The Nightmare Children

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    When you were little, you always knew that you were different.
    Seeing things in houses, or buildings that no one else could see.
    Things that scared you too much to go to bed at night.

    You called them "Nightmares" because, they basically were.

    They were always there, following you.
    Their feet not quite touching the floor, barely floating.
    Hovering, watching.
    Hissing in their voices, calling your name, telling you to turn off the lights.
    Their hands were long and bent at odd shapes,
    their skin was white and they were always just out of the light.

    You had a light on at all times, or at least with you.
    Your fear got so bad that your parents put you in therapy, but it didn't help.
    You never sleep.

    It's been quite a few years since then, and you're a teenager now.
    You know not to tell anyone about these things.

    But you soon find that other teenagers are seeing the same things.
    And now you all have to join together and fight them-
    because your parents put you in a new type of therapy.

    It's called "Face your Fears"
    at a local abandoned school.
    The counselors put you in the school every night, with nothing more than a flashlight and a water bottle,
    turning off all lights, and telling you to face your fake fears.

    They let you out at dawn, but can you survive?


    1- Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation to the best of your abilities.
    2- No god modding.
    3- Swearing is allowed, but not every other word, please.
    4-Be kind to other players.
    5- Please be able to post at least once a day.

    Character sheet:

    Age: (16-18 please)
    Appearance: (Pictures please)
    Background story:

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    Name: Zoie Lovrette

    Age: 17
    Background story: Hearing the "stories," she was told they were just that. Nothing more. Yet, in her reality, they weren't just stories, myths, and folklore... The things that go bump in the night continued to haunt her growing up. The nightmares that came from it just piled on and made it all worse. Her family sent her to a therapist while they lived in the big city. They felt embarrassed about her fear that practically swallowed her alive. Screams at night and tears during the day. The therapist blamed it on her parent's marriage. With that, they gave up custody and sent her to live with her grandparents in a country side. In a town really close, she and a few other teenagers were then sent to face their fears. Of course they would... They were all considered freaks. People who could finally related. At least she wasn't alone in the hell.
    Likes: Light of any kind, warmth, being a walking controdiction, sour candies, keeps secrets
    Dislikes: Dark places, cold, people in a whole, Needles, hospitals, doctors​
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  6. Name: Mika Tarazuki
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Background story: Mika has always been afraid of the dark, but her parents never comforted her. They've put her in therapy, they've sent her to a mental institution, but now she's gone too far, and they're sending her off.. maybe for good.
    Likes: Reading, writing, light, candies, dresses.
    Dislikes: the dark, them, being lied to, not being believed.
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  8. Name: Amber Sant
    Age: 16
    Appearance: ​

    Background story:
    She had seen the nightmares all her life, but until she grew to an age where people actually listen to children, she had just assumed everyone else could too. Of course her parents couldn't deal with having a child who wasn't perfect. Their child was mentally impaired! What scandal, why, they'd be the subject of all the gossip in the neighborhood! The two parents decided to keep this a secret. They strictly told her not to tell anyone about these so-called "nightmares". They forced her to go to hours of therapy sessions and secluded her inside the house for years. They told her it wasn't real, and she had to control her emotions. Traumatic emotions were what caused madness like this after all. She taught herself never to mention the things she saw, though some times she made mistakes. After the neighbor next door passed away the nighmares steadily increased. Death drew them closer. She had to tell her parents what was going on, but they grew angry at her and despaired saying "and I thought she was finally ready to re-enter society". They sighed and both made the decision to send her to more intensive care. To face her fears and "come to terms with reality". As she looked at the school in the distance, she hoped she'd be able to make friends after years of little to no social interaction. As she grew closer and saw the darkness and shadows that surrounded the cursed place, she began to wonder if she'd even survive the night.

    Likes: bland, tasteless food with salt, black and white, chess, more than 4 hours of sleep, ribbons, politeness, books
    Dislikes: color, excitement, stress, therapists, sterile rooms, fake smiles, sweet foods, chick flicks, rudeness​

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    Name: Lacey Margritte
    Age: 18
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Background story: When Lacey was younger she was in an elevator going to see her dad at work when it broke down. It dropped nearly a floor before the brakes cut in and when it did the lights went out inside it. This was her earliest memory. For hours her and her mother were trapped in the in the dark cramp elevator surrounded by unknown people. As well as it being her earliest memory it was also the first time she say "them". Hours later they were finally rescued but it was the most tormenting experience of her life. She has been terrified of small places ever since then.
    Likes: Chocolate, candles, her mother, hygiene
    Dislikes: Small places, dark, sudden drops, heights, strange places, germs, filth
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  12. (I saw this rp and was very interested, so I decided to be a guy and save you from all girls! XD Anyway, here he is, I hope it's ok!)

    Name: Jack Edinburgh
    Age: 18

    Background story:
    Eve since he was young he could see the creatures in the dark, the creatures no one else could see. He never thought much of it, or that it was so strange until he mentioned them as a kid to his little sister who then ran over to their parents screaming about it. They then had him explain everything about it and sent him into therapy since the age of 10. Because he was in
    therapy for seeing things no one else could, he was always labeled as the 'weird kid' and this caused him to distance himself from everyone- he would only ever really talk to his little sister. He's really twitchy around others and when the other students in his class finally locked him in one of the classrooms that had covered windows during lunch with the lights off he lost it and broke the glass to escape the room when the creatures started to close in on him. The next day he went to school he punched the main boy who was in charge of locking him up turning his suspension for breaking a window into a expulsion for fighting another student. His parents who had been pretty patient about his 'illness' until then, once he was expelled from the second high school he's been to they decided to take extreme actions and sent him to this 'face your fears' program.
    Likes: music, his little sister, being alone, reading
    Dislikes: the dark, large crowds, loud people/noise​
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  14. Name: Zachary Fosdyke
    Age: 17


    Background story: Zachary's mother died during his birth, leaving him as an only child alone with his father. During his early childhood when he slept in the same room as where his mother had spent most of her time, his life seemed relatively normal. Aside from the occasional whispering of his name when he was outside playing by himself or when the mirrors in the bathrooms fogged up and made shadows appear to form behind him. Later on though when both he and his father considered him a 'big boy' and he got his own room, the daily oddity became more of an hourly assault. However, his father forebade him from sleeping with him any longer. It only got worse though until he was pulled out of school entirely, swaring the whole time that They were going to kill his teacher, until he entered a homeschooling program. Much later on though right after his seventeenth birthday while his father was out late at a meeting, he snuck into his parents' bedroom, immediately feeling a thin veil from the shadows. It was ripped apart only minutes later when, as he was drifting off to sleep on the bed, a crash came from the closet. Inside were boxes. Boxes filled with hundreds of papers. Letters. Written by his mother, it seemed, but not adressed to anyone in particular. Apparently, she suffered the same thing he had; seeing things and hearing Them whisper into his ears, making his life hell at night and torture during the day. Zach went into a frenzy, reading as many of the papers as possible before ripping them to shreds until his father came home. It struck him then that his father had known all along. He attacked him and was immediately registered for the 'Face Your Fears' program.

    Likes: Soft lights, music and drawing, jogging, his mother, being positive.
    Dislikes: Darkness, lies, mirrors, staircases, wind, being alone in any kind of room, puppets.​
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  16. Name: Dallas Hill
    Age: 18
    Appearance: (Doesn't actually smoke)

    Background story: Growing up in a Christian home, any word of seeing "things" in the dark meant you were possessed by the devil. He had begun seeing them when he was around 10 years old. Dallas learned real quick to keep his problem to himself. The things his parents did to rid the demons from his mind and body were getting out of hand, such as nearly drowning him in holy water. Dallas did his best to keep his fears of the creatures under wraps. He joined band in middle school, and then jazz band starting in high school, playing the bass clarinet for regular band and the piano for jazz band. Everything was going well up until he was in his senior year of high school. The Nightmares weren't going away, and nights were getting worse and worse. Finally he had a break down in the middle of the school day during a power outage. His parents heard of it, and they decided that "Face your Fears" therapy may work with him if their methods didn't work the first time.

    Likes: classical music, the light, learning new things, keeping busy
    Dislikes: doing nothing, the dark, being submerged in water
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