The Nobody and The Key-Wielder(Angel of Castiel and Himura)

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    Rosa Payne
    She is a strong-willed girl who loves going out and seeing new things. Adventurous and seemingly crazy fit her perfectly. Her plans may be extremely out there, but not one of them has failed. As she states plenty of time, her plans work because she's crazy. Rosa enjoys reading and learning about the world/worlds around her, as well as taking pictures of the sights she has seen. To get on her good side, or to get her to do something involves pizza, cake, and good ol' Dr. Pepper. With that combination, she is putty in your hands. A good way to get on her bad side is to call her short or a fattie.
    Her stamina is second to none, as well as her flexibility. Agility and her wits also work in her favor the majority of the time. During her days as a child, she was a tomboy and enjoyed having sword fights with her brothers so she is skilled with fighting. Though at times she will often result in cheating to win. Not that her brother's could prove it.
    Rosa has one hell of temper and is not afraid to follow it. Thus she can be really rash at times. It does not help that she is not the strongest person in the world. Her aim when using spells could use some work as well. Due to her being aggressive, it is not always her top priority to focus on defense, even she can't take too many critical hits.
    Cerebus Key
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: No. 9, Exis

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Title: The Scheming Echo


    The Double-Bladed Sword: Exodus.

    Attribute: Sound


    Exis is naturally skilled at using the Exodus, able to expertly wield the dangerous weapon without harming himself. (Well I say that, but there have been times when he came close to chopping off a limb or two) He doesn't rely too much on Exodus anyway, instead preferring to cripple his foes using his power over sound. He can control the frequency of sounds, but only sounds that he generates. In this way, he can intensify the sound of a snap of the fingers to a ridiculously high frequency, dazing the opponent. In addition, he is a master of sound-based magic such as Silence, which mutes the enemy and prevents them from casting any magic, and Sonic, a one-time use spell that allows him to travel at the speed of sound for a split second. One of his most devastating attacks is his Boom Blast, which creates a sound wave so powerful it's like a shockwave, blasting the enemy and anything around it. Boom Blast takes up a lot of energy, however, so it's a last resort for Exis.

    He's also naturally speedy and agile, easily able to dodge attacks. He can be resourceful during battle as well, using his weapon and magic in unique ways to get out of tough situations.


    Exis may be a tough opponent, but if you can get a few hits on him he's basically done for. His defense isn't even worth talking about, and he could probably never make it in a fair fight, as he relies almost entirely on Exodus and his sound powers to win. Also, he has a tendency to underestimate most people he fights, so he'll go easy on them when he first meets them. When faced with a tough opponent this can be very disadvantageous. He may end up getting seriously injured before he realizes he has to go all out.

    Exis only fights when he has to. That means he'll avoid a fight when he can. This wouldn't be a problem, unless he didn't take to inadvertently taunting enemies instead. Exis takes great pleasure in messing with his enemies's minds by mocking them or feeding them lies, but by doing this he often ends up angering them, and making them more likely to attack him. He would never actually bother to strike back unless they managed to get a hit on him, which would make him angry and prompt him to counterattack. However even if they attack first, he can quickly dodge, so that's unlikely.

    By far Exis's greatest flaw, however, is the defect he has with his ears. He isn't sure what it is or what the cause is, but it seems that whenever he isn't listening to White Noise, he gets a huge migraine, and becomes unable to move at all. To counter this strange affliction, he wears headphones 24/7, which play a continuous loop of white noise. It's just background noise, so he can still hear everything else. But if you can knock those headphones off him, he's basically immobilized, at which point you can go in for the kill.


    Exis is a very selfish individual. He cares little for anyone but himself, and his main concerns are his own problems. He doesn't really care for 'the big picture', and doesn't like to think about things too much because he's too busy dealing with his own issues. He'll only do something for someone if there's something in it for him, though there isn't much he cares to have, and he certainly isn't very materialistic, so there's not normally much a person can offer that he'd care about. He has a personal goal in mind after all, which is what he's focused on most of the time, and usually won't care about much unless it'll help him achieve this certain goal.

    Exis really wishes he was a normal person. He hates being a Nobody, but is too afraid to kill himself because of the knowledge that there awaits nothing on the other side for one such as him. He bears some resentment towards the Syndicate for forcing him into their ranks, but only continues to work for them because they provide him with food, a place to stay, and the means to achieve his ultimate goal. Naturally, the end justifies the means with Exis, so he'll do whatever he has to to achieve his goal, no matter who stands in his way.

    Exis does the minimal amount of work required of a Syndicate member, but when that's done and over with he's a freelancer. Exis doesn't adhere by anyone's rules if they get in his way, and that includes those of the Syndicate, so most of the time he continues his search on his own, without the Syndicate's permission.

    Lastly, he Exis takes great pleasure from playing with people's minds. He's a naturally deceptive person and loves to lie to people, as well as anger them and confuse them, just for the fun of it. If asked he'll say he just loves the look on their faces. He won't go looking for an opportunity to mess with people's minds, but given one he's sure to seize it.
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  3. Humming happily, Rosa shuffled her way home wearing her school uniform. A white button up shirt, blue plaid tie, blue plaid skirt, and the biker shorts she wore underneath. Her day had went well at school. She passed her tests and finished her work. Played a prank on the most evilest teacher in the school that no one liked. One of the cute guys in her school had even noticed her today. Well noticed her in a way that meant she wasn't just another one of the guys.
    Overall, a good day.
    Even the weather seemed nic-..
    "Where did the sun go?"
    She asked now noticing the sky becoming black. It was like it was night time. Which was impossible. It was only a little bit after two. Then the thunder started to roar and it seemed that it was going to storm. From the looks of it, it was going to be bad.
    Rosa says before she started sprinting down the sidewalk toward her house while holding her backpack over her head to protect her from the rain if it started. She almost did not notice the lack of sound as she could only hear her shoes pounding against the pavement and the far away roar of thunder. At least, she thought it was thunder. Turning into her yard, she slowed down while she got closer to the door.
    "I'm home~"
    The brunette chimed after closing the front door behind her. Though the happiness she had once had changed to horror as she saw her family huddled around the television. Telling them to stay in their homes, to lock the doors and barricade the windows for their were these creatures of pure black substance rising from the ground and attacking people. There was reports from all around the world about the same creature.
    "Due to the overwhelming attack, the president has declared a state of emer- Oh my god! How did it get in here!? No! NOOOO-"
    The screen then cut to the emergency channel that displayed the message to prepare for the worst. Almost immediately after that, her family was up and running around the house in the panic. Locking doors and trying to find anything to black the windows.
    Rosa looked out one of the unblocked windows to see black masses falling from the sky. What was going on!?
    Her little brother scream grabbed her attention and alerted her that he had just gotten home. Without a seconds hesitation or thought, she running to the door and threw it open. She could feel her eldest brother's fingertips graze her skin as she ran past him. Her brother was on the ground, staring up as this large creature. It was taller than her and walked on to legs. It was shaking, or trembling as it's head snapped in every direction so it's glowing yellow eyes would see everything.
    Grabbing the closest thing to her on her b-line toward the creature towering over her brother, she swung it down onto the side of the creature. What was a knocked over umbrella had turned into a weird gunblade. Something she had seen in a game. Her swing had knocked the black creature black and away from her brother, but there was more surrounding them. Her younger brother was hugging her around the waist and crying into her stomach since he was just a kid, and shorter than her.
    "Back off!"
    Rosa growled at the monsters that grew closer to them, she used the new blade in her hand to threaten them, keeping it up and pointed at them.​
  4. Earth was a pretty boring place. At least, that's the impression Exis got. It wasn't like he'd been here before, but the place was so quiet and orderly, with everybody going about their regular business, that he just couldn't stand it. In any case, he wasn't here to simply admire the scenery.

    Presently he sat on the roof of an apartment complex, eating an Earth delicacy known as the 'sandwich'. He had to admit, despite their dullness, the citizens of Earth were good cooks. Gobbling the last bit of sandwich down, he put on the hood of his black cloak, and looked to the sky in anticipation. Shouldn't be long now...

    The first Heartless materialized right next to him, just as the wind began to pick up. The mindless monster stared at him for a moment, as if in a daze. Exis proceeded to smack it upside the head.

    "Don't just stand there, dumbass, go terrorize people."

    The Heartless was pushed back and stumbled about for a bit, before suddenly tripping over its own foot and falling over the edge of the building. A moment later, its dark remains lay splattered over the sidewalk.

    Exis simply sighed and buried his face in his hands. He rose, and looked out over the landscape. It certainly hadn't taken long for the Heartless to start their business. The sky was now dark as night, and the orb of destruction overhead looked to be sizing up nicely. Heartless had already begun terrorizing and converting all the citizens, filling the air with screams.

    "Time to start looking, I guess," he muttered to himself, walking back to the elevator and riding it to the ground floor.

    It wasn't long before Exis had wandered out of the center of town. He now found himself in a small neighborhood, which might have appeared peaceful were it not for the countless Heartless swarming the place. Every now and then, Exis noticed a Lesser Nobody wandering around as well, mainly to keep the Heartless ranks in check.

    Suddenly, some of the groups of Heartless became motionless. Exis watched in confusion as several Heartless ceased their mindless destruction, and began to travel in one direction... further along that road. The Lesser Nobodies tried to stop them, but the sheer number of Heartless eventually managed to overwhelm them.

    "What the hell...?"

    Curious to see what in the world could be going on, he followed the pack of Heartless along.

    The hordes of Heartless came to a sudden halt, as they reached a certain house. By now tons of them had flocked to it. Exis tried to see what was going on, but some of the taller Heartless blocked his view. So, he summoned Exodus.

    "Freakin' move," Exis grunted in annoyance, as he swung the blade at some of the Heartless, eliminating them in one fell swoop.

    That was when he laid eyes upon them. A young girl and a shorter boy. Both of them looked to be ordinary residents of Earth, with the girl clad in what he'd been told was called a 'school uniform'. The big difference, and most likely the reason the Heartless had suddenly deviated from their goal, was what the girl was holding in her hands.

    "Ooh, now it makes sense."

    Looking to the weapon, he scoffed at the Earthling's obliviousness. Clearly she must have only just gotten this weapon, this mythical object known as the Keyblade, and had no idea what to do about it.

    "Hey, you there. The hell do you think you're doing waving that thing around? Do you want to get killed?" he asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
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  5. "Hey, you there. The do you think you're doing waving that thing around? Do You want to get killed?"
    A sarcastic voice mocked Rosa from amidst the wailing screams and the roaring. Her turquoise eyes finding a flash of white within the crowd of creatures made from darkness. They narrowed on him as her temper kicked in. For a moment all was still, and then the next there was a loud bang. Three heartless disintegrated and the barrel of the guns resting on the Cerberus Key was left smoking.
    "Stay close to me Cain."
    She mumbled before raising the weapon in front of her, both hands firmly holding it, before she slashed out in front of her. Thus began the frenzy of movements that lead to a path being made. Every now and then, she would pause to use the gun part of the blade, pulling the trigger without a moments hesitation. Just when she thought that she had finally gotten through the crowd, more of them sprung up from the ground.
    Growling in frustration, she kicked one of the Heartless in the shin and to her surprise, it fell onto it back, and crushed the rest behind it. Smiling, she threw her brother onto her back before using the fallen heartless as a bridge and ran in the direction of where she had seen the white. But all she saw was someone in a black cloak. Then for a moment she saw white underneath it. So he had white hair.
    "You're coming with me sarcastic asshole."
    Rosa demanded as she grabbed Exis's arm while she ran past him. Practically dragging him with her. Cain was clinging onto his sister's back like his life depended on it. Which it did, but it was surprising that he had that strong of the hold. With her hand that held onto the Cerberus Key was quick to slash through any heartless that had gotten to close.
    "Rosa... I'm scared."
    Cain whimpered into his older sister's ear causing her to frown. The brunette's grip on the mysterious weapon tightened before she pointed it in front of her, one eye closing in concentration as her finger rested on the trigger.
    There went three heartless that had crowded around an alley that she turned into. The small space was surprisingly empty of heartless besides the ones that crowded the entrance. Something about how the ground was made did not allow the heartless to slither inside and with the roof over it, they could not fall in either. Crouching down, Rosa got Cain to stand on his own feet as she panted from the run there.
    "We're good here. They can't get in here without going through the entrance.. I can handle them if they do.."
    She explained before looking around for something with her eyes.
    The brunette exclaimed happily as her eyes landed on the fence that the her friend would put up to keep the adults out. Using her free hand, Rosa grabbed the fence and slid it over to the other side of the wall, putting a sturdy barrier between them and the entrance.
    "That should help.."
  6. "W-what the f-" was all Exis could say before he was forcibly dragged along for a bumpy ride.

    He tried to pull himself out of her grasp mid-run, and was just about to summon Exodus, but a clumsy Heartless must have misdirected an attack, because his head was suddenly hit by something. Slightly dazed, his head span as he clumsily trailed behind the insolent Earth girl.

    Finally they came to a halt, and Exis managed to pull free, clutching his head in pain. He realized his hood must have fallen off when the Heartless had hit him, revealing his face.

    Finally recollecting himself, he looked to the girl and the boy with something akin to disgust.

    "Jeez... damn Keybladers are always trouble," he spat. "Hey, hotshot! Do you even know what's going on here? It's the end of your world! I seriously doubt holing yourself up in an alley's gonna help much."

    Exis pointed to the sky, where the orb of destruction was clearly visible. By this point, it had already grown quite sizable, and had begun sucking up various destroyed buildings and rubble.

    "If you don't get off this stupid rock, the Heartless will only be concerned with you, and won't munch the world up enough. My boss'll get seriously pissed if that thing up there gets clogged, but either way you'll die, so save us some trouble and lose the key, would ya?"
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  7. Rosa turned to look back at the cloaked guy and her brother, only to have him yell at her and a drop of rain fell on her face. Not realizing it, she had let go of the Cerberus Key and used both hands to wipe the rain water off her face. The key disappeared as soon as her hand left it. The girl was steaming as she stared at the ranting white haired boy. He was what? Her age. Maybe a year older. Who in the hell did he think he was. Yelling at her.
    When he pointed out the hole in the sky, sucking up everything, it only made her angrier at him. Feeling her eye twitch in annoyance, her bangs covering her face. Now from how she looked at that moment, their was two things that could happen. She could start crying, which was highly unlikely at this point, or she was going to hurt someone.
    "Shut up!"
    Rosa yelled as she grabbed Exis by his cloak and pulled him toward her so that their faces were inches apart. Her turquoise eyes fiery like her temper and completely focused on him.
    "I never said we were going to stay here did I? God! You are as stupid as you are an ass!"
    With that, she pushed the white haired male away from her, not enough for him to fall, but enough to get some space between the two. Looking over at her brother, he looked like he was about to break down and cry.
    Kneeling down to Cain, she brought him gently into her arms and rubbed his back while quietly shushing him as she rocked a little to calm him. After a few minutes, he was fine and she let him go with her ruffling his hair.
    Once he was fine, she slowly faced Exis with narrowed eyes.
    "Since you know what's going on, why don't you figure out a way to get out of here, Mister Genius."
    Despite how sarcastic her words were, she was actually hoping that he had some idea on how to get out of here.​
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  8. Part of him seriously wanted to hit the insolent girl right now, but Exis held himself back. There was no need for violence; this was just a waste of time anyway.

    "And what exactly makes you think I want to get out of here, kid?" he sneered, a somewhat smug look on his face. "I have stuff to do. Find your own way-"

    Exis stopped himself mid-sentence. His expression changed from a smug one to one of sudden realization.


    A devious grin began to spread again, as his shining yellow eyes drifted to the Heartless, kept at bay by the barricade the girl had set up.

    "Screw the hole getting clogged. You might actually be of some use to me," he said. Without any further explanation, Exis summoned Exodus, and threw it like a spear at the fence. The double-bladed sword pierced the fence easily, and hit it with such force that it burst into pieces.

    Exodus promptly materialized in Exis's hand. He looked to the girl.

    "Go on then, fight," he said, pointing one of the blades of his sword at her and her brother. "It won't be long before those idiots figure out they can get in. They're attracted to that Keyblade of yours like a moth to a flame, too, so don't expect them to grant you any mercy."
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  9. Rosa felt her eye twitch. What did he just call her? Kid... Before she could do anything to wipe that smug look off his face, he broke the barrier with a double-bladed sword, thus it was only a matter of time before those idiots, as he so lovingly called them would get in. He wanted her to fight. Oh,she'll fight.
    With an innocent smile on her face, she wrapped her arm around Exis's shoulders and leaned closer to him.
    "Okay, I'll fight. But I'm taking this with me~"
    She chimed as her hand that had been on his shoulder grabbed onto his headphone and started running. The headphones staying within her grip as her younger brother Cain grabbed her free hand and she pulled the same trick she had earlier. Kicking the larger heartless so that it fell over and quashed the smaller ones underneath it. Thus the siblings got out with little to no trouble. But what she saw just a few feet outside the alley's entrance made her gasp and sprint back, Cain in her arm.
    She passed Exis and threw the headphones back at him as if that would make the very large heartless coming after her disappear.
    "COME ON! He can be a dick but I can't steal headphones? Karma's stupid."
    The brunette says with a pout as she took a sharp corner and using the secret exit behind Exis. Clutching her brother close to her, she looked in every direction to see for some way out. Nothing was available and she did not have that weapon with her. Rosa also did not know how to summon it, or have a hand to use it. If matters could not get any worse, down came the rain that poured down upon her. Soaking her and her brother to the bone.
    Then a new type of enemy showed up, moving like it fabric in the wind. It was silver and was shaped like a very thin human in a onesie with a square hood that was zipped shut.
    Rosa hissed while beginning to back away from the new monster. She tried to look for another way out, but the rain blurred her vision as well as made the ground slick. If she wasn't careful she would slip and fall. A smile dawned her lips as she ran toward the lesser Nobody before purposefully crouching and stopped moving. Letting herself slid underneath it before running again.​
  10. As soon as the headphones were pulled off, Exis's eyes widened in shock and he collapsed onto the ground. Clutching his ears and squeezing his eyes shut, he bit back a scream.

    "W-w-what... is wrong... with you..." he stammered, the horrible migraine seizing him almost completely. It was so bad he could feel his senses dulling; he could barely feel the wind against his skin, and was slowly starting to deafen.

    That was when he heard the faint clatter of plastic against pavement. He opened his eyes, finding his headphones right beside him. Without a moment hesitation he reached for them and placed them back on his head where they belonged.

    It took him a moment, but Exis started to recollect himself, the soothing white noise calming and focusing his senses back to the real world. Before long, the pain was gone, replaced with a seething anger.

    "You little...!" he said with clenched teeth, finally ready to slam a fist into the girl's face. However, when he got up, he noticed she'd already made for the exit. Rage in his eyes, he quickly ran after her, Exodus in hand.

    "Get back here you little shit!" he cursed, though before he could catch up, the Lesser Nobodies had suddenly started attacking her for no good reason. He rolled his eyes at the sight, growing ever more annoyed as this whole scene went on.

    "Hey! You stupid Nobodies! Stop attacking her!" he shouted angrily. They did as instructed, and halted their chase. However, she still ran as the Heartless pursued her relentlessly. Exis, too, continued his chase.

    Using Exodus to slice a few of the dark beings that got in his way, Exis finally managed to catch up with her. He extended an arm and grabbed her shoulder tightly to stop her advance, before letting go of Exodus and taking a swing at her face.

    "I have had enough of you! Just summon your damn Keyblade and attract more Heartless already!"
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  11. "Get back here you little shit!"
    Rosa wanted to stop right there and punch that punk in the face, but she had her brother and there was still those things coming after her. Then the next thing she knew, Exis had caught up to her and had grabbed her shoulder and jerked her back. Her brother jumping out of her arms just as his hand hit her face. She could feel her cheek burn with pain from the punch.
    "I have had enough of you!Just summon your damn Keyblade and attract more Heartless already!"
    She growled at him before she swung her leg around and threw her knee into Exis's groin. After that she grabbed the arm that had clamped down on her shoulder.
    "How dare you-"
    Shifting her weight, she flung him over her shoulder.
    "Call me-"
    Thus, Rosa used a move that she had used many times before on the boys at school, and her older brother, by throwing him on the ground. His arm still held tightly in her hand, which she twisted enough to cause him pain. Her foot keeping his shoulder down as she kept his arm hostage.
    Then her moment was ruined by a large black hand grabbing her by the fabric of her shirt and lifting her up. The suddenness causing her to let go off Exis's arm. The girl looked behind her to see the large heartless she had been running from.
    "Thanks. You made me forget I was running from fatass here."
    Rosa cursed before working on the buttons of her shirt, once she got half of them unbutton, she slipped out of it and came falling down to the ground. To make the fall less painful, she quickly barrel rolled. When she had finally stopped, she pushed herself onto her feet in only her tank top and skirt left of her uniform. Stumbling to keep moving, she grabbed her brother's hand and tried to keep running, but that fall had taken a lot out of her. So it wasn't a shock to see her trip and fall, her ankle twisting awkwardly.
    Cain looked extremely frightened as he watched the large heartless get closer to them. Rosa reached out and grabbed a stick that rested next to her. Turning onto her back, the stick turned into the Cerebus Key and a loud bang cut through the air. Three large holes appeared in the heartless but it didn't slow it down much.
    She pulled the trigger again and again until it fell to its knees a few feet in front of her. From the looks of how it was falling, it was going to crush both her and Cain.
    Why was Karma not on her side right now?​
  12. Pain shot through Exis's entire body. After that first hit to the groin, his vision swirled and he could barely focus on the task at hand. He was flung around and kept in a strange position for a moment, groaning at the pain and feeling numb.

    Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, it didn't. He was saved by the rotund Large Body Heartless from earlier. Exis sighed in relief as the girl on top of him was promptly removed, but still felt the pain through him.

    "For... crying out... loud," he moaned as he began to get up, using Exodus as support. Looking ahead, he noticed the Large Body standing over the two Earthlings, who weren't doing much to stop it. Finally, the Keyblader managed to summon her Keyblade and shoot the thing, but that didn't seem to help much. Exis tried to move his legs forward, but felt an incredible surge of pain much like the first as he did.

    The Heartless were closing in. His best shot at achieving his goal was about to be squished. He could barely move. Exis was royally pissed.

    "ENOUGH!" he exclaimed, finally reaching his maximum level of tolerance.

    He snapped his fingers, modifying the sound into an extremely high-pitched noise far worse than even nails on a chalkboard. The sound continued to resonate, petrifying all the approaching Heartless, and most likely the Keyblader as their eardrums were ravaged. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Exis threw Exodus at the falling Large Body, piercing it and causing it to dissolve into darkness.

    With a sigh, Exis stopped generating the screech and fell to his knees. Most of the Heartless around them were still dazed from the noise.
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  13. Rosa covered the ears of her little brother and had to suffer the horrid noise with little to no protection from it. Her brother had to inform her that it was gone, as well as the heartless because her ears were still ringing. With him helping her up, she limped over to Exis with her keyblade scraping the ground behind her. Once they were by him, Cain had went closer to him and gently tugged on his sleeve.
    "Mister... Are you alright."
    He asked with genuine concern, that made his older sister sigh. She had mostly ill feelings for the white haired male in front of them. To be honest, she thought he was being a sissy about the pain right now, but he saved her brother. Regardless if it was because of him needing her. Resting her weight on her weapon, she looked around them. It would only be a matter of time before the heartless started moving again.
    "Cain, help me."
    Thus her little brother helped Rose get Exis to stand, with his arm around her shoulder. He was a lot heavier than she thought, then again she was about spent. Sighing, she tested taking a step and felt a sharp pain shoot through her leg and up her spine. But she could still walk, just a little slower than normal. With a grunt, the girl helped him get inside a house nearby. Cain had to open the door and close it, but it would keep the heartless away from them for a few minutes. Her keyblade disappeared as she set Exis in a chair with a little difficulty.
    Though as soon as he was in the chair, she slide down the side of it and sat on the floor with a groan. Cain moving over to his sister looked at her ankle to see that it was red and starting to swell.
    "Rosa your-"
    "It's nothing."

    The brunette female says sharply as she pinches the bridge of her nose like she was getting a headache. Which may be the case, the ringing was only now starting to dim down. Besides, she can handle a sprain... Speaking of which, her cheek remind her of Exis's punch with a nice constant throb.
    "We have bigger problems. Right sarcastic asshole."

    Cain looked very upset at his sister, who was giving a narrow stare at the injured, white haired male.
    "Well he hasn't given me a name to call him."
    Rosa responds with a shrug as she shifted her gaze from Exis to the ground.
  14. Exis sighed in relief as he sat down in the chair, the pain finally beginning to dissipate.

    It took a moment before he noticed the girl glaring at him. "You can call me whatever you want, I don't care. But for your information, it's James," he lied. Of course he wasn't going to tell her his real name; the less this annoying girl knew about him the better.

    "Anyway, look. If you do me a favor and fight those things out there for a little while, I'll get you and your little friend there out of here. That's all I ask," Exis explained. "It's only until this world is almost done with. Then I'll drop you off wherever you want."

    Of course, at this point in time, Exis wasn't entirely sure whether that was true or not. For now that was the claim he'd go with, but there was a possibility that he'd need her again in the future. It could be beneficial if he took her to more Heartless hotspots and had her fight there. If that was the case, he wasn't sure whether he could let her wander off or get killed by Heartless; then again, she was impossible to manage, so he couldn't keep her around. What a pain, he thought.

    "Also, do you have a name, or am I just supposed to keep calling you Shorty?" he asked with a small grin.
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  15. Rosa snorted, there was no way his name was James. She knew that already. That name was too normal for him and his dick personality. If he had said Dick, then she would have believed him. That name would fit him perfectly. Rolling her eyes, she laughed at his proposition.
    "Funny how I have a hard time believing you."
    The girl muttered as she watched her little brother scamper off. Probably going to find a first aid kit to patch up her ankle until she could rest it for real.
    "Also, where in the hell are we supposed to go. Even if you don't care about Earth, it's still me and my brother's home."
    With that she grew quiet as she thought about it. She needed to keep Cain safe. Her parents would hopefully find a wa-... Her parents! What about them? Were they still alright? She hoped so.
    Clutching the fabric of her skirt, Rosa glared at the floor. If only her brother had ran inside, then they would be home and not with this jackass. Speaking of which..
    "- Shorty?"
    Her hand smacked down on the arm of the chair while she pulled herself up. Bangs hiding her face from Exis. The twitching of her hand could have been played off as her overstressing her muscles. As soon as she was standing, she purposefully let herself fall into his lap with a sigh.
    "Did you not learn the first time?"
    Rosa asked as she raised her arm and pinched his cheek, an evil smirk resting on her lips as her narrowed turquoise eyes glowed with mischief while they stared at his face.
    "That if you call me that, I'll hurt you... A lot."
    She warned before letting go of his cheek and gently patting it as the smirk turned into a smile just as her brother came back into the room.
    "My name is Rosa and that lovely little boy is Cain."
    With that she jumped a little when she felt her brother touch her ankle. The jolt of pain being what caused her to jump and sit up. Her eyes resting on her brother before she sighed. Rosa waved her hand to let him know he could proceed, but as he did, her eye twitched with every jolt of pain caused by Cain wrapping her ankle up.
    "Cain, this is James."
    She introduced Exis by his false name by gently turning his head with the help of her hand.​
  16. Exis didn't do anything to stop Rosa this time, letting her pinch his cheek and threaten him all she liked. He smirked slightly at her reaction, though, his smirk becoming twisted due to her pinching him. Honestly, despite the pain associated with them, her reactions were starting to amuse him a little. Though she was still quite annoying.

    "Yo," Exis greeted the young boy known as Cain, his head still in Rosa's grasp. "Can you tell your big sister here to get her head straight? I mean, you guys have no choice but to agree with my deal. Even if I'm lying, you'll never find another way off this rock, and you'll just end up fighting the Heartless either way. It's your best-"

    Exis was abruptly interrupted as the door to the house suddenly slammed open. Through it came not black creatures, but white ones: the Lesser Nobodies from before, in much greater numbers.

    "What? I thought I told you idiots to stand down!" Exis shouted at them. He had a tendency to get pissed when the Lesser Nobodies disobeyed orders, as they were opt to do sometimes, but this was the worst possible time.

    "Stand down, I said!" he shouted again. Not a single one of the at least fifteen Nobodies that had filled the house obeyed. They all lined up, looking like they were getting ready for a group attack. That was when it hit him. Lesser Nobodies never did group attacks, unless under the direct order of someone. And the only other person able to order the Nobodies on this world was...

    "Hey, Xaved! Show yourself!" Exis yelled. There was a brief silence, before a black figure emerged from behind the doorway. The man was of a huge build, with a Syndicate cloak just like Exis, and his hood slung over his head.

    "Exis... what the hell're you doing?" asked the man known as Xaved, looking at the scene in confusion.

    It was at this point that Exis realized his head was still being held by Rosa. "Tch-- get off!" he snapped in embarrassment, pushing her hand away.
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  17. Rosa raised a brow in curiosity, he was being nice to her. It was strange that he allowed her, and was even happy about the fact she was pinching his cheek. Cain on the other hand was completely dumbfounded when Exis had opened his mouth and started to spew words that held no meaning to him. Like the deal between him and his sister or Heartless. So he was just stuck staring up at the older boy while trying to put the pieces together.
    Not that he had time to, Rosa had pulled him up into her lap the moment the door had slammed open and the nobodies strolled in.
    Exis yelled at them to stand down which left Rosa to question herself about him. Was he their leader or something? Despite him demanding them to stop, they advanced and were ready to attack.
    "Hey, Xaved! Show yourself!"
    He yelled out to someone and an uncomfortable silence fell on them for a brief moment. Then a figure in the same black cloak emerged from the doorway. He not only towered over them but was huge! He was as big as a fridge, but his face was covered with darkness from the hood being up.
    "Exis...What the hell're you doing?"
    Apparently Exis's, or James's, companion was confused at the scene before him. Rosa did not blame him. If he was as big of a dick to them as he was to her, or even more to them, then seeing Exis. With a girl sitting in his lap, with her hand on his cheek and a child in her lap... Well, the girl even touching him would be hard to believe. Before she could remove her hand, Exis did it already while telling her to get off.
    "Considering I carried you here, after you couldn't handle a kick to the groin. You can suck it up."
    She bitterly responds while rolling her eyes.
    "Plus you lied, Exis."
    The brunette adds as she glared at him through the corner of her eyes. Something that made it clear that if he even tried to push her off of his lap, he would regret it. With a very painful knee to his groin again, and possibly a dislocated shoulder this time. Rosa would do it too. Cain was in her arms and if she got pushed, he might get hurt. Which would make her hurt the white haired male even more than before. ​
  18. Exis was just silent. The Nobodies, too, were silent, apparently halting in their attack. He was a bit confused why, until he heard a silent snickering coming from Xaved's direction.

    "Pfft... PFFAHAHAHA!" He began laughing profusely, unable to stop himself. This lasted for a few seconds, during which he almost lost his balance from laughter.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Exis grumbled. "Shut up already."

    Xaved finally let up, and sighed heavily. "You sure talk tough, Exis, what with all your don't-take-no-orders attitude, but lo and behold! Even a little girl can have you as her lapdog! Hah!" he mocked, an amused grin no doubt spreading under that hood.

    Exis sighed. "I wouldn't call her 'little' right to her face if I were you, Xaved."

    "Hah, as if anyone'd want to be you right now!" As usual, he'd completely missed the point of the remark. However, he had a point. It was moments like these that made Exis wonder if eternal limbo would be such a bad place after all.

    "Anyway, what do you think you're doing with all these Nobodies?" Exis inquired, trying desperately to maintain a casual attitude and change the topic.

    "Isn't it obvious? She's a Keyblader. There aren't many of those that go around, y'know. After the Lessers told me 'bout her, the boss said I needed to bring her in."

    Exis shook his head, and extended a hand to summon Exodus. "Afraid I can't let you do that, Xaved. I need her Keyblade for something," he said. Unfortunately, he failed to realize in that moment how stupid he looked by trying to look intimidating while having two people sitting on his lap. Even the Nobodies seemed to quiver a bit, as if holding back laughter.

    Xaved seemed a little surprised by the boy's refusal to obey. "You'll go as far as to disobey a direct order?" he asked, his voice suddenly taking a cold and rather threatening tone.

    "Sure, why not? It's not like you can afford to fire anyone with how many of us there are," Exis smirked.

    "Fine then. You leave me no choice." The Lesser Nobodies began to take their positions again, while a large hammer suddenly materialized in Xaved's hand. "I'll take you AND the little girl back to the boss!"
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  19. Cain looked interested in the conversation that was going on, while Rosa was off in her own little world. Apparently Xaved having not piqued her interest enough. Then she heard it.
    "Even a little girl-"
    "-call her little-"

    The brunette's head lowered to where her face was hidden, but Exis would be able to see her hand twitching. Her brother being the smart lad that he was let himself off his sister's lap and walked out of the room as the two Sydacite members continued talking. The more that word was uttered, the more obvious the twitching became.
    "I'll take you AND the LITTLE GIRL back to the boss!"
    After the series of loud gunshots pierced the air, the nobodies that had once stood beside Xaved were slowly disappearing until they were mostly gone. At most, only five were left from them and they had bullet holes on the walls near them.
    "What did you just call me-"
    Rosa slid off of Exis's lap coolly and started walking toward the man who made the mistake of using the L word.
    "You pathetic-"
    Her keyblade gleamed dangerously as she flicked the barrel of the gun, the used cartridges falling out and littering the ground.
    She was only a few feet away from him now, and she lifted her head to reveal narrowed turquoise orbs that glinted angrily within the light of the house. A crazy smile on her lips that showed her pristinely white teeth.
    "Of wasted space."
    She was pissed and there was no doubt about that. The brunette had raised her sword as though as she was going to bring it down upon him before she had kicked up the small welcome mate that the Nobodies had pushed back from their bizarre movements. Rosa had kicked it up to distract him long enough for her to try and strike him.​
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  20. The welcome mat flying up into the air didn't really do much to distract Xaved, but he just stood there idly, hammer in hand. As the Keyblade came swinging down at him, he used his free arm to intercept. Surprisingly, the loud clang of metal hitting metal could be heard as the Cerebus Key struck his arm. The cut it created in his cloak revealed a glint of silver steel underneath.

    "What's this? Got quite a temper, this one," Xaved observed.

    "Hey, hey, hey!" Exis intervened, finally able to stand up from the chair. "What the hell do you think you're doing? You're gonna get killed. And Xaved, you'll probably kill her by accident."

    Xaved scoffed. "Hardly my intention." He pushed the Cerebus Key and its wielder back with a simple motion of his arm, and extended his hand. Suddenly, the Keyblade was pulled forcefully out of Rosa's hands by an unseen force. It hovered in mid air for a bit, before disappearing altogether.

    "I am Xaved, master of metal! You really hope to stand a chance with a weapon made from that very same metal?" Xaved proclaimed rather dramatically.

    Exis sighed. Realizing it probably would do him as much good as it did Rosa, he let Exodus disappear. The odds had suddenly turned against him; he didn't know him that well, but Xaved seemed dangerous, not to mention it was impossible to even use a weapon on him. Looked like he had no choice.

    "Yo Rosa, cover your ears," Exis ordered. He stepped to the side, making sure his shot wouldn't accidentally hit the Keyblader, before snapping his fingers. This time, the sound that came from it was an insanely loud crash, like the boom of thunder but far worse. It only lasted a second, but it created an incredibly powerful sound wave concentrated directly at a dazed Xaved. The shockwave sent him and the remaining Lesser Nobodies flying right through the wall, before promptly obliterating said wall.

    Without a moment's hesitation, Exis reached for Rosa's arm, regardless of whether or not she was still dazed. "Hurry up, that'll only hold him down for a bit," he said.

    Now it was his turn to pull her along. Exis practically dragged her as he ran for the other room to find Cain. Bursting through the door, he bent down and picked the little boy up, practically slinging him over his shoulder like he was luggage. The kid was heavier than he looked, but Exis didn't have time to complain. He rushed back out and towards the back door, kicking it open and sprinting out.

    It was no surprise that Exis found himself surrounded by Heartless swarms as soon as he got out. He growled.

    "For crying out loud!"

    Just then, he spotted some Lesser Nobodies patrolling among the Heartless, trying desperately to get them back under control. Some of the Nobodies were even some of the more powerful variants. Exis grinned.

    "Hey, you lot! Change of plans! Eliminate all the Heartless, now!"

    The Lessers did not hesitate to get to work, as they began mercilessly slaughtering the creatures they'd previously been trying to round up. The Heartless, momentarily distracted, tried to defend themselves. Exis took the opportunity to flee, charging through the hoards until he found himself clear of them. Sighing in relief, he ran even further.

    Exis managed to run a good distance away after a few minutes, with little Heartless intervention. Finally exhausted, he put Cain down rather roughly and fell to the ground, wheezing like an old man.

    "Holy... crap... have some... tact, woman! Sheesh..." he panted.
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