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  1. The Lobby. A plain, serviceable room located on the first floor of the Nightscraper. Vinyl flooring and wooden furniture, all in neutral creams or browns, greeted the contestants as they made their way to the address listed on the invitation. The room smelled faintly of lemon cleaner, and soft music played over hidden speakers. At the front of the room was a wooden desk, behind which stood a single man. He seemed perfectly average in every way: combed brown hair, skin lightly tinged with brown, typical height and build for his age, which appeared to be on the lower end of his thirties.

    "Greetings!" said the man. His voice was smooth and dark, like chocolate, but some unidentifiable accent touched every syllable. He waved the contestants over to the desk, smiling broadly. "Come right over here, all of you. It is so wonderful to meet you for the first time. My name is Allen Smith, and I will be, ah, introducing you all to the show, yes?" His smile faltered for a moment; the wording was awkward but he had to press on. After fishing in a drawer behind the desk, Allen produced a set of contracts. "I just need you all to sign these papers. Traditional legal matters, getting your consent, confirming your information, that sort of thing."

    There was one contract per contestant. Everyone was required to give their consent to be filmed throughout their journey up the Nightscraper, as well as sign away their rights to go beyond the bounds of the season. Though the building stretched upwards for dozens of floors, the current season would only be making use of the first ten floors, not including the lobby of course. Entry into any of the floors beyond, as well as the back rooms of the first floor, was strictly forbidden.

    Allen smiled encouragingly at the contestants and gestured at one of the contracts. "Just sign and initial here, here, and here, and we can get started! And if any of you have any questions, now would be the time to ask them."
  2. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Contract!? Just who the hell do you think I am, Smithy boy!?" Riv strides forward, offering the paper back to the host. "I'll tell you who I am! I am Riv Galoes! Master of mysteries, discoverer of secrets! No man will ever have me sign my life away! So take this pitiful attempt and shove it somewhere dark and deep because Riv Galoes, and this part I can't stress enough, will not be bound by anything!" The detective's voice carries across the room, swiftly followed by his ego.
  3. The first floor was just as mellow as expected. Graham looked around, his hands on his hips. He was pumped full of caffeine and worry, his eyelid twitched in anticipation. He looked around at the people who he was up against. But, there wasn't much of a competition between them, since he didn't know what everybody feared. For a long time, he wondered what they'd bring up for him. The first thing he thought was the threat of telling people he was homosexual, but that seemed like nothing when he realized they could face him off with a Nazi man, just like his father.

    Willingly, Gray walked over to the man with a nod, not trying to look out with any emotion. His eyes went down to the paper, not bothering to scan it all. He rolled his eyes as the man began to rave behind him. Gray had heard of Mr. Galoes, he was a detective who had appeared on a few of his case files that he had handled. "Lucky me..." Gray mumbled under his breath as he pulled a pen from his navy blazer and signed away at the sheet. Once he was done, he slid it in the direction of the desk and took some steps back. He adjusted the blue tie, which rested on his white shirt. Hopefully this was worth it, if he could keep LaDT open.


    So these were the people she was gonna screw over. Laurie scanned them, first was the silvery man in a suit, who didn't display any sort of emotion. Then a unkempt young man, who looked awkward. A weird, cocky man with an awful set of shades, then finally a tall, elegant lady, who was rather pretty. Interesting. Laurie smoothed down her blouse and denim jacket, trying to keep her cool. She knew it was all fake, in fact, she was pretty sure it was this man, or someone similar, who explained the mechanics. It wasn't safe for anybody. In fact, Laurie knew that they were almost certainly all gonna die. She made quick eyecontact with the blonde, giving her a fake half smile. When she looked at Allen, she smiled too, but stopped, wondering if he knew about her.

    The cocky man made Laurie grumble. Just her luck to be stuck with an egocentric man like him. "Why'd sign up for the show then?" She asked, under her breath as he read through the terms on the sheet. Quickly, she scribbled a couple of letters against the sheet. It didn't mean anything, because she had already agreed that if she helped the creatures, she'd get a little money and immunity. How much she trusted that second bit was debatable, but Laurie trusted the creatures more than the humans. Simply put, humans are much more greedy than the shadows or the somni.

  4. "What's that?" Riv turned towards Laurie? "Did you say something? No...probably not because you would have said it much louder if it had any importance." He smirked and adjusted his blazer. Just another thing that he couldn't stand in a person: someone who couldn't speak up or speak their mind.

    "I'll tell you right now friends," Riv directed his voice towards the entire group. "It's foolish to sign these papers, but it's even more foolish to think that you will make it to the top of the tower before me! I'm Riv Galoes, the man that will not only conquer this place but is also going for something much bigger...." the detective paused for a moment to add dramatic effect. "I'm going to kill the Administrator."
  5. "I'm going to kill the Administrator."

    As soon as those words left Riv's mouth, Allen's eyes narrowed, his pleasant demeanor gone in a flash. In that instant, his face seemed to gain about twenty new wrinkles, and a flash of black swirled about his irises. Kill the Administrator, hm? What a noble goal, spouted from the mouth of a fool. Allen himself didn't know of the Administrator's true power, but from the rumors he'd heard, the ringmaster of the show was not to be trifled with. If everything "Allen" had heard was true, then the Administrator would be waiting on the rooftop, merely a single elevator ride away from the tenth floor, after all the challenges that would be laid out were completed.

    Just as quickly as it had begun, the moment passed, and Allen's appearance returned to normal. He gave Riv another smile, but this one was much less genuine. "You'll have to win before you can see him," he said. "And I won't be allowing you in until you sign." He pushed the paper towards the braggart, and then glanced in Laurie's direction. Allen wasn't allowed access to her personal information -- including her fears -- but he knew about her role. He knew that she was strictly off limits to Somnus and Shade alike, except to the extent required to keep up the facade, and that her main duty was to gather intel about her fellow contestants to make up for the limits in the Somni's powers. In light of Riv's behavior, maybe Allen could add another responsibility to her list.
  6. Riv stared back at Allen for a few seconds. "Haha ok, I guess I have no choice. Smithy boy you run a hard bargain." His tone was genuine but he was actually mocking the man. Riv swiped up a pen and did a swift and direct combination of swirls across the bottom. The ink flowed freely as Riv repeated an old lie/trick that he had done many times in his past when presented with documents to sign. At first glance it would have passed as a signature. Further inspection would reveal that Riv actually wrote 'Allen Smith' in very messy writing.

    Riv smiled a crooked smile, "I want it on record that I am not happy about having to sign this, but if that's all that it takes, than I say bring it on!" Rivington began to reach for the his revolver, The Bolt, in attempt to fire a celebratory shot into the air. However at last second he thought twice and swiftly pulled his hand back. There was no need for the others in the room to see the strength of his weapon; not year at least.
  7. Graham wasn't sure what was going to drive him insane quicker; the show or this man. He was even worse than the cops had explained. But nevertheless, Gray decided to focus on the task at hand, getting that money. He put the pen back in his pocket and took a couple steps back, ignoring Riv. Or at least, attempting to. His ears picked up more decibels than anybody in the room, making Riv's loud voice louder.
    "So, how do we start?" Gray put his hands on his hips and sighed out, shrugging and attempting to move conversation forward. "Also, D'you have somewhere for my blazer?" He asked. It was a nice jacket, Gray didn't exactly want to get it covered in something nasty, whatever that could be. His eyes followed the collection of people, smiling with whoever he made eye contact with. It was a fake smile, but at least he wasn't being a jerk.

    Laurie clenched her jaw in annoyance as Riv spoke. Take down the Admin? Yeah, good luck. She kept quiet though. Hopefully the Somni would eat him up quickly. As she looked over to Allen, she narrowed her eyes at the quick change of appearance. Laurie blinked and assumed it was just her own mind, but then again, in this place, you can't be sure.
    She wondered what Allen knew. Probably enough, and more than them. She also wondered what was going to happen to her in the chambers. Hopefully they wouldn't be too horrific with her fears. Or so, make her angry. Riv before irritated her, but nothing she could learn to handle. What she was most worried about was a bad mix of werewolf and cracking bones. Just thinking about the sound made her visibly flinch a bit. ​
  8. Sumptuous mixed irises took in the scene unfolding before them, as playful blonde tresses followed in their wake. Blake looked on from her small secluded section off to the corner of the commotion. She sighed, irritated with one man in particular finding homage in the earthy lobby. She felt herself inwardly admit defeat to his ego before she could even comment. There were very few times Blake Williams would admit an egotistical defeat -- but from hearing the words from this mans mouth, she would easily coincide.
    A soft buzzing brought her attention back from the rampant man, the aloof ginger, and the seemingly aggravated gentleman standing some 5 feet from her. She looked down to her leather clad handbag, diving into it with perfectly manicured finger nails to retrieve a buzzing smart phone.

    5 missed texts. 3 missed calls. 24 emails. 33 Facebook updates.

    She looked down at the bright luminescent screen with distaste; sickened that even after repeatedly warning everyone she would be tech-free for this competition; they still found a way to dig themselves into her life through on mean or another. Blakes' ears tuned in on the boilerplate fellow; yielding attention to his guests with a less than aggressive demeanor in attempts to get each and every contestant to sign away their time, and quite possibly future to this game.
    Blake was mildly aware of what the game itself was about. The invitation had explained basically all she needed; however, she was certainly a little off-put about the "facing your fears" bits'. Regardless; money was in play. And there was nothing the shallow, selfish blonde loved more than cold, hard, green, cash $$

    She dropped the smartphone back into her bag, before straightening her posture, striding forward to the table and lazily signing away her name on one of the blank contracts that had yet to be noted by another.

    I agree. I agree. I agree. Yes. Sign here. Yes. I agree.

    "Done", she noted softly, twisting back to face the rest of her competition. She had definitely expected there to be a much larger turn out, much more impressive too.
    There was nothing good enough for her anymore. Nothing except the promise of money. She slide her long, slender digits through platinum blonde tresses, yawning at the amount of bordum she was currently facing. Out of reflex, her head shook rather violently to try and rid herself of the yawn-- to no avail.​
  9. Allen looked around at the handful of contestants, the realism back in his smile. "I'm glad to see you so enthusiastic," he said to Riv, "and I welcome your challenge." He turned to Gray next. "Ah, certainly. Here, let me take it." He received Gray's blazer with the elegance of any butler and hung it carefully on one of a row of coat hooks behind the front desk. Allen's smile then turned to Blake, as the blonde girl opened her mouth for a yawn. "Don't worry, the excitement will begin soon." His eyes then turned down to analog clock hanging on the wall behind him. "I believe there were others, but they seem to be a touch late..." He shrugged. "We'll have to begin without them."

    Allen waved his arms dramatically at the end of the room; there, a set of old wooden double doors concealed the next room. "Behind those doors," he announced, "is the first floor of the Nightscraper. Simply pass through, and your terrifying journey up the ten floors will begin!"

    As the contestants entered the next room one by one, Allen pulled Laurie aside, muttering, "A word with you, please." He made sure they were alone in the Lobby before continuing. "Keep an eye on that Riv man. I want him completely broken as soon as possible." His smile returned, but there was something wrong about it this time, a slight distortion of the shape of his teeth. "If you can make him forfeit by the fifth floor, there will be a handsome reward for you."
  10. Darkness. Beyond the first door, everything was black, cloaked in seemingly endless shadows. Only the light from the Lobby cut into the dark as each contestant filed inside, but the brief glimmer revealed nothing but the gray concrete floor. The soft sound of hidden cameras whirring as they worked could be heard, but the sources were difficult to pinpoint. The sound seemed to be coming from every edge of the room at once. Once everyone was inside -- Allen gave Laurie a gentle nudge through once their brief conversation was completed -- the wooden doors creaked shut behind them, cutting off their only source of light. On the other side, Allen turned his key, and a definitive click was heard. Should anyone try the door, they would find it most definitely locked.

    "Hi there!"

    The voice and its accompanying burst of light seemed entirely too strong in the room's forced sensory deprivation. There was a boy, no older than eight, standing a few feet from the contestants, holding his hand under his chin with his fingers spread. His fingertips glowed softly of their own accord, casting most of his face in irregular shadows. "My name's Alf," he said with a sweet smile. "I hope you have lots of fun in Addy's game. We came up with it together!" He grinned proudly.


    Meanwhile, Allen was standing behind the desk in the Lobby, a cell phone to his ears. "They're in. Are the cameras operational?"

    "Yes," said the Somnus on the other end of the line. "We have a front row seat from here. Alf was waiting for them, but he hasn't done much yet."

    "Excellent. Send in the first wave."
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  11. Riv's eyes narrowed behind his shades. Two seconds in and already didn't trust a single thing that was happening. That was expected of course. Having anything less than a creepy child in the first room would have been a disappointment.

    Taking his natural lead, Riv stepped forward slightly. He made sure to keep a safe distance from the child. "Nice you meet you Alf! I'm Riv Galoes! The great detective who has solved countless of cases where many others have failed! You have probably heard of me. Now, care to share how exactly we get to the next room?" The detective held a smile as he snuck his right hand into his duster. He rolled the palm of his hand over the cold metal that made up his revolver. If the child made any sudden movement he would be ready. Actually if the kid didn't stop being creepy he would just probably shoot him anyways.

    Riv mentally exhaled and grabbed hold of reality. In here, everything wanted him dead. Nothing was his ally.
  12. "Ah, Thank you." Gray brightened up a little. At least the staff were nice here. He put his hands into his pockets, breathing out a sigh as he mentally prepared himself. It was just a show, but Gray was feeling uneasy. Whatever they were going to throw at him was going to be personal. As Allen opened the door, and odd smell was introduced. It probably wasn't detectable to the others, but Gray's senses picked up the odd smell. His head twitched a little as he sniffed, before realizing he probably looked a little strange.
    As they entered the dark room, Gray turned to watch the door close, Laurie being pushed in at the last second. He frowned a little, finding it odd that she was kept behind. But whatever, he had bigger things to worry about. "Oh God..." Gray whispered, almost inaudible to others. Riv made him roll his eyes before he focused back on the young boy. The little light coming from his fingers would've made Gray smile a little, but he was focusing hard on the task ahead.

    The blonde woman caught Laurie's attention for a second, she watched the mobile buzz. She didn't think to bring hers. Laurie shrugged and prepared for what was to come. She knew they had to keep the show up, the Somni were not stupid. If Laurie breezed through easily, it would alarm the others. So, she'd be subject to some horror. But, she could cope, she thought. As Allen opened the door, Laurie sighed and shook her head to fix her hair, knowing the creatures were ready for the show. Before she could step into the blackness, she was stopped.
    Laurie looked around quickly before waiting for Allen to speak. As he did, she nodded and smiled devilishly a little, "I'll be on it. Thanks." She mumbled. Of course, cheating people was what she did best, she'd figure this out as if it was a computer program. Once Allen let her go, she stood in the small crowd and watched light appear. She looked down at the creepy little boy, not recognizing him. Did he know where he was? Surely, something about him was, different.​
  13. "That's easy, Mister!" said Alf as he rocked on his heels. "You just gotta get up the stairs. They're right over there!" The little boy pointed with his non-glowing fingers somewhere into the darkness, away from the entrance. Almost on cue, a skittering sound echoed from the shadows, like the steps of a large spider. Alf didn't seem particularly fazed; he just kept grinning, smelling faintly of blood and decay to Gray's sensitive nose. "But watch out for Addy's friends, okay? They're not very nice when they're angry..."

    The scraping drew closer, finally catching Alf's attention. "Oh, they're here!" he announced, practically jumping up and down. "I gotta go, see you later!" The light from his fingers was abruptly put out, once again plunging the room into darkness. The sounds of the boy's shoes clapping against the concrete nearly masked the mysterious scraping noises. The smell of decay grew stronger, despite Alf's sudden exit. Something dry and rough brushed against Blake's hand, then Laurie's leg.
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