The Nightmares of Paradise City

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Welcome to Paradise City, known as the cleanest and biggest place to live in the world, there is rarely any crime, no one goes homeless, and there are no known gangs.... life could never be better here... sounds too good to be true but, that is Paradise for you... safest place to live on earth... well you wouldn't think so if you knew the local Legends.

There is a epidemical urban legend in Paradise City...

Residence or Visitor they all, if they have powers or not, have strange Nightmares. These 'nightmares' range from being just nightmares of the standard kind, to sensory, fears, pleasures unwanted, perhaps wanted, being closed in to something, and perhaps... doing things clean outside of who you are that go against your personality... or any combination of all of these... yet... when morning come... one wakes up... as per normal... maybe just a little shaken. No harm done, nothing but the memories... vague memories of a horrible... and sometimes pleasurable nightmares.

Any attempt to record nightmares, or the way most people control them, end in failure... everything goes as normal, no mistakes, no tracks to follow... Yes they happen.... but the only evidence to back that up is the slow changes in what people like, what people think, , and the people there.... one would just think, they are just bad dreams... and maybe going mad, as if the everyone outside of those who are afflicted are covering something up... only they are not... those people don't know what is going on ether.

This should go without saying, that those, be it people or a group involved, do not want to be found out, and they could be close, friends, co workers.... however the Nightmares.... are not only real, but not remembered in full detail... that is because they are drugged to a point of not being able to remember fully, and they also make them very compliant... however like before, there is no drugs in the body, even the hair and nails do not show records of this happening....

The Nightmares do... in some cases, affect a persons likes, dislikes, personalities, and even preferences...

The town does just about everything shop wise in the world, and club wise... so the items used in the nightmares, be it swords spears and such are possible.


Now Lately.... in Reality.... there have been Incidences.... where people... have been left, tied to trees, or poles... with notes saying.... "The Nightmares Are Real" in creepy handwriting... subjects cut up, or basically gone insane... and this case... goes on to say there are drugs in their bodies... but it must be a group outside those thought of in the urban legends, because after sometime... people who try to hoax it, end up the way they hoax, and drugged with the same drug, which is proof they are not the real "Nightmare Masters" as people come to call them.

In this RP there are 4 groups of people.

-- Normal people nothing special about them

-- People with 'powers' such as being Clairvoyant or a Oracle, or supernaturals... such as Vampires and Werewolves.

-- The Nightmare Masters - Race: (Leader Taken By CrowOkatagi)
A Race of ancient beings that have always lived in Paradise before it was Paradise, unknown to the human or Supernatural world. They may take any form they choose. They literally have the power to take people from any place they hide, or think they are safe, and do god knows what to them, be it inflicting the worst nightmares possible to inflicting your deepest darkest Fantasies, which could be one and the same... and then putting people back safe and sound in the morning though it seems like forever.... kind of like a Twisted Version of Santa but instead of hitting the world all in one night... they can take 'All' Night to have years of fun with you and leave you back the next morning like nothing ever happened....

Though due to these abilities sometimes... the effects of doing such bleed into the persons subconscious changing bits of them... in some cases, going from a person who loves normal life and would never go out of their way for any kind of adventure, to a person who is a daredevil and reckless and loves to live in adrenaline, for one example.

The Nightmare Masters Are fans of keeping some of their 'subjects' in which case they simply vanish, or a body double is laid out, or they simply 'decide' to move out of town and are never heard from again.

-- The Fake Nightmare Masters (Hoaxers) :
- People who try to replicate the hell they have gone through on people... really criminals who think it would be funny to make a bad name for the real Nightmare Masters... these people were never Nightmare Masters, and ether are Insane or picked up on the stories and tried to get in the legacy of the legend themselves. But normally End up killing or truly Traumatizing a person, and causing them to go insane or be a drug addict. The Real Nightmare Masters and the Law Hunt these people down... normally the Nightmare masters Get to them first then leave them afflicted with the hell they put their victims through instead of just making them vanish... after all a fake should never be able to get away with it... nor be attempting things beings far older and fare more powerful should ever be trying.

-- The Detective(s): A person or peoples, from out of town, that is in one of the first two groups that, that is investigating, the strange incidences here, that people have of Reoccurring nightmares.... and trying to find the real cause... bring the Hoaxers to Justice, and find out why some people are simply vanishing, after moving out, or why their personalities are changing... while they themselves are also being haunted by the nightmares too.

-- Limits on Powers: People with powers that would allow them to fight the drugs or abilities to sedate and inflict the nightmares, would have been affected before they could fully use them... the group and leader of group are not idiots, and have ways to block those powers, when taking other subjects, to keep them 'out of the way'... it wouldn't be any fun.... if you knew what was going on.





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