The Nightshift (redblood)

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  1. His pale hands that were icy cold to the touch pulled his robe firmly and snugly yet comfortably around his body, concealing himself from unwanted eyes, smelling of fresh soap and bath water, since he was expecting company, or rather, a Doctor good enough to help him out, his forged medical papers waiting to show the "proof" that he needed blood nightly for his "illness." A sigh escaped from him as he combed his dark brown hair that looked nearly black before he tied it into a neat pony tail that went down to his shoulders, his dark green eyes the only thing showing he had too many years on his belt for how old he really looked at just the age of 19, an age he had been trapped at for too long now. Setting down his comb, he sighed, making sure his modernized apartment was neat and tidy, even though he kept it very clean, hating dust and dirty surroundings like a lazily farm animal, his d├ęcor dark and dreary, complete with midnight blue curtains over his windows during the day to help keep the sun form scorching him to death.

    Raven made his way over to his black leather sofa after going to his wine rack and pouring himself a glass of white whine and sitting down, stretching out his legs as he swirled the drink about before bringing it to his nose to get the delicious scent and finally took a drink, a fireplace built into the wall of his apartment, a fake electric one, crackled as he watched the flames, amazed at how something so fake could seem so real, like himself.
  2. Elijah yawned loudly as he drove towards his next patient. This was the first time he would work outside of the hospital, a task that had been suddenly thrown at him in the last minute because the doctor that actually had been assigned for it fell ill. It was still unclear if he would take over the patient completely or if his colleague would take over once he came back.

    Elijah had only started working in the hospital one year earlier, but even though the young man was rather new to the job, he was still very good at what he did. He had never done any mistakes, and as the perfectionist he was, at least when it came to work, he couldn't let himself do any mistakes. Not in the hospital, nor outside of it. It was a rather simple task he was going to do, a simple blood transfusion by IV drip.

    He stopped his car outside an apartment building and stepped out of his car. He took a fast look at his papers to see so he had gotten the right address, just in case. He had an awful sense of orientation and usually ended up at the wrong place, but this time he got it right at the first try. He walked into the building, his blue eyes scanning his surrounding, not really searching for anything, just observing it.

    As he reached the right apartment he knocked on the door, waiting for the man inside to come. He itched the back of his neck a bit, which he usually did when he was nervous. He was too used to the patients coming to him and not vice verse. He felt the tip of his hair in the neck being a bit moistly, which shouldn't surprise him too much since he had worked since early morning with barely any breaks. He wouldn't be human if he hadn't shed any sweat during such an intense day.
  3. At the sound of knuckles tapping against his apartment door, Raven set the wine glass down and stood, making sure his black silk robe he favored was secure about his waist and covered him before easing his way over to the door and gripping the handle and pulling it open after twisting the knob. "Ah. Good evening Doctor. Thank you for coming. Er...Can I offer you something to drink perhaps? Maybe something to eat?" He offered, stepping aside. Once the Doctor crossed over through the doorway into his apartment, Raven closed the door behind him quietly, already receiving bits and pieces from his Bible to help him not think of draining the good Doctor dry of his blood, fresh human blood something he refused to drink, not wishing to ever be the monster he was.
  4. Elijah was a bit surprised over seeing such a young man opening the door, he had to be in his late teens or early twenties. Because of his propped schedule and short notice of the home visit, he hadn't been able to look up all the information before he got there. At the moment he only knew what he was supposed to do.

    "No thank you." He answered his patient with a small laugh in his voice as he stepped into the apartment. He never thought that a patient would offer him something to eat during work hours, or at any time at all. "But I would like to see your medical papers before we start, mister?"
  5. The Doctor's patient gave a nod, and after closing the door to his apartment, he went over to fetch the folder he was keeping his medical papers in to prove the Doctor of his "illness." Once Raven fetched the papers, he went over to the Doctor and handed the man his "proof." "The name is Raven sir." He answered, walking over to his couch and picking up his glass of Champagne he had poured for himself before the man had arrived. He swirled it around in the glass before taking a small sip, watching the Doctor with steady dark blue eyes and sat casually in his robe on the back of the couch, watching the Doctor steadily.
  6. "Elijah Smith" He said in reply after hearing Ravens name. He took a look at the papers and took his time to make sure that all the information was the same as on the papers he had received earlier and that everything had been signed correctly. He put the documents down on the table after a couple of minutes.

    "Everything seems to be in order." He said as he opened his case and took out the transparent small bag of blood and a small portable stand to hang it on. He then proceeded to connect a needle to a tube which he then connected to the bag which he connected to the stall. "So, where there any particular reason why you changed hospital?" He asked as he prepared everything. Since the papers stated that Raven had been diagnosed in another hospital, he was a bit curious to why that hospital hadn't continued to treat him, or why he decided to change. He was pretty certain that it was for some simple reason like moving. But the biggest reason he asked was to keep up a conversation between them. Most patients he had became very nervous when they weren't spoken to during preparations or treatment, so he usually tried to start a conversation somehow. Now it wasn't just for the patient but for himself as well. The silence felt very uncomfortable when being in the patients home since it was a place he weren't used to.
  7. When asked why he had changed to the hospital he was registered at now, Raven raised an eyebrow and took another drink of the Champagne before answering, setting down the glass before lying down on his couch, getting himself comfortable and his right arm propped up for the IV of blood he was about to receive. "Because my old Doctor left from the place, and policy changes I didn't care for or didn't fall under." He shrugged, hoping that would convince the Doctor as he absently ran his tongue over his fangs, placing his left arm under his head as a pillow, despite the fact he was already propped up by several of them as he waited for the Doctor to begin.
  8. Elijah nodded and picked up the end of the tube and the needle again. "This might sting a bit." He warned Raven before carefully putting the needle into his vein, securing it from falling out with tape, and then he let the blood slowly be released through the tube and into the patient. "How long did they treat you?" He asked while making sure that everything was going smoothly and nothing was leaking.
  9. The poke of the needle really didn't phase him much at all. Yeah it was uncomfortable, but that was a small pain compared to the mental pain he had built up within himself for too many years of living as he had to. Soon enough he could watch the red gold he had to live on make its way through the clear plastic tube and through the needle and into his vein, fueling him with a bit of life once again, though he knew he would never be near as strong as one who drank right from the human vein, something Raven just refused to do on any term. He had just allowed his dark blue eyes to drift slowly shut, wondering why the Doctor was so interested. "Long enough." He replied, his lips quirking up into a small smile as he lay there, still except for the steady movement of his chest breathing.
  10. He couldn't help but think how sad it was that someone so young had a sickness that was so severe that he needed constant treatment. To think that there still was sicknesses that couldn't be cured easily even now. As a doctor he wished he could cure everyone, but that was an impossibility.

    Elijah took a look at his watch, this was the first time he had felt uncomfortable in the present of a patient. In the hospital during the waiting process while medicines took effect and such he could leave the room and go to check on other patients, and if the patient needed to be supervised then it usually was a nurse doing that. Now he was sitting there, not certain what to do since it wasn't his turf, nor what to say, since he got the feeling that Raven wasn't the most talkative person.

    "What about your family? Are they around to help?" He asked eventually. That was probably the only thing he was genuinely interested in knowing. After all, it seemed like Raven was living all by himself. At least so far he hadn't seen or heard the presence of someone else in there. Did his family help him from a distance or were they out of the picture.
  11. At the mention of family, Raven's calm demeanor instantly changed into that of a tense brittle piece of metal that could snap any second. "I have no family. They died...In a house fire." He replied, his tone clipped and edgy. A house fire when the British were trying to take over, when the Colonists were fighting against for their newly acquired American flag. Raven had been in that war. That's how long he has had this...disease plaguing him. He could sometimes hear the canon fire, and could swear he was back on the battle fields of Bunker Hill and many others, risking his life for the People and George Washington. A lost cause as many called it, but he ignored them, and had been right to do so, as it had been proven.
  12. "Oh.. I'm sorry." He said noticing the change in Raven's voice. He wasn't sure how to reply in any other way. He had seen families lost their loved ones in the hospital, but the only time it had happened to him he had been too young to remembering it, at least not much of it. His mother had died in cancer when he was seven, and the only memories he had about her came from old pictures.

    It would probably be better to change the topic for the moment, maybe the wounds was still too fresh to be spoken off. "What do you do during the days?" He asked as he watched the blood bag becoming half empty, or half full depending on how you wanted to see it.
  13. At the questions, a very small smirk of amusement lifted Raven's lips. "You're awful curious aren't you Doctor?" He questioned, opening his eyes and looking over at the man. "Why do you want to know all this?" Raven wondered, his mood shifting quite quickly. But still, Raven wasn't one to complain, as he knew what the Doctor was doing, changing the subject after bringing up accidentally a bit of a sour one just moments ago. He could tell the Doctor was nervous, and it made Raven wonder if the Doctor had done business outside of the hospital before him. "But since you really wish to know, I play the piano." Raven shrugged, closing his dark blue eyes again and going still once more. "Therefore that small keyboard over there." He said, with more hints of amusement, waving his hand absently towards the black electric keyboard next to the electric fireplace built into the wall of his apartment.
  14. Elijah truly felt that he and his patient had switched places. For the most he was the calm person that brought up topics to calm his worried patients. Now it was the patient that was calm and he was worried over something so ridiculous as to be in a strangers house.

    "It's not so much out of curiosity as it is to give a personality and a face to the human I'm trying to save." He explained. "And most people feel more relaxed talking about something while a stranger is examining them. If nothing else, I feel more relaxed in a strangers home when I know something about the person." There was no reason for him not to admit that he felt a bit uncomfortable around a stranger without other people close by.
  15. When he Doctor mentioned he liked to try and get to know people because it made him feel less nervous, Raven's face fell a bit and he glanced at the blood bag and saw it was now just under half full, and a soft sigh escaped from him, but then he smirked. "I'm not to sure I would get to know me very well Doctor." He assured the man, closing his eyes once again as he relaxed, feeling more and more alive as the red gold he needed to survive on was flowing into his veins. "You do know what they say about curiosity and the cat...Well..." He shrugged, being careful not to make the needle lodged in the crook of his elbow move.
  16. Elijah chuckled. "Well, as long as you don't have a skeleton in your closet, then I can't really see how it would be dangerous for me to get to know you a bit. Curiosity and experimenting was what made humans into the most intellectual animal on the planet, it's in our nature to ask questions and learn. If it hadn't been, then you wouldn't have the opportunity to get medical treatment today." He finally felt some of his anxiety fall off, though he was still a little bit stiff. Maybe after some visits he wouldn't be too nervous about it anymore. Though he hoped that he wouldn't have to give treatment outside of the hospital for any other patients. The atmosphere of the hospital made him calm and he became much more focused on his work.
  17. The Doctor's words amused Raven greatly. He said nothing on them however, though an impish smile lifted the corners of his lips and he chuckled softly before going still once more, lazily cracking open his left eye to check on the IV drip still connected to his arm, and saw that it was finally starting to near empty before Raven closed his dark blue eye again. While he waited for the IV drip to finish itself into his system, he remained still, lying like a statue on his couch, feeling the Doctor's eyes on him as he lay there, looking quite calm and at ease at all of this.
  18. That seemed to be the end of that conversation, Raven didn't say anything after that and Elijah decided to keep the silence for the last couple of minutes. The IV drip was finished and the first day of his work-outside-of-the-hospital came to an end. Elijah was a bit amazed over how calm the young man before him looked. If he would have gotten into the room at that very moment he might have mistaken the guy for a corpse or a creepily human like, human sized doll. Probably the former though.

    "And that was it for today." He then broke the silence when the IV drip was completely empty. He started to carefully take out the needles from Raven's arm.
  19. When the Doctor announced the last of the blood had gone into Raven's system, the man opened his dark blue eyes, holding still while the Doctor removed the needles from his arm, and before the Doctor could offer him a band aid, Raven quickly sat up, smoothing out his black silk robe he still had on, mostly just to hide the fact that the small puncture wound dealt to Raven by the needles had already healed as soon as the needles had been removed. Now Raven felt quite rejuvienated, refreshed, revived. "Thanks Doc." He breathed, standing up, offering his hand to shake in gratitude.
  20. Elijah shook Raven's hand, a bit surprised that he hadn't waited for a band aid. It was only a small wound that closed up within a minute or so, so it wasn't necessary with a band aid. But it was unusual for someone to not wait for it. Though he had had patients that skipped it after injections and rolled down their shirt immediately, so it wasn't completely out of the ordinary.

    "I'll be back soon and dig up some of your hidden skeletons. Take care until then." He said jokingly before turning to his equipment and fast taking everything apart before putting it back into the case.
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