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  1. Annalise Leveque couldn't believe her luck when Paris fell the Nazi terror in the summer of 1940. She had run from it and it had crept back up on had caught back up to her. Just when things were looking good again and her life was set back on track. Her brother's were safe - as far as she knew - and she had a good job, a change of identity and a relatively nice flat. There were only two things that plagued her life. The uncertainty of her parent's fates...and also the Nazi Regime. They were like a growth, slowly smothering Europe and suffocating it until it just rolled over and died. It couldn't happen. They couldn't win. That was something that Annalise and a lot of others within Paris, as they listened to BBC and French broadcasts announce the French surrender, believed so strongly that their blood burned in their veins and their hearts pounded in time to the war tune in their heads.

    That's what led Annalise to join the resistance group in the first place. Why shouldn't she? Her brothers were willingly sacrificing their own lives by being active members, so why shouldn't she? Especially after everything that had been done to people like her. To the other Jews that were once in her community. At night, both home in Germany and even now in France with changed documentation, Anna sometimes laid in bed unable to sleep...because she was expecting her flat door to be broken down and to be marched to one of those Concentration Camps she had heard through whispers and gossiping on the streets. A resistance group, a new community and family for her to be a part of.

    And what from there? Well, Annalise found herself right in the middle of the Nazi Regime, working - on instruction by the resistance group - within the Gestapo Headquarters in central Paris. Fixing documentation or changing it, feeding back information and secrets...and none of the bastards suspected her, why? Because she was twenty-five, she was a woman and French. The only help she was to them was the fact that she knew German because, to them, she moved to France when she was ten from Germany to be raised with both languages.

    "Beeil dich!" Anna sharply looked up at the shout from one of the other offices, blinking the German words from her mind as she listened in to the harsh tone of one of the other top officers. She was glad she wasn't the main secretary for that swine.

    Hurry up. Don't they know we're only human? He gave her those papers two minutes ago, what did he expect? Anna thought to herself, a light frown evident on her features.

    "And what are you looking at?" The heavily-accented English was this time directed at her, leaving Anna to once more focus back on reality as the same Gestapo officer peered at her through the connecting archway, "Get back to work! You're wasting time! Dumme Kuh."

    Immediately averting her gaze, Anna shifted restlessly in her seat and focused back on her work. Stupid cow. How dare he? What she wouldn't do to slap that god-awful face of his.

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