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  1. For years I've noticed the "invisible" country. Even when everyone else forgot him I see him. I understand what it's like, though ill never admit it. I would of talked to him a long time ago if I wasn't so concerned with west, who was now spending his time with one of the Italy brothers. But now I can.
    America was throwing a party at his place at this is my chance to talk to Canada and become his friend, maybe then I won't disappear. ...
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  2. I sighed softly, holding Kumajirou in one arm while I adjusted my glasses with my other. My injuries from Cuba had disappeared and I wondered just how I could make myself more...different. I was tired of being mistaken for the big America by Cuba. America was having a party...maybe I could find a way there? Carefully, I made my way to the party. Hopefully now I could be seen as myself. Or rather...actually seen.
  3. I waited near the entrance of the party room. Everyone was a well into the festivities and England was even already drunk with a Frenchman following him laughing. I sighed 'when Is he going to get here? ' I looked around again for the blond but the closet thing I saw was his lard ass brother
  4. When I reached the party, I realized I was late. Oh well. I held Kumajirou close to me. "C'mon...let's go see who's hear." I wispered to Kumajirou as I approached the door. I looked up, and to my surprise, Prussia was there. "H-hello Prussia." I smiled faintly, my voice as soft and quiet as ever.
  5. I smiled brightly as Canada entered "hey Canada, how are you? I was wondering if you were coming" mentally I slapped myself 'when did my awesomeness act so nice? '
  6. "I'm...I'm good. How are you?" I asked, looking around at everyone. I smiled a little, wondering if I should go join a few of the others at the pool when I was done. I could hear Italy's words all the way over here. I looked back to Prussia. He was being strangely nice.
  7. "Awesome" I stated simply and took a sip out of a beer that was in my hand. "Your bother throws some crazy parties, and for no reason at that" I look around and loud voices of the few drunken countries
  8. I nodded. "Yeah." I pet Kumajirou and smiled. "Want to go to the pool?" I asked Prussia. If he said no, I would probably still go over there, but maybe I'd stay here. He was one of the few countries who actually talked to me.
  9. i shrug "sure" just then Gilbird flew over from the food table, carring a small piece of fruit and lands on Canada's head. "kesese~ i think he want's to give you something"
  10. I blinked, tilting my head forwards and catching the fruit. I chuckled softly. "Thanks." I told Gilbird before adjusting Kumajirou in my arms. "C'mon." I said softly to Prussia, walking over to the side of the pool. Italy was playing Marco Polo in the pool while Germany, Italy, and a few of the others stood on the side, occasionally calling Polo in their conversations.
  11. I follow along behind and chuckle to myself. "watch" i say and look over at Germany who was busy talking with Japan about something. I smirk and run at him, "WWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSTTTTTTT" i yell as i tackle him into the pool, cauing everyone to laugh and germany to glare at me "mein gott bruder," he mutters.
    I smirk and more people begin to jump into the pool, wooping and hollering. I look over at you and smile happily, ushering you into the pool.
  12. I laughed softly as Prussia tackled Germany into the pool. I had to admit, it was funny. Gently, I set Kumajirou down before sitting on the side of the pool. I handed Kumajirou my glasses and slid in, staying underwater a moment before hopping up, wading over to Prussia. "That was funny." I smiled, avoiding Italy's arm as he swam past yelling Marco still.
  13. I grin in return. "glad you liked it, West hates it when i do things like that" I splash canada, and try and avoid the many people that were now in the pool 'im glad i got him to laugh, he always loooks so upset and scared'
  14. I was surprised by the splash and ducked underwater. As I came up, Italy bumped me into Prussia, causing me to blush a little. Italy squealed and swam over to Germany. I sighed, rubbing water from my eye. "Sorry..." I told Prussia softly, scooting back a little.
  15. I would of blushed too if i could when Canada bumped into me. "I-It's okay, D-don't sweat it." i studered, STUDERED. 'mein gott what wrong with me'. i again mentally yelled at myself for acting like a fool. just then a almost naked drunken England jumps in and almost lands on top of me. i move away and glare at the brit, and move over beside you, muttering "now this is getting a little to crazy for my liking"
    (sorry changing how i type, it's a little easier for me)
  16. ((You're all good ^~^))

    I shift slightly closer to Prussia, uneasy at the fact that despite being right next to them, no one seemed to notice me. I sighed softly. "I wonder if anyone is by the bar." I said, glancing around at the drunk countries just swimming around. I felt a little awkward. America swam past and I tried to get his attention, but it didn't work, per usual. I looked at Prussia, almost as if he could read my mind and know what I was asking.
    Although, that would be kind of weird, wouldn't it? I pushed the thought away.
  17. i notice your saddness asa America ignores you, I climb out of the pool and reach a hand out to you "come on lets go get a drink," i smile, "and don't worry about America, im surprised that he can even walk right now"
  18. I paused, then took Prussia's hand, accepting his help in climbing out of the pool. I shook the water from my hair and picked up my glasses, returning them to my face and picking up Kumajirou and holding him close. "Okay.." I said to Prussia's suggestion, following him closely as not to get knocked over by the crazy countries, most of them drunk.
  19. I look over at the nervous country that followed me "So... Canada, tell me about yourself" i say and throw my arm around the blond's wet shoulders, and leads him over to the bar
  20. "I like Maple Syrup...and...America's my older brother and...I'm pretty invisible...and this is my friend Kumajirou." I smiled and pet Kumajirou, not bothered by the arm around my shoulder except for the light blush on my face. "And I'm quiet." I added.
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