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  1. The Story
    Welcome to The Nightmare!
    Unlike the name, this is no nightmare. You would wish it was. At least you will wake up from a nightmare but this, there is no waking up from this hell.
    It all started August 5, 1985. Doctors weren't that familiar with mental illness but asylums and mental hospitals did exist. There just weren't many medications or anything. Anyways, at Oxyford Asylum, it was like a prison. They were treated were like prisoners as well. They were forced to live there from the moment they came to the moment they died. Because of this, it was said to be haunted. After 5 years, it was shut down for being unsanitary but it is said that the ghosts of the dead still haunt the asylum.
    Today, February 24, 2015, 5 different schools have been chosen to take a tour of the abandoned asylum and spend a week there. They needed to take notes and learn as much as they could about how patients were treated back in the 80s. Come to find out, the school really was haunted. The rumors were true. After the first night, the students woke up and maybe halff of the students were found brutally murdered. Not only were these ghosts but they were angry spirits that haunted the halls. They hated the students staying there and as a warning they took out half of the students. When they didn't take the hint, the spirits planned to eliminate all of them.
    Can you survive or will you be brutally murdered like the rest of them?

    -London Elementary School
    -Yorkshire Academy(Elementary School)
    -Oxford Academy(high school)
    -St. John Fisher Catholic High School
    -Chelmsford County High School For Girls

    1. Be nice to each other; get along out of character
    2. You can have up to 5 characters
    3. No God Modding
    4. No perfect characters
    5. You can make your post as long as you want; no limit
    6. No one liners
    7. You can have romantic relations with characters but if anything sexual happens, take it somewhere else
    8. Keep level of supernatural creatures even.
    9. Be creative as you want with your characters

    Character Creation
    [pic; realistic]


  2. May I join? If so, can I reserve a Character. Creating Character's on the IPad kind of sucks, and I won't have a computer for the next.. Day or so. Anyways, love the Plot, it's amazing ~
  3. I have a question: would we be playing some ghosts as well as students, or are the ghosts and spirits going to be NPC?
  4. Just nocs. This role play focuses on the struggle of the students. It will deal with drama, anger, depression... Just think, what would you do if you were in this situation?
  5. May I join? If it's not too late.}}
  6. Also one quick question, when you say 'pic; realistic' I assume you mean human?}}
  7. Name: Mary Jane Hevanleray

    Age: 11

    School: London Elementray school

    Sex: Female

    Sexuality: she's pretty sure she likes boys...but she thinks she likes girls just a little (basically bisexual She just doesn't know it yet)

    Personality: Mary is quiet and likes to help people, she's shy but always smiles and trys to help people. She's a scary cat and is easily frightened.

    History: Mary lives with her mother after her brother was kidnapped and murdered that caused her parents too split up. She Trys her best too be the best child she could be, though she didn't think it was enough.

    Strengths: she try's her best too be brave and will face any problem with a smile and and all the bravery she can muster.

    Weaknesses: she is still a child at heart and tends to act as such.

    Fears: the dark, being alone, ghosts and monsters.

    Habits: she tends to bite her fingernails when she's nervous and her noses crickles when she lies

    Talents: she can play the piano.

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  8. Thank goodness ^_^))
  9. Reserving a spot ^^ (2 charas)
  10. Corbin Tyler Jacobs

    Name: Corbin Tyler Jacobs
    Age: 17
    School: Oxford Academy
    Sex: Male
    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: Corbin is an awkward goofball, he loves to play around but he also has a kind heart. Corbin can sometimes wimp out, he's not a brave lion, he's more of the cowardly lion. In the right situations maybe he could have that confidence and courage, for now it's not happening.
    History: Corbin was born into a normal suburban household. His parents, his father a business man and his mother a stay at home mom. He has two older brothers. Corbin is the youngest. He wants to make his parents proud, Corbin is going to go to medical school; he wants to become a doctor.

    Strengths: Smart, he has a lot of heart, funny, in the right situations Corbin can and will take the leader role.
    Weaknesses: Cowardly, paranoid, to talkative sometimes, Corbin is a big time wuzz in most situations.
    Fears: Ghosts, Supernatural Happenings, Aliens, Murderers, Dark and Quiet Places.
    Habits: When Corbin is nervous, he tends to play in his hair and tap his right foot. Corbin tends to talk a lot non stop, he doesn't know when to shut up.
    : Corbin can recite the Alphabet back and forth in Russian, he is also super smart when it comes to the human body; since he wants to become a doctor and all.
  11. [​IMG]

    Gwen Redding
    17 years old
    Chelmsford County High School for Girls

    Personality: Gwen in sweet, fun loving, and open minded. She is relentless when she knows she’s being judged or watched, but when on down time she can be incredibly lazy, wanting any spare moment just to lay down, or eat a chip. She is the type of person who is always smiling, and asking if everyone else is alright, being their shoulder to cry on and forgetting about herself.

    History: Gwen grew up with a father who wasn’t exactly responsible. He did push her to constantly do things, but only to make him look good. He wanted to be the dad of the straight A student. The girl who made the most serves in a row on the volleyball team. The tallest girl on the basketball team. Of course she couldn’t live up to everything and he made her well aware of it when she didn’t. When she turned 12 he began offering her up as a babysitter to people he knew for her to earn money, so he could take it and buy booze. He was mentally and emotionally abusive throughout her teen years, though no one would ever know. To everyone else, she was perfect, and he was a proud dad. During the summer before her senior year, she said she was taking the summer off, and doing something for her finally. Because of it, her dad kicked her out and she has nowhere to go. She has told no one, instead taking on a 30 hour a week job to stay in a small apartment while attending school (which she got by lying about her age).

    • Positivity
    • Mentally & emotionally strong
    • Physically fit

    • Puts too much pressure on herself which can lead to break downs
    • Will rescue someone else before saving herself
    • Has trouble taking orders if she believes she is right

    • Failing or making mistakes
    • Her living situation being found out
    • Needles

    • Saying her opinion when no one asked
    • Getting distracted easily
    • Breaking silences

    • Sports​
    • Dance​
    • Modeling​
    • Swimming​
    • Getting straight A’s​
  12. Accepted and everyone else, gotcha
  13. @RogueRaven12 Just realized that I'm in two of your rps lol.
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