions. So taken in fact she forgot she was supposed to be back to the knights 20 minutes ago. But she couldn't go back now.. Not yet... Because now that same blonde was staring her down and Symphy was puzzeled on how to handle it. She wasn't supposed to be seen yet. The victor of this battles was supposed to fall victim to a surprise anbush by Arar. But if the blonde were to leave, that would all go to hell. Symphonia only saw one thing to do. She quietly made her way onto the battlefeild, Simply stepping out of the way of the combatinants as if they weren't even there. She stood face to face with the blonde trying to come off as cold as ever in an attempt to scare the girl. "What's your name girl.. You weren't supposed to spot me!" She said in an agitated tone.
  16. IC:

    Annalaey watched as the young soldier approached her and spoke out to her, "What's your name girl.. you weren't suppose to spot me!" Annalaey arched a brow, she had only been called a girl by people older than her and yes this young soldier even seemed younger than her. Annalaey was eighteen but had grown maturely. "You shouldn't have been standing where it's too obvious to spot you then." Annalaey snapped back. Annalaey knowing she had no other choice had made up her mind to enter the battle field but she was curious about the soldier girl. "You know I'm still wondering why you haven't attacked me?" Annalaey asked turning to the girl once again.
  17. Symphy was certainly caught off gaurd by the womans response. She was almost sure she came off intimidating enough. She hated herself for her petite frame. "I-I... Umm". But the woman was right, Symphy had been watching too out in the open. Of course she was instantly spotted. "Stupid! Stupid!" She muttered to herself. " I haven't attacked you because.." Symphy didn't know how to answer that one either. Why hadn't she attacked yet? That should've been the first reaction of a knight whose cover had been blown, So why? "I.. W-Well your just lucky i havn't yet okay!" Her young femine voice broke out under her frustration. "T-That's not the point right now okay? Your coming with me!". Symphy firmly grabbed the womans hand and began dragging her away from the fight. "Dam.. How am i gonna explain this to Mason?" She whishpered.
  18. IC:

    Annalaey noticed the girl stuttering and feeling annoyed for being spotted, Annalaey couldn't help but smile lightly. What Annalaey didn't expect to happen was when the girl pulled her by the hand saying she's coming with her. Annalaey would have snapped out of it and nailed her to the ground but Annalaey was curious and so she silently tagged along making herself seem helpless. She knew it was dangerous what she was doing giving herself in enemy hands but she had her ways of escaping. At the moment she was plain excited to see the Arar's, Annalaey had always pitied them when they were used as slaves and also admired them for their beauty. The girl herself was a sight in itself to look at, Annalaey was known as a Mage who didn't worship her deities instead believed in other ones.
  19. Symphonia began leading the woman through the forest back to th waiting Arar ambush. Throughout the trip Symhy racked her mind abou what could be going through the Bana girls head. What could she be thinking? Why hadn't she even tried to resist? Why didn't she put up a fight? Did she want to be caputured? What am I going to tell Mason? These thoughts flooded Symphys head. She was distracted from her many thoughts when she happened to look back at the Bana girl. The first thing that caught her eye was the staff that obviously held unusual propeties. But more importantly, the girl herself. Symphy looked the woman up and down and couldn't help but say aloud: "S-She's pretty." Symphy quickly looked away and distracted herself by playing with her daggers. Before she knew it she was back at the ambush point.

    Mason was waiting with an angered impatient look on his face while tapping his foot. His huge armor clanked. "Where have you been! I thought you had been captured!". Symphy seemed flustered and unprepared. "W-Well about that.. U-Um.. I was spotted and.. I-I had to take this one captive. Mason looked at the woman obviouly from the Bana faction. "You were spotted kid!?". Mason sighed and wanted to blow off more anger but could tell he was scaring his young knight. "Here's your punishment little one. Before symphonia could even tell what he meant she was tied together with her captive. "Now she's your responsibility until I find out what to do with her. "Mason walked away while Symphy stood still a little shaken. "N-Now what.."
  20. IC:

    Annalaey who was quite and obediant with the little soldier girl walked decently making it look like a stroll through the forest rather then taking a captive, she was expecting a sudden reaction upon her reach but instead the leader tied her to the soldier girl saying she was her problem now since she got caught. Annalaey just smiled and spoke, "So you're my tour guide, I assume. Well then what would be your name young soldier." Annalaey asked in her rather normal and somewhat mischievous tone than her previous cold one. Annalaey looked around and wondered that a cloak would really suite her but she had to ask the girl for that, "Say, can I get something to cover my self up with, like a cloak?"
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