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  1. I'm writing a book, and was wondering how it would do as a roleplay. So, here's the story.

    Many years ago, in the lands of Shadin, King Moroko and Queen Letila fought the evil Lord Caitressian. They were fighting over the Indarra. The Indarra gave power over all to whoever summoned it. To create it, you required several pieces. The Vase of the Elementines, the Ring of Nyrians, the Chain of Icelanders, 20 drops of djinn blood, and The Nine Stones. The King was fighting to keep the pieces hidden, for the Indarra drove the summoner mad with power. Not even he could control it. Caitressian wanted the Indarra for himself. After years and years of war, King Moroko gave his life to hide the stones. They disappeared from everyone's view. Moroko died that day, while the queen and her baby, Lylac, watched in horror.

    This is where Firia comes in. She is the main character. After her parents were taken from her by Caitressian, she came to live with her friend, Keleiana. Her father was a djinn while her mother was a nyrian, but they lived like nyrians, tillers of the land, and lovers of the green trees. After years of living with her friend, she discovered a letter sent to her by her by, supposedly, her young sister, Tiria, who had been born in the cells of Caitressian's dungeons. Now, she is on a journey to gather all of the nine stones before caitressian finds them.

    Firia: She is a half djinn, half nyrian. (Played by me)
    Tiria: The 10-year-old sister of Firia. Firia's mother was pregnant with her when she was kidnapped.
    Keleiana: A friend of Firia. A nyrian.
    Maitha: An Icelander. They are called that because of the climate they live in and their pale skin.
    Hailia: An Elementine. They suck life force to survive. Luckily, most have stopped.
    Mars: The older brother of Hailia. He is in love with Firia. (Damien Nyr)
    Caitressian: The evil lord of darkness (Damien Nyr)
    Goshurn: Caitressian's number two.
    Killsla: Caitressian's number three.

    You can ask for whichever character you want. Just remember to use a character sheet. I'd recommend using basic.
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  2. I would like to portray Mars, please.
  3. Alright, I gotcha down.
  4. Hello @TyratheTyrant
    I have moved your thread to the proper location as you had the OOC in the IC Forum. Your RP sounds like fun, hope it goes successful!
  5. Is it possible to take up two characters?
    If not then it's not a problem, I'm going to post Mars' character profile up later today when I finish it off.
  6. Mars Weybane Name:
    Mars Weybane


    Mars (open)
    Mars Weybane.jpg
    Mars is 5'11'' and weighs about 175 lbs. He has short blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, and can usually be found wearing a full set of armour.

    Mars is a soldier, so he is naturally a disciplined and moral person, who only takes up weapons in order to keep those close to him safe. Family comes before all else for Mars, and he is willing to die for his sister Haila, as well as for Firia, who is the apple of his eye. He is very loyal but he doesn't like to be used or treated as if he were a pawn, so he also tries to make himself come across as an important person so that others look up to him.

    Mars grew up in his village with his sister Haila and his friends Keleiana and Firia. He often took long walks in the surrounding forest and sketched all of the different things that he saw everyday, and then after returning home, he would paint them. When he turned sixteen, he wanted to move to the capital of Shadin to further his career as a painter, however, his father was a small-time blacksmith and he encouraged his son to fight for the royal army. In love with Firia, Mars takes it upon himself to protect her and joins her in her journey to find the Nine Stones, little knowing what wonders and horrors await.
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  7. That's fine. And you can play two characters. What other character did you have in mind?

    (I'm going to post Firia's CS in a little bit.)
  8. Caitressian, Lord of Darkness.
  9. Great, I'll try and get another CS up for tomorrow!
  10. Can I take Killsla and Hailia? o.o
  11. Can I be Maitha?
  12. How pale are the Icelanders?
  13. Nearly white.
  14. Sorry but I don't think I'll be able to do this rp.
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