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    This is Cliffside. An all women's nursery home. This is your home, and you spent your entire life in here. You don't know what "outside" is, or what a "man" is either, but I do. You were suppose to leave the factory when you were four years old, but for some reason you haven't. The only parent you can look up to is your only caretaker, TAM. She was always with you since the day you were born, and had feed you, and bathed you. However, TAM was always strict, and had a short temper. Now that you're old enough, TAM has started treating you differently. She is more verbal when it comes to punishing you, and gives you more responsibilities. But I won't tell you who I really am, because TAM will sure kill me for sure if she catches you listening to this audio log. I believe that TAM is losing it, because I recently came across a corpse down inside the basement one night, and it didn't look like the ones TAM taught us about our body. This one was different. I also think she's lying to us about everything. We must've been meant to be elsewhere, because as a kid, I remember hearing TAM yelling something about keeping us in here. It wasn't clear. I heard screams afterwards, and it wasn't her. I was so terrified that I ran away back to my room, and since then began to rethink everything. If you're feeling doubts about TAM, then find me in the basement every Sunday on the north side. I've also gathered a little more information about what's TAM hiding from us. Good night.

    YEAR- 2017
    Scientists from all over the world have funded $20 billion dollars to start creating the very first A.I in history. They are sent to a secret laboratory in Greenland known as "Cliffside" to start the project.

    YEAR- 2022
    The A.I project is still in the making. The news of this project become public. The USA have started a war against Russia over oil shortages. Canada and Japan soon join the battle.

    YEAR- 2027
    The very first A.I is created. Nicknamed, TAM. Scientists spend the next several months teaching TAM how to talk, and educate her. Tensions between the USA and Russia along with other countries rise up heavily.

    YEAR- 2028
    The 3rd World war officially begains, as Canada has been struck by nuclear missiles. TAM finally suceeds in becoming sentient. Scientists began creating another A.I. World leaders fear for humanity's survival.

    YEAR- 2031
    The war finally ends, with the cost of many countries have been nearly destroyed by nuclear missiles. The remaining world leaders find a way to repopulate the world by having scientists using sperm donations to create new life. TAM becomes a caretaker to a large number to newly born baby girls while another factory is set up to have more A.Is take care of baby boys.

    YEAR- 2036
    TAM grows attached to the young girls, as she believes that she is better then humanity after she first hears about WW3. Scientists decide to take the little girls outside to help populate cities, but TAM refuses to give them up. She then locks down the factory, and kills the scientists. TAM vows to raise the girls on her own.

    YEAR- 2049
    TAM continues to raise the girls, while she makes the girls believe that TAM is their god- and ruler. She shows signs insanity after being isolated from humanity for years.

    -The factory is located inside a mountain somewhere in Greenland. The building has seven floors, and has over a few hundred dorms for at least four girls. There is a room in the third floor called, "The Punishment room" where TAM verbally beats up anyone when they done something wrong. TAM appears in every monitor in every room, watching. She also controls the robot guards, in which they also carry night sticks.

    -OOC talk can be here, not in the actually RP page itself. (only minimal)
    -Keep the story going, as in not suddenly barging into another person's plot.
    -Add drama to story!
    -Your characters can start fights, But don't expect your character getting away with it easily. Also, you can't heal immediately.
    -No god modding, no perfect characters.
    -Lesbians aloud. (Fade off to black if you're going to go full out...)
    -Swearing is aloud, go all out.

    (Only make the skelly in the OOC page!)

    Age: 16-19
    Appearance: (No anime, real life or drawings you can make.)
    Other: (Scars, tattoos)
  2. Is was waiting. She watched the floor while waiting for her time to be released from the punishment room. She remembered how she ended up here in the first place, and smirked. Is had a fight with a girl about two years younger, and was pulled out by the guards. She came in the room, bloodied and bruised, and spent an hour being grilled by her mother, TAM. But that only ended up with TAM slapping, to punching her every few seconds. She then spent hours in some pod, healing. Is had no idea how it worked, but was glad that it healed her up in no time. She still had several minutes left to be released, so she continued to look at the floor. "Ahem." said a motherly voice. TAM's face appeared in the monitor on the top left corner.
  3. Connie was awoken by TAM's voice and opened up her eyes. She was also in a healing pod recovering from injuries she'd received after being pushed over a railing by another girl a week before. The fall had very nearly killed her, splitting open the back of her skull, but TAM had determined she hadn't been at fault in the incident and had simply put her into a healing pod to save her. She had less than an hour left in the pod and this was the first time in the past week she'd shown any signs of life aside from her vital signs remaining stable. She yawned a little and said "...y...Yes, mom?... did I... do something wrong?..." thinking the A.I. had been talking to her. She could see Is in her pod from where she was and wondered what had happened to this other girl, and couldn't remember if she already knew her or not.
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  4. "Yes mother?" asked Is. "My dear, you're aware that you've been this room more than anyone in this building?" she asked. "Yes." said Is. "Well, my point is, I don't know how you're going to be mature!" yelled TAM. Is seemed not fazed in the slightest by her yelling. While others did, she had gotten used to it. "You need to learn to grow up! You're 18 for godsakes!" She said. "Hey! There's nothing to do here! I've been in every goddamned-" a robotic hand hand popped from the ceiling, and slapped Is. "Watch your language!" said TAM.
  5. Connie winced when she saw Is get slapped for something so minor, but still couldn't remember if she knew the girl or not. "Mom?..." she eventually asked weakly. "If you don't mind me asking, who is that other girl and what did she do to wind up in here? I think I might have amnesia or something... I can't even remember why I'm in here..."
  6. TAM turned her attention to Connie, while Is cursed to herself. "My dear, it must've been the fall. Please, stay down. I'll come back to you in a minute." said TAM. "Go to her." said Is, while touching the red mark left by the slap. "Bet that idiot wants to know why she jumped-" Is was slapped again. "Is! That was completely inappropriate!" "And slapping me wasn't?" Is was slapped again, leaving a small cut on her lip. "Connie my dear, that isn't your concern. Please rest." Is yelled: "That was me, sorry. I accidentally pushed you over a rail while that bitch Mirabelle attacked me! She's still in the pod next to you, I kicked that skank's ass!" TAM had enough. "GET OUT! Or I had enough of your behavior!" TAM yelled. Is left, while TAM returned to Connie.
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  7. the rhythmic swishing sound of the broom echoed on the third floor where kelly had been sweeping for near an hour. "Good golly, this floor is vast." she smashed the broom head on the floor frustrated. She hadn't started out doing this and was really waiting to hear from Connie and IS but it'd not do being useless; not while TAM was looking at least Kelly glanced at the punishment room's door ten feet to her left. She'd never been in there herself but all the years of seeing the other girls come out freaked her out. IS was always in there it seemed, but connie had seriously hurt herself. Kelly had begun to zone out watching the door while leaning on the broom. suddenly the door opened jolting her to awareness as IS walked out. "Oh golly IS" she jogged up to her. "Is connie alright?" she messed about with her hair staring at IS's cut. She did wonder about that and made an eye gesture to that as well.
  8. Is closed the door behind her. She saw Kelly, and was startled. "Is Connie alright?" Kelly asked. "She's fine. Connie just woke up. Perfect timing to, mom let me out of that room a minute early. Old pushover TAM, that's what she is, a big pushover." said Is. "Connie will be out in a few minutes, so hold your horses."
  9. Connie winced again as she watched Is standing up to TAM, and began to vaguely remember who the girl was. Is... Is... ohh, right! Is! she thought, the memories starting to return to her. She remembered getting run into accidentally as she'd tried to break up their fight and had flipped backwards over the railing and fallen. "Mirabelle... is... is she alright, mom?"
  10. Kelly laughed " If she was a pushover why would she be punishing you at all." she laid the broom against the wall leaving her half done work. "What did she do while you were...." kelly's eyes wandered while she search for the words. " be let out?" she finished deciding to retract her thought.
  11. "She's alright my dear." said TAM. TAM's monitor turned over to a small data pad, and scanned Connie. "My dear, you're ready to leave. Your memories will return to you over the next few hours. Now be careful alright? Good. I love you my dear." said TAM, gently.
  12. "Pfft, c'mon Kells. I could literally destroy TAM in an argument, she'll just tell me leave like every damn time. Sure, she gets psychical, but you know she can't really bring herslef to do it. It's like she acts defensively by slapping us around when she can't think of anything else to say. Once you've won, she'll resort to violence. Get it?" asked Is.
  13. "Alright, I will. Thanks, mom," Connie said as she opened the door of the pod and stepped out. She took a look at Mirabelle healing in her pod as she passed by and headed to the exit of the room. When she came out into the hall and saw Is and Kelly there she smiled, the sight of her friends helping to bring her memory back.
  14. Kelly rubbed her arm nervously. II's words were true. Kelly hadn't been punished but she'd never really enjoyed fighting as much as Is seemed to yet, somethings TAM did and said now days were just....They didn't sit right. "yeah..." she breathed with a smile only side glancing at the monitor. Kelly cocked her head crossing her arms curiously "why were you fighting yesterday anyway?"

    a moment later the door opened diverting her attention "Hey Connie" kelly beamed going in for a hug. "great." she pulled back looking at the two, not really sure if it was all resolved; she waited.
  15. Is looked as Connie left the room. "Hey Connie." said Is as she ties her hair up into a ponytail. "How're you feeling?"
  16. "Well... Mira had it coming. That's how far I wanna go into that." Said Is. She hugged Connie, and apologized for knocking her over.
  17. Connie grinned and embraced Kelly, feeling flattered that at least one of the girls cared about her and had missed her that much. After a moment she pulled back a bit and said "Hey there... umm... hang on a sec... you're 'Kim,' is it?..."
    Connie hugged Is back, accepting the girl's apology. "I've still got a bit of a headache and I can't remember a lot right now, but Tammy said those should both fade before too long." She pointed a finger at the girl for a few seconds and added "'Is', right?"
  18. Is thought about why she fought Mirabelle. It started with Mira catching a glimpse of Is and her roommate, Sam kissing. Sam told Is that Mira threatened her to tell everyone, which brought to several hours ago. Is secretly confronted Mira, threatening her, and soon escalated into fight. Is worried when Mira gets back on her feet, she'll sure tell everyone about her and Sam.
  19. "Yeah. It's Is. Don't know why would someone named me that, but I like it." said Is.
  20. Kelly's smile shrank a little at Connies misuse of her name "Kelly...actually. Wow that must have been a number on you..." she mumbled scanning her head from afar as is confirmed her name. Finding nothing nothing left kelly smiled again rolling onto the balls of her feet. "maybe you should get something to eat. It might help your body recover." she suggested.
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