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    • Annalise Leveque couldn't believe her luck when Paris fell the Nazi terror in the summer of 1940. She had run from it and it had crept back up on had caught back up to her. Just when things were looking good again and her life was set back on track. Her brother's were safe - as far as she knew - and she had a good job, a change of identity and a relatively nice flat. There were only two things that plagued her life. The uncertainty of her parent's fates...and also the Nazi Regime. They were like a growth, slowly smothering Europe and suffocating it until it just rolled over and died. It couldn't happen. They couldn't win. That was something that Annalise and a lot of others within Paris, as they listened to BBC and French broadcasts announce the French surrender, believed so strongly that their blood burned in their veins and their hearts pounded in time to the war tune in their heads.

      That's what led Annalise to join the resistance group in the first place. Why shouldn't she? Her brothers were willingly sacrificing their own lives by being active members, so why shouldn't she? Especially after everything that had been done to people like her. To the other Jews that were once in her community. At night, both home in Germany and even now in France with changed documentation, Anna sometimes laid in bed unable to sleep...because she was expecting her flat door to be broken down and to be marched to one of those Concentration Camps she had heard through whispers and gossiping on the streets. A resistance group, a new community and family for her to be a part of.

      And what from there? Well, Annalise found herself right in the middle of the Nazi Regime, working - on instruction by the resistance group - within the Gestapo Headquarters in central Paris. Fixing documentation or changing it, feeding back information and secrets...and none of the bastards suspected her, why? Because she was twenty-five, she was a woman and French. The only help she was to them was the fact that she knew German because, to them, she moved to France when she was ten from Germany to be raised with both languages.

      "Beeil dich!" Anna sharply looked up at the shout from one of the other offices, blinking the German words from her mind as she listened in to the harsh tone of one of the other top officers. She was glad she wasn't the main secretary for that swine.

      Hurry up. Don't they know we're only human? He gave her those papers two minutes ago, what did he expect? Anna thought to herself, a light frown evident on her features.

      "And what are you looking at?" The heavily-accented English was this time directed at her, leaving Anna to once more focus back on reality as the same Gestapo officer peered at her through the connecting archway, "Get back to work! You're wasting time! Dumme Kuh."

      Immediately averting her gaze, Anna shifted restlessly in her seat and focused back on her work. Stupid cow. How dare he? What she wouldn't do to slap that god-awful face of his.


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  1. I roll by in my wheelchair and glance over at my men. "Let off her you fools." I say about my secretary. I don't know where I'd been without her. She's a miracle worker, these men always rush her though.

    "She's doing her job the best she can don't rush her or she's like to make mistakes and trust me. If she does and the top brass come down it'll be your ass on the plate not hers." I say and spin myself around to face her. "Annalise, do you have those forums I asked to to fill out?" I ask and pull out and light my cigarette. "I need them done before the end of the day. I know we give you a lot of work." I say and take a drag of my cigarette. "But if nothing else I appreciate what you do." I say and wait for her reply.
  2. Immediately I find myself relaxing at the familiar voice of the man I really work for, my lowered gaze flickering across to him. It wasn't as if I could voice my gratitude to him at that moment, he would probably be expecting it by now anyway...with the amount of times his men have rushed me for work. It did occasionally make me feel guilty, ruining some things in the name of the resistance secretly and making his job that bit more stressful. He was a relatively good man...or at least better than the others in these offices, leaching over the other secretaries and yelling at them. He treated her kindly. But then she remembered who he was working for...and what the top dog was doing to her motherland and the rest of Europe...

    "The forums?" I finally respond once the other captain had stormed out with an irritable growl, "Ahh...yes. Yes of course. I had given them to you earlier, sir. Have you misplaced them? Let me go and check your office for you." I immediately stand, brushing down my skirt and slip from behind the desk. The cigarette had also caught my eye, reminding me of the desperate need I have for one to calm my already fraying nerves. "Come, I bet I find them under the other papers you have."
  3. "Yes, please do I recall them now that you mention it. I just have so many papers these days." I roll along behind her and think for a moment. "Annalise, I'm going out for dinner tonight with a few of my friends would you like to join us?" I ask as we enter my office. It wasn't the first time I'd ask her about her this. Every few weeks I went out with my friends and I always offered to her just in case she ever did want to come.
  4. Upon entering his office, I instantly search for the forums I handed him earlier. Of course one was 'missing' but due to the state of his could easily be blamed on that. "You really ought to file things away sir, or at least keep a tidy desk." I dare to say as I hand over two of the forms and 'look' for the other, "I don't know how you can find anything in this mess. Perhaps the third shall turn up soon."

    I peer up to him again, stepping away and moving around the table back toward the door. The offer was tempting, especially if any information could be picked up for the resistance...but was it worth the risk? They may not even discuss business if I'm around...and someone there might recognize me if I was on any documents in Germany. "I'll think on it," I smile softly, giving my usual response. Typically I did just skip the meal out but tonight may be different...besides, I felt like I could trust him to look out for me whilst we were there.
  5. "Thank you Ana, I should send these up the line. Help yourself to a drink or cigarette if you want on your way out." She knew where I kept my office stash of goodies. I slide these files into a cabinet and close it. My office was messy yes but I got my work done. I slowly wheel around to behind my desk and slip a new piece of paper into the type writer.

    I had a long list of reports to deliver news about the Jews still in hiding, the ones we've caught and a few other more important matters I can't say aloud due to their value.
  6. Inclining my head toward him, I continue toward the door and bypass the secret location of his hidden pleasures. My break was coming soon, I could indulge in a cigarette then. But I pause at the door, the consideration of actually taking up his offer of dinner now becoming rather tempting. If I could pick up any news at all...that would be brilliant. Turning back slowly, I hesitantly look back and softly rub my hands together, "Sir...? Did you truly mean that extended invitation? Would I really be able to join you and your peers this eveving? You won't mind?" I question, head tipping quizzically to the side.
  7. "Of course. It's a party after all, everyone is bringing someone along. I was going to invite you anyway. Some of he top brass will be there. The Desert Fox Rommel will be there." Little did I know that tonight would be the last time I saw Rommel before his death. "I mean there will be a lot of my old war buddies there to." I smile at her kindly and think. "You know I severed in the trenches with the Furher himself." I say and pat my knees as I normally do when talking about the first world war.
  8. Swallowing thickly, another bright smile is painted perfectly along my lips as I incline my head toward him, "I'll make sure to put on my best dress for the occasion." I respond, thinking of Rommel and that my boss was friends with such a man. Too bad he'll be dead later. And about time too. I almost choke on air at the reminder of how he used to fight alongside the Devil himself and how they were still friends. 'A lucky man to have been so close to one with such...extraordinary visions, sir." I manage to answer, smile seeming a little tighter at the words. But that was fine, that could just be taken as bitterness for the invasion of my 'country', "I better get back to work, sir. I'll collect more details from you before we leave for the day?"
  9. "Yes though," I roll over and pull her down just a bit. "I liked him before better." I say and give her a stern look and roll back towards my desk. I don't know why I said that but I felt as if some how it'd be fine. "And yes, I'll tell you about it as we leave." I slowly start to type out a report to go up the chain of command.

    Things were picking up all over and more and more men are dying. The paris SS is having trouble keeping our hold so I needed to write out a letter asking for more men from Berlin. It was written to the Furher himself. He was the only one I could really ask without shit flying all over the place and getting lost.
  10. I go a bit still as he takes hold of my arm to stop me and pull me down closer to him, worried that my terse response had invoked some sort of reaction from him that I had no intention of creating. But when he whispered that confession, I glance down to him in mild surpriss at such words, having always expected men like him to remain loyal to every side the F├╝rher showed. The stern look just screamed for me to keep quiet so I merely nodded in response, awkwardly clearing my throat, "Perhaps you could tell me more over dinner, sir."

    Watching for a moment longer, I finally slip out from his office to return to my own front desk, beginning to type out the new numbers and names provided before me. It made me sick to do this sometimes...but if too many documenrs went would be her head and the resistance would be found out. Annalise had to make her judgements quickly and efficiently.
  11. Several Hours Later...

    "Ah Frauline you look amazing." I roll over towards her. I had to her where to meet me. The field in front of us is littered with German men & their counter parts.

    "You really do clean up nicely." I say and grin. It's funny compared to me she looks like she should be here. I wear just dress pants and a button up shirt.

    "Now come there's someone I'd like you to meet." I say and start to roll along. The grass had been freshly cut so I could attend and have no trouble. I roll along and many men salute me. I nod to them as we head towards a building that his a huge sign reading 'Food' it was simple and got the point across.
  12. Feeling my cheeks warm at Herr Gahfurt's compliment as I peer down at myself and the dress I borrowed from one of the other resistance girls. Sweetheart neckline, white with blue patternings and matching blue flats. I knew what these Germans wanted, a feminine girl but not one like those Flappers in America. "Thank you, sir. I appreciate it." I give a small and light laugh, holding my clutch tightly to my stomach. Within it some powder, lipstick, money...and poison.

    Rommel still had to die tonight. The resistance thought it wiuld be best and safest for myself to do so. Slip some posion into his drink...

    Blinking, I focus back onto what was being said by Henry and allow another smile to pull at my lips, "Certainly sir, I'd be delighted." I respond, taking up the space beside him but keeping my head lowered from his SS companions as they salute and stare.
  13. I enter and am greeted by many people smiling and I wheel towards a table where a few guys are sitting. "Rommel, it's been to long." I say and he smiles turning and offering me his hand. After introductions we start drinking and eating.

    The times are good and easy going. Though there are some heavy topics that slip across once our twice. The allies were getting very close to breaking through. A klot of people were worried we'd lose Paris. I wasn't one of them, I was set either way I had a back of up plan just in case.
  14. The more the men around me drink, the less eager I am to stand and move around, even to just go to the bathroom. Not to mention the presence of Henry being my...associate keeps some security around me. It is rather disgusting how in this event, some of the best food and richest wine is being served when back in reality some people were leaving off stale bread and mouldy cheese. But the promise of the Allies close arrival made things worth it, especially with the men around the table squirming.

    Those thoughts are short lived as the urge to go to the bathroom could no longer be ignored. "I'm just going to powder my nose." I murmur gently, resting a hand on his shoulder as I stand and leave the table. There had been some questions as to who I was and why I was there...but I allowed Henry to do all the talking. It was easier that way.

    On my way back, hands latched around my waist and pulled me back down onto the lap of a lower ranking SS Officer. "You don't want to go back to that boring table," I could hear the grin in the voice as hands roamed up my waist and then back down to my hips, "Stay and play here with us, we won't bite...hard." The table chuckled and I managed to take in a breath in an attempt to keep myself calm, "I really think I ought to go back. Herr Gahfurt will be expecting me back..."
  15. I was watching her from the corner of my eye. Most of the men here are pigs and while I wasn't sure she'd have trouble it was better to know where she was. I sit easily chatting and keeping an eye on her. The moment she's grabbed by an SS officer I start to roll over but slowly. I want to see if she can handle herself.

    I would step in if she couldn't. I wanted to watch this for my own reasons. I guess you could say it was me testing her to see if she could handle herself. I've done this once or twice before but never told her. The few times that she and I have had to leave the office there have be some events. I am not that far from her when I slowly slip into a crowd off other SS officers to watch.
  16. My gaze flickers to my table, seeking out the familiar figure of Gahfurt. He was a good man....despite the organization he worked for. He had helped me out of these sort of situations before, but with being unable to see him...I suppose my timing and luck just wasn't in my favour as I assumed he too had gone to the toilet.

    "Herr Gahfurt? Thought that was who you came with. Can't blame me for not remembering," a hand went to the zip pn the back of my dress, "All I could think about was how lovely this dress was on you and how nice it would look off..." I stiffen as the clasp at the top of the zip is unhooked but sharply place my hand upon my assaliant's otger hand which was on my knee and rising up. My thumb and nail press hard into a pressure point as my other hand is used to attack the point on the inside thigh."If you would kindly release would be much appreciated."

    Hearing the officer hiss at the pain the pressure points caused, the slight weight at my zip and dress disappear and I'm free to stand. Shaking myself off, I smile sweetly and lean down to kiss his cheek, leaving a wonderful red stain upon his skin, "Merci. Bon nuit, gentlemen." I then add lightly to then hurry back to my table before anything else could be seen, said or done.
  17. I roll back over behind her. "I figured you'd be okay getting out of that." I say and roll back into my spot. "We're almost done here for the night." We'd finished dinner a bit ago and now it was just chitchat. I really didn't care for it and soon we're making our exit. "These men are all pigs. The first women they get a chance at they'll make a pass." I sigh and shake my head.

    "I'm sorry about that Frauline Ana but this is what has become of my countrymen. They are nothing more then mindless pigs now." I say once we've left the grounds and are going along the paris street in the twilight of the day. "Shall I walk you home?" I ask slowly as I put out my cigarette. "The streets aren't as safe as they used to be for women." I refer to a killer on the loose.

    He had already taken four women's lives. I wasn't eager to see that turn to five. Let alone turn to five and see it's my sweet secretary Ana. She was a good women honest & true. Hard working nice looking. A pity she was french though due to my rank it'd be very hard for me to wed Ana. Though I'm not sure why that though crosses my mind I do my best to hide a blush that I feel rising up on my face.
  18. It did startle me slightly as Herr Gahfurt made his presence known behind and then beside me, leaving me to turn slightly to see him approach. I couldn't help but be a little nervous at his reaction to how I handled the situation, not wanting questions that may be difficult to answer.

    "It's quite alright, sir." I murmur then, feeling a weight lift from shoulders as we finally leave the dinner party. "And they were once my countrymen too. I am you forget this? I moved to beautiful Paris when I was ten." I allow my hands to brush against the skirt material of my dress as we walk back, "We can both be disgusted with them together."

    Tensing briefly at the mention of the killer, it was all that kept me from politely declining any offers of walking me home. "If you are to so lovely as to walk me home, you must come inside for a cup of warm tea...I do insist on this."
  19. "Yes, well they are what they are." I say as we keep going. The light was going down quickly but I also had a gun on me and wasn't that I liked carrying it but none the less I needed to have it for several reasons. I stare at her and think for a moment. "You know I've been thinking why did you start working with the SS if you dislike the war?" I ask as we turn a block and I notice we're not that far from her tiny apartment.
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