The not so holy angels

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  1. During an event a group of cultists use black magic to control god but end up declaring war against heaven causing the angels to kill humans and start an apocalypse. The humans fled underground for shelter and sent people to the surface when the population got to big, we are those humans who where sent to the surface. We must survive for as long as we can until some one can defeat those angels and save humanity.
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    And religion.
    Also wright down or post their appearance. Thanks :)

    The role god is taken by: Cyrrius the Reaver

    The role demon king is taken by: Ragna terumi
    The role Thio the angel cultist is taken by: Riopop
    The role angel commander is taken by:
    The role gatekeeper is taken by:

    If you want to become one of these characters send me a pm.
    When you join this rp you can join the group the survivors if you would like, that's the group for this rp

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  2. As H'keil left the under ground tunnel with nothing but his external decoder machine he came up onto the surface for the first time in all of his life. " wow I didn't know it would look so horrible" H'keil said to himself. He then started to walk for hours until he got to the first city. He went in side the first building to look for food and found a can of beans. He thought to himself how was he going to open the can. He was starving so the first thing he did was got a sharp rock and used the edge of it and it worked. He gulped the beans down even though he cried a little from it. Going down his throat and the horrible taste. But it was the best food he had for hours. He then raided some more buildings and came out with, 2 cans of beans, 3 plastic bags, a canteen halve filled with water and 1 piece of stale bread.
  3. It's getting night time H'keil said to himself I should find a place to sleep. While wondering around the city some more he found an inn witch was still a good building, so he went inside and found a room with a bed and took a short nap.
  4. Alex drove along the road in a rusty old truck. He had prepared for the day he would be kicked out for god knows how long. He stalked up on food, weapons and gas. He also prepared a safe house. An old bank vault in a nearby town. He decided he would drive there and hold out in the vault for as long as he could.

    Alex slowed down as he entered the city. He zigzagged through the maze of crumbling ruins that was once beautiful. He turned his headlights on as it was getting dark. He Pulled into the alleyway between the bank and an inn. The old brakes on the truck squeaked loudly as he stopped. He hoped no one had heard it.
  5. Suddenly H'keil woke up by a loud noise that sounded like a screech. He got up and got his stuff and looked around for a weapon. He saw a led pipe on the ground and picked it up and opened the door to the room and went to the exit ready to attack anything that came in.
  6. Alex turned off the truck, removed the key and grabbed his gun which had a flashlight crudely duct taped to the underside. He turned it on and moved to unlock the side door to the bank. He opened the door and raised his gun, prepared to blast anything that came out of the darkness.
  7. H'keil crept out of the inn to see a car and a man entering the bank. The man seems to be Searching for stuff. H'keil took cover behind the vehicle and yelled," he you are you human if you are don't shoot me when I come out ok?! H'keil knew it was a bad idea to trust anyone like this but he didn't care at all.
  8. Sygil was never one to walk into a fight blindly, he pulled out a pair of binoculars from his bag, from his vantage point across the street on a building. He was sure it was a supermarket, of which kind he didn't know the only letters that hadn't fallen off the face of the building were the w, a, m, a, and the t. As he watched the man drive up in the old beater of the truck, someone else caught his eye. From atop the "Wamat" store he could see another man preparing to attack the first with a lead pipe. This should at least be interesting. If all goes well I'll have a truck by the end of this, if not, well, I didn't particularly need the truck.
  9. Not what he needed. Alex did not want someone compromising the location of his afe house. Alex turns and points his gun at Keil. "Show yourself!".
  10. H'keil stands up and says don't shoot please I just need help to survive. H'keil was shacking so hard he didn't know what to do what if the guy shot him then it would be all over for him.
  11. Alex was making no mistakes. "Turn around." He said firmly. He ran through the protocols he set up for himself in his head. Step 1. Make sure they're not an angel.
  12. Ok, H'keil turned around and also dropped his stuff. Except his weird device that he found on a dead angel.
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  13. Ouch.. Brutal, not even a "Hello." To start with... He thought to himself with a grin, still watching through the binoculars. I'll wait till they head inside. Then it's time to see if Gerry's Carjacking advice comes in handy. He sits on the edge of the building, waiting for his chance.
  14. Well he's not an angel "Sorry man. You need to go." Alex tosses him a can of soup. "Leave or I drop you where you stand."
  15. ((H'keil)) alright he said he picked up his things but before that he told the man that he had a strange device that has a data base of angels and showed it to him.
  16. This peaked Alexs curiousity."You realize how valuable that is? Get inside the building." A database was something Alex dreamed of. Knowing that much more about an enemy was important to him.
  17. H'keil put the data base away and went inside and sat down at a table and set down his stuff.
  18. "Help me get these boxes inside." He points to 8 large boxes in the back of the truck. He picks up one and sits it inside.
  19. Ok. H'keil helped with the boxes and puts it inside and then asked then what do I do?
  20. Alex shut and locked door. He opened a box, took a lamp out, and turned it on. "Let me see that database. Trust me I'm not going to kill you."