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  1. Name: H'keil Selfeird
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Strengths: hacking; decoding
    Weaknesses: being around other people; shy
    Religion: atheist

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  2. Name: Ethel
    Age: impossible to calculate
    Gender: Female
    Strengths: diplomatic; loyal; skilled swordsmaiden
    Weaknesses: inability to love anyone but her son Adrian
    Religion: N/A -- Ethel is an angel.
    Ethel (open)
    Ethel (open)


    Name: Adrian
    Age: fourteen
    Gender: Male
    Strengths: compassionate; loyal
    Weaknesses: sickly; afraid
    Religion: Chriatian

    Adrian (open)

    ((In case you haven't caught on, Adrian is half-angel. His mother abandons him at the beginning for his own safety, and he hides his parentage. He sympathizes with both angels and humans.))
  3. image.jpg Name: Sygil Occlan
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Strengths: Agile, adaptable, good with daggers, passionate for his cause.
    Weakness: Single-track mindset, enjoys fighting, passionate for his cause.
  4. Name: Alex Woods
    Gender: M
    Strength: preparedness, skilled in various forms of combat
    Weakness: sharp objects, bullets. Very empathetic towards fellow humans.
  5. ((My second character))
    Name: Thio
    Age: 157
    Gender: male
    Strengths: using a katana, he is very quick and can disappear in the shadows. He also can use magic.
    Weaknesses: blood, if he sees it he will do crazy things to drink it even his own blood.
    Religion: N/A he is a fallen angel

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