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  1. (Welcome aboard this Roleplay I've thought of making for a while!)

    This is Cliffside. An all women's nursery home. This is your home, and you spent your entire life in here. You don't know what "outside" is, or what a "man" is either, but I do. You were suppose to leave the factory when you were four years old, but for some reason you haven't. The only parent you can look up to is your only caretaker, TAM. She was always with you since the day you were born, and had feed you, and bathed you. However, TAM was always strict, and had a short temper. Now that you're old enough, TAM has started treating you differently. She is more verbal when it comes to punishing you, and gives you more responsibilities. But I won't tell you who I really am, because TAM will sure kill me for sure if she catches you listening to this audio log. I believe that TAM is losing it, because I recently came across a corpse down inside the basement one night, and it didn't look like the ones TAM taught us about our body. This one was different. I also think she's lying to us about everything. We must've been meant to be elsewhere, because as a kid, I remember hearing TAM yelling something about keeping us in here. It wasn't clear. I heard screams afterwards, and it wasn't her. I was so terrified that I ran away back to my room, and since then began to rethink everything. If you're feeling doubts about TAM, then find me in the basement every Sunday on the north side. I've also gathered a little more information about what's TAM hiding from us. Good night.

    YEAR- 2017
    Scientists from all over the world have funded $20 billion dollars to start creating the very first A.I in history. They are sent to a secret laboratory in Greenland known as "Cliffside" to start the project.

    YEAR- 2022
    The A.I project is still in the making. The news of this project become public. The USA have started a war against Russia over oil shortages. Canada and Japan soon join the battle.

    YEAR- 2027
    The very first A.I is created. Nicknamed, TAM. Scientists spend the next several months teaching TAM how to talk, and educate her. Tensions between the USA and Russia along with other countries rise up heavily.

    YEAR- 2028
    The 3rd World war officially begains, as Canada has been struck by nuclear missiles. TAM finally suceeds in becoming sentient. Scientists began creating another A.I. World leaders fear for humanity's survival.

    YEAR- 2031
    The war finally ends, with the cost of many countries have been nearly destroyed by nuclear missiles. The remaining world leaders find a way to repopulate the world by having scientists using sperm donations to create new life. TAM becomes a caretaker to a large number to newly born baby girls while another factory is set up to have more A.Is take care of baby boys.

    YEAR- 2036
    TAM grows attached to the young girls, as she believes that she is better then humanity after she first hears about WW3. Scientists decide to take the little girls outside to help populate cities, but TAM refuses to give them up. She then locks down the factory, and kills the scientists. TAM vows to raise the girls on her own.

    YEAR- 2049
    TAM continues to raise the girls, while she makes the girls believe that TAM is their god- and ruler. She shows signs insanity after being isolated from humanity for years.

    -The factory is located inside a mountain somewhere in Greenland. The building has seven floors, and has over a few hundred dorms for at least four girls. There is a room in the third floor called, "The Punishment room" where TAM verbally beats up anyone when they done something wrong. TAM appears in every monitor in every room, watching. She also controls the robot guards, in which they also carry night sticks.

    -OOC talk can be here, not in the actually RP page itself. (only minimal)
    -Keep the story going, as in not suddenly barging into another person's plot.
    -Add drama to story!
    -Your characters can start fights, But don't expect your character getting away with it easily. Also, you can't heal immediately.
    -No god modding, no perfect characters.
    -Lesbians aloud. (Fade off to black if you're going to go full out...)
    -Swearing is aloud, go all out.

    Age: 16-19
    Appearance: (No anime, real life or drawings you can make.)
    Other: (Scars, tattoos) <-- Link to the roleplay page.
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  2. *Raises hand excitedly* I volunteer!
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    Can I start putting together?
  3. Your skelly? Sure.
  4. Totally joining this.
  5. :Name:
    Keline "Kelly"

    18 years


    Keline is a petite girl, about 5'4 in height

    Kelly is Enthusiastic and passionate attributing to her "let's get it done" attitude. Her passion for something sometimes gets in the way of her speech and she has trouble conveying her thoughts clearly. Growing up with an artificial mother is great and all but Kelly feels that a lot of things that go on are wrong and can't tell you why she feels that way; because, of course, everything mother says is truth. She's always admired messy situations but hasn't yet been in one. Her life is obedience or be run over and so she chooses to live comfortably in obedience; it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt.

  6. Name: Is

    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Is is a energetic and daredevil. She is always desiring for adventure and believes that no one isn't as pumped up as she is. Is is very protective and willing to do anything for her friends. However, she shows bitterness as people take advantage of this fact and allow Is to take the fall for problems. Is likes to fight with others, always believing that she'll emerge victorious, only to sometimes win. She wishes to be friends with everyone, but her reputation as a short tempered person has sort of tarnished her chances, which frustrates her. Still, Is is very sociable. She speaks rudely most of the time, but doesn't do it intentional.

    Other: A scar left on her left elbow, from a beating from TAM.
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  7. Accepted!
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  8. Name: Aimee
    Age: 16
    Personality: Aimee is a sweet heart with a naive disposition. She believes that her and her friends situation is normal and that TAM is the best mother that anyone could ask for. She's only seen the punishment room a few times and that was only when she was younger, but she considers herself the perfect child in TAM's eyes, even thought her mother shows no bias or favoritism.
    Aimee is more of a follower than a leader, although she has an unlimited amount of curiosity. She will never willingly enter danger if she thinks doing so will anger TAM, and so she plays her cards wisely to circumnavigate the "system". If it ever came down to leaving the factory, Aimee wouldn't be sure if she would leave to explore or stay with her mother just so she wouldn't be unhappy.
    Other: A scar on her chin when she fell down during one of her adventures in the factory.
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  10. Name: Connie
    Age: 17
    (A bit bustier and a somewhat more athletic build than the pic. Eyes slightly darker shade, but purple instead of blue, and hair is waist-length not bust-length.)
    Personality: Connie is a serious Tomboy, she's smart, caring and protective, especially for those who can't protect themselves from TAM's guards or the other girls. She is very playful for her age, and she can get a little emotional at times. Very adventurous and curious though she doesn't mean any wrong, and honestly tries to be obedient to TAM because she both respects her 'mother' and knows that bad things happen to the disobedient girls.
    Other: She's got a bit of a hormone imbalance that is making her pretty horny, and she's started becoming more and more attracted to some of the other girls.
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  11. Name: Aria
    Age: 18
    Appearance: 754a073cbfd9f295b2e215b05da32459.jpg
    Personality: Aria is a very eccentric spirit. She can be laid back,and passive one moment, and then wild and excited the next. She loves making the other girls smile and laugh and hates seeing anyone upset, and she especially dislikes those who pick on those weaker than them. She is very optimistic and open minded,and prefers to think before she acts but can be really awkward when it comes to emotional situations and when she is placed in the spotlight. Aria also has a rebellious streak, or rather she hates being told what to do,which has caused the occasional run in with her "mother." She can sometimes seem distant but will not hesitate to take action when it comes to helping those she really cares for. Aria has always wanted something more than a life locked inside the building with the same thing everyday, and nothing ever changing. She can not bring her self to hate TAM being that TAM has raised her and that life is the only thing she knows, but she has always wondered how her life would be different if she lived on the outside.
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  14. (They say, "mother" when they talk to her, but called her TAM when they aren't talking to TAM.
  15. What day are we starting on? Do we already know each other?
  16. Yeah, it'll make thing simpler in terms of setting the story up.
  17. Also, it's already started.
  18. Yes, I was just looking at it. Wondering where I might best jump in. Are we going to follow the " find me in the basement every Sunday on the north side" storyline right off or shall we just play a bit?
  19. Just out of curiosity, what are the healing pods like? Are they similar to one-man bacta tanks (small upright cylinders with all sides made of completely transparent glass. They'd tilt down to become horizontal and the top would hinge open for the girls to get in or out) or like the hibernation pods in Prometheus (similar size but with only the door on the front being see-through) or are they bigger (like a small room in their own right with a clear door and/or windows on the front or the sides to see into adjacent pods)? Mainly I'm curious as to if there's a way to see into the pods next to the one you're in or if you can only see out the fronts and, therefore, only see into the pod directly across from yours and some number of pods to either side of that one.
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