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  1. So apparently somebody at Massive Entertainment (the Division, Far Cry 3, etc.) leaked pictures of a dev version of the Nintendo NX's controller.

    All I can say is man, I hope the NX supports Wii U controllers!
  2. That looks like something my kids would yank out of one of their toys and I'd throw away.....
  3. hmmmmm interesting. a completely touch screen save for two joysticks? Maybe that will fit better in people's hands....because while I enjoy the Wii U gamepad I have a tendency to grip it too hard and end up with hand cramps.
  4. Fix'd.

    Seriously, I bought a Wii U 2 years ago and I love the thing to death, I'm going to be hella cheesed if Nintendo stops making games for it cold turkey because of this NX thing, which I'll almost certainly not purchase, largely because it feels like a slap to the dick for anyone who's actually supported them by buying a Wii U.
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  5. Yeah, for some reason there seems to be a lot of rumors going around that they're halting production of the Wii U soon, but it's just speculation and Nintendo has denied any such implications.
  6. Hopefully that's not just their PR department trying to keep a lid on things before an announcement.
  7. God, I certainly hope not, I'm gonna be really disappointed if that's the case. It'd be a real shame for Nintendo to discontinue the Wii U after promising that they would continue to support it.
  8. *Wonders if this will be the Generation to refine touch screens enough for most game genres*
  9. You do realize this controller is most likely fake right? Nintendo most likely won't release anything about the NX until E3.

    As for the Wii U, while I do indeed love it, we have to face facts. The current president of Nintendo (forgot his name) predicted the Wii U's failure and yes it did indeed fail and has a lot of flaws that prevented it from selling well. Hell he wants to get rid of the Wii moniker and start anew which I think should happen. The Wii was amazing and pretty innovative but because of the motion controls, third parties were releasing shovelware titles on it just to make a quick buck. Thank God Nintendo released the Classic Controller and let us use the GameCube controllers. Also a lot of games that got ported over to the Wii got downgraded BADLY.

    Just my two cents. I love Nintendo and I want them to do better and they CAN do better with the NX. If they step up their console game and give it as much effort as they do with their handhelds, the stupid naysayers and haters will finally shut the hell up with their elitism.
  10. Doubt it. They know by now that it would only backfire on them. Besides, one of their flagship titles is coming for WiiU (Zelda). I think they have a few years more invested into it.

    NX feels like an attempt to get a headstart on the next gen-race
  11. Obviously pure speculation, but I have a theory on how this whole hybrid home console/handheld will work. Of course, this is absolutely circumstantial evidence and tenuous at best, but work with me. I'm basing my predictions upon those above images (assuming they're actual leaks) and the news to date.

    In the photos we see a laptop and a large monitor. It's no secret that Nintendo are branching out to developing for tablets and personal computer. What if the Nintendo NX, on the one hand, was a traditional plug-in console for your television.

    But, if you do not want to buy the console, you simply buy the control and, I assume, have access to the same library of Nintendo games via some other compatible hardware medium (such as a beefed up PC). That way, it effectively works as a handheld in that if you're travelling and don't want to take your console, you save your progress in any game to a cloud. Take only your controller and your laptop so you can resume where you left off at home.
  12. What if your laptop is big as hell like mine? :(
  13. Soo... Perhaps unsurprisingly, this supposedly leaked controller is a total fake
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  14. Thank fuck. ._.
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