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    Hola, Senior Dora! (*Zero claps and lots of awkward coughs*)
    Anyway. Hi! My names Bitter and I'm searching for partners to roleplay either female or male! Do you enjoy Undertale, Fantasy, slice of life, adventure, magic, angst, horror, romance, modern,star wars, and anime. I sure don't so you won't find it here..

    Okay, I'm joking, I love all of that! ^^
    Anyway(favorite wor
    d to say when changing topic, you'll probably see it a lot here and there.) a few things to know about me is, I'm always submissive, though I can be dominate at times, I also love to play pshyco character whether it's sick romance or just horror. I can also play sweet characters as well. I'm naturally okay with anything except medieval times(most of the time..) and sometimes my replies might be veeery late or really quick.

    Post below if you'd like to roleplay and I'll start a pm!

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  2. Do you care about post length? (my post tend to be very short ) if you do pretend i never messaged here if not do you have anything already that you want to try?
  3. I don't care about post length, as long as it isn't a single word or a line.
  4. i usually try my best to keep from one liners but they will end up happening occassionally
  5. well nvm anyways
  6. Hello! I would love to do an rp with you! I have an idea for an rp though it's with some FNAF characters? If that's a no then it could be done with just original characters. :3 Either way, it's up to you!
  7. That sounds nice! ^^ I'm always up for a Fnaf rp! Though, could it be original characters.
  8. pm me if you like. ill do an rp?
  9. I wouldn't mind that at all! Fnaf tends to be very easy with making original characters...especially since we're mainly just given a bunch of names and that's about it. x3 You can send me a pm and we can discuss it more! :3
  10. I am up for an rp if you are still looking for partners!
  11. I'd be up for writing with you!
  12. I'm up for anything FxF Fxfuta
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