The Not-so-new Newby?



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Well now, This is a funny predicament, isn't it? But before I rant, I guess I should introduce my self and explain a little.

♫♪~ Handle:
Soji works well, but if you know me well enough to see my terrible fails, then you can call me the 'Fail Fox'. Until then, just use Soji.

♫♪~ Age/Status/Orientation/Gender:
Well, respectively: 18, engaged, straight, female. Don't hit on me, and I won't kill you (*evil grin*)

Experience and Other RP Crap:
Five years of role-playing experience; everything from Naruto fanfics to post apocalyptic fantasy. I love unique but believable characters, so no super vampire crap...
Also, I love it when I get long posts as replies, it makes me feel challenged and very loved. :heart: I'm not picky about grammar at all, but if I don't understand what you type, I'll probably ask you to repeat or retype what you posted.

♫♪~ Hobbies:
I haven't had much time recently to focus on my many hobbies, but I can still claim them. I love to paint and draw. That was my first real talent, even before I started role-playing. I love to read everything from long novels to mangas. Anything that's well written and has a good story-line (sorry, but I hate Twilight and books like that). I actually like to run and play tag, but only with my family and my fiancée. Oh, and I play bass guitar, did I mention that? For me, that's huge. I love my music with a passion.

♫♪~ Fur?!?!:
Just as a warning to those who dislike furs or anthro characters, I am one. 'Fur?' you ask? Well, a fur (or furry) is a person that uses an anthropomorphic animal (anthro for short) to symbolize themselves or relate themselves to. I know, big word, but in general, it means a half human, half animal. Now, why did I choose a fox of all things? I have a very strange shaped nose and long brown-red hair. Also, I've always been resourceful and often called 'clever'. After a while, the whole fox fur-sona stuck.

Now, don't be too judgmental too quickly. I do not like perverted people or being perverted in any way, I'm a clean RP fox. I will refer to myself as a fox, but it's not in a provocative or perverted sense, I'm just being me. My characters, on the other hand, will not always be of the anthropomorphic nature. I will build my individual characters based on the RP itself.

♫♪~ Music:
Well, I can't pin down a favorite genre off the top of my head. In general, I listen to punk, rock, metal, classic-rock, celtic, j-rock, techno, and a lot of different sub-genres of rock and techno. I do have a habit of attaching a theme-song to my characters, so be prepared!!

As for my favorite band, I LOVE Rise Against, and the entirety of their new album is going through my head. The song "Satellite" mostly though.
Hello and welcome to Iwaku! <3 Though I myself am not of the fur persuasion, we've actually got several fur-fan members, so you don't have to fear about that. XD We do like to crack jokes, so don't think it's personal!

Congrats on being engaged! I just got engaged myself after 6 and half long years of waiting! >>;

Well then, check out the OOC forum whever you're ready. We've have lots of rps looking for new players right now. :D
I'm from a big family, I can take a joke rather well. ^w^ As for the whole fur thing, I'm actually rather reserved about that. I'll make fox references about myself here and there, but I'm not one of the crazy people who runs around in public with ears and tails. I have friends who do though! XD Crazy friends are fun people.
Welcome to Iwaku. Where everyone loves everyone. Wait... that's wrong.

Where everyone loves... Hell, I don't know who everyone loves.

You'll have fun here. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me. But, don't ask Asmo. He's a meanie. J/K.