The Nutcracker

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  1. I've never seen any rendition of the Nutcracker. Chances are I won't have the time or funds to go see one of then productions in town, but I've always wanted to see it since it seems to be a large tradition for a lot of people. Is there any good versions in media? Is there any I should avoid like the plague? Is there any parodies you want to suggest to people that already know the story?
  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE NUTCRACKER. I love the play, the music, the original story.. I love variations of it... I love it. ;__;

    But I couldn't give you a single recommendation, because it's been years since I have seen/read anything outside of watching a play production last year on Netflix. >:[

    ...So I would love to hear people's suggestions too. 8D To get reacquainted with my looooove.
  3. I was watching the Arts Showcase channel one time and i saw a stage version of the Nutcracker. Very well filmed. I say keep an eye out on that and PBS during the holidays.

    EDIT: I think it the channel was actually Ovation.

    Another EDIT: Apparently Ovation does a "Battle of the Nutcrackers" every year, if you have the channel!
  4. I used to go every year with my grandfather to see it performed here at one of the stages, so I've seen it like nine times live.
    I'm actually moderately fond of it, but that might be the nostalgia talking.
    From what I know, there was a moderately decent movie released in 1993. I've never seen it, but I heard it wasn't awful.
  5. I have seen a few renditions of the nutcracker here and there, but not too many. Still, the one that made an impression on me was a 3D CGI adaptation with Barbie in it... I think. I am not sure, it has been a long time since I have seen it and I do not remember the title. So Yeah.
  6. I've only ever seen variations on the actual story. The one with Barbie in it... which i can't really remember. And The Nuttiest Nutcracker, which was my favourite christmas movie for the longest time. It is hilarious, and while a bit... over the top, its worth watching.