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A group of strangers awaken in unfamiliar surroundings, a room full of beds and scarcely anything else.

"Welcome to my game. Your task is to survive long enough to win. What is this game, you ask? This game is the Nonary game. The game of numbers. The game of nines. now is time to get acquainted with the rules.

Firstly, you are all assigned a number. You will see that on your left wrist there is a number, this number will remain with you until the end of the game as will the device. There are only two conditions that will allow the devices to be removed.

A) You win the game and leave. In other words, once you leave the confines of the game the devices will be automatically shut down.

B) Your heart rate reaches zero. If a player dies, the device will detect the lack of heart rate and shut down.

To play the game you must survive and escape. To do this you must complete tasks for food, water, and to advance your way through rooms to work towards your freedom.

Tasks will be presented to you at numbered doors. There are to types of door separated quite simple between double doors and singular ones. Single doors are smaller challenges, usually taking place in one room. These challenges will happen at regular intervals to earn basic living essentials. The double doors lead to larger areas and unlock the next foot of your escape rout.

On each door there is two devices (on either side). To unlock any door players must scan their numbered device on the outside receiver referred to as the "RED" and once on the other side you must again scan the device on the internal receiver known as the "DEAD".

the doors will close automatically nine seconds after opening.

The door will not open unless the numbers of those who scan their devices has a digital root matching the number on the door. (Example: 2 + 5 + 8 = 15 --- 1 + 5 = 6)

If any of those who scanned their device on the RED do not scan it on the DEAD within 81 seconds, anyone who has passed through that door will be eliminated via explosives embedded inside each of you. you will also be eliminated if you step through any door without scanning your device on the RED.

You are to follow any instructions I issue out personally without fail.

You have free will, despite my rules. I expect you to exercise it.

This all takes place in a seemingly boundlessly large building that splits into sever, often very different areas. (all location descriptions/ layouts will be given by me when a new area is reached)

I'll handle most of the technical stuff like what challenges happen when and where unless anyone wants to help me with that. I will play as both a player and the person running the Nonary game (= any extra people that may come into play)

Regarding characters, characters can die but only if that's hat you want I wont make you die. If you want your character to die but still want to participate you can start with two characters. HOWEVER if you do start with two one must die.
also note that this idea is heavily inspired by the game 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors

Character sheet:

Assigned number: (1-9 to start off)
Name: (characters use code names relating to their number)
Age: (17-50)
Appearance: (can include a picture but please no real people, it makes me uncomfortable to use peoples faces for rp)
Background: (where they live, what their normal life is like ect.)
One strong point:

Character sheet example (my character, done quickly mostly as an example, will be edited later)

Assigned number: 2
Name: Dyad (meaning pair)
Age: 19
Appearance: Dyed-grey (naturally black) hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Independent, soft-spoken, friendly, philosophical
Background: Dyad is a Uni student living on his own near campus. There was nothing particularly special about his life until he was abducted from his apartment after class.
One strong point: good memory
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I like this! It kind of like reminds me of Saw as well! Interested, if it's still open!


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Ow I love this idea I would love to join on this adventure

Assigned number: 4
Name: Cetiri (litterally means four in Serbian)
Age: 24

His hair is dark brown, though it depends on the light as some people say it is medium brown, while others see it as black. His hazel eyes are mostly covered with glasses, though he wears contact lenses also. Fun fact without his lenses or glasses he can't see anything besde some colored blurs. He has a lean build with a slightly sunkissed colored skin, despite not spending much time outside. There is a large scar on his left shoulder blade from a knife that just missed, he dislikes talking about it and will try to hide it.

Personality: He isn't as arrogant as he seems, but he expects intellect from people. He is a streber, always wanting to get the highest marks and scores in the subjects he is good at. He knows his own strong suits and will not accept any failure when it comes to that. He is a calm boy, hard to anger and not one to panic quickly. However he does get easily mad with himself when he is unable to complete a task or figure out a simple thing. He is friendly, yet a bit social awkward as his mind just seems to focus on completely different things than other people. He is easily uncomfortable when someone is overly social towards him, whether that is just meant in a chatty friendly way or flirtatious. By the way, he probably won't even notice the difference anyway. He can be a bit naive even when it comes to that kind of stuff. Mostly he is just a bit shy, silent guy that can certainly strike up a meaningful conversation or fierce discussion.

Background: He is an orphaned refugee boy that was adopted by the psychologist that treated him for his traumas thanks to the war that made him an orphan to begin with. He had a pretty stable life, once he was brought to the States and left Serbia far behind. However he is still fluent in Serbian as he kept up with learning his motherlanguage. Since his eight birthday he has lived in the States and never really spend any attention to anything beside his schooling, books and numbers. No girl or boy has ever interested him in particular. He was and still is a straight A student, who sees any lower mark as complete failure. More often than not he is plagued by nightmares of his past, yet he knows how to handle that and shrug it off once he is awake. He is now majoring in Logaritms and Algrebra at the Uni, desperately fighting for his place as topstudent of all times. He hasn't got much of a social life and mostly spends his days off at the library, the same library he had violently been taken away from.

One strong point: Math or really anything with numbers.

If I have to change anything, or you want me to elaborate, just let me know:P
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A little bit of everything so long as I can fit one of my existing characters into the RP
I really like this idea and am thinking about joining.
For now I just want to say the image you have for your character belongs to
It sounds like she is good with people using her art so long as she is credited though ^^


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Aaah a while ago I was going to app this character for a nonary game ambidex edition rp but it totally fell through (on a different website, not enough people). I admittedly have to, ah, stretch some things to get this to work how I want but if there is any trouble just ping me.

Assigned number: 5
Name: Fido (because it kind of sounds like five. And also he refuses to be called anything else)
Age: 17
Appearance: A quick colored sketch for now because he needs a new ref. A scrawny, sickly looking teen with a tan complexion and white hair. His eyes are brown with a bit of a redish tint. He's wearing a blue button-down shirt with a brown vest that has his school's emblem on it, as well as brown slacks.
Personality: Skittish and food-driven. Will do just about anything for food, and is known to hoard food and probably has some old Twinkies in his pocket (ew). Has trouble speaking but writes rather eloquently. Likewise, he can seem a bit slow but actually can think on his feet very well. Doesn't know how to interact with people and tends to lash out violently (especially when food is involved). Also tends to stare at people, it's kinda creepy.
Background: An orphan raised alongside other orphaned kids by a criminal organization with the goal of creating an army of completely obedient fighters. As inhumane as they were corrupt, the organization would use basic needs (food, clean water, etc) as rewards for successful kills and the like. Thankfully the plan was found out and the children were rescued but the damage had already been done. Since then he was given the name Florence Ashton, though he refuses to respond to it, and has been receiving education and treatment at the Olea Therapeutic Boarding School in hopes to someday be able to ease him into normal human society. So far progress has been rather slow.
One strong point: Amazing pickpocket (though I guess that is a bad thing).


wow this site brings back good memories
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I'm definitely interested in this, I loved the game and I think an rp based off of it would be awesome, I'll be making a character soon. :D
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