The Nightmare Children (RP)

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    Mika was staring at her walls, slowly falling asleep. She'd been up for a record of one week, and she was starting to fade.
    Her eyes were heavy with sleep, and she couldn't keep them open.
    Sighing, she thought to herself 'i'll only sleep for a minute.'
    When she closed her eyes, she felt herself drifting off to sleep.
    And then suddenly, she felt a presence in the room, a cold air, a shadow in front of the light.
    And at her ear, a loud whisper.
    "I'll gut you, you sweet little piggy. Don't close your eyes."
    She jerked awake to find that her corner light had gone out, and now it was only one light, to her left, that was keeping them away from her.
    But how had it whispered in her ear?
    She gasped, it had been her right ear.
    The right side of the room was dark, and she pulled closer to the left.
    In the corner on the right side, there it was.
    Standing- no, floating, staring at her with it's evil grin.
    The body was long and skinny, black and hard to see, always shifty, like a shadow.
    It's face was hidden in the dark, but it's eyes were shining.
    She shivered and pulled out a flashlight, and held it in front of her as she put a new bulb in her two other lamps in the room.
    If she turned on her over head light, her parents would see, and make her turn out everything,
    and then she'd have to race to turn the lamps on.
    She learned a long time ago that it was not a good idea to turn her over head light on.
    Sighing with relief as she got back into bed, Mika noticed that the thing was no longer in the corner.
    She looked around, and smiled when she realized it was gone.
    Mika lay back down in bed and held the flashlight close, then once again, shut her eyes.
    Drifting off to sleep, she found that she actually had a small dream, although she couldn't recall it later.
    She woke with a jump, and saw, to great relief, that the lights were still on.
    She yawned and saw that she'd been asleep for nearly six hours. It was five in the morning, and soon the sun would be up.
    She let herself doze off again, but was woken up by a hiss.
    Her lamps slowly flickered off, one by one, and she sat in bed, eyes wide open, flashlight on, and aimed in front of her.
    One of them slowly came out of her closet, the other, out from under her bed.
    They stared at her from the shadows, and she reached out to her bedside lamp and flicked it on.
    They shrank back, and disappeared.
    She was never safe.
    "We will get you.. Soon...."
    They whispered and hissed.

    That morning, at school, Mika had to pee really badly.
    She hated using the public toilets, because they were always empty and half way dark.
    Gathering her courage, she asked to go, and the teacher gave her a hall pass.
    She hummed to herself as she walked, and then opened the bathroom door.
    It was fairly light in here, so she walked into the closest stall and peed.
    As she was flushing, she heard someone in the next stall, which made her feel more at ease.
    Until she looked at the shoes- or where the shoes should be.
    But all she saw were a pair of pale white feet, floating a bit above the floor.
    Her heart stopped for a second, as the lights overhead flickered, and died.
    She felt around for her purse, but realized she'd left it in the classroom.
    Quickly, she ran out of the stall, and as she did, she heard the next two open.
    She froze as she felt the coldness and the fear creep in.
    The soft sound of something dragging filled her ears as she turned slowly to look.
    A white claw grabbed her shoulder and she screamed.
    Fighting hard against it, she ran out the door, and as she looked back at it, she saw the face of it.
    She'd never seen it clearly before, and now that she had, she screamed again, and fell, backing up to the sunlit hallway.
    It was too terrible to describe- it was all her fears mixed into one face.
    She had tears running down her cheeks as she watched the lights come back on, and them disappear.

    Two months later, she was still not better.
    Her parents decided to send her to a training exercise, a school, they called it.
    She begged them not to let her go.
    She screamed, she threatened to hurt herself.
    Nothing worked.
    So now, she was on her way to this place, and she didn't know what it was.
    But she knew it wasn't something good.

  2. Amber's parents had had enough. She was mad, crazy and everything in between. She had hoped, pleaded with her mind, repeating over and over again that they weren't real. But the nightmares just laughed at her, a sound like the screeching of nails against a chalkboard. Her confinement inside her house did not help. The black, spider-like creature stood out against the bare, white walls of her room. Thoughts raced in her head, the psychiatrist said all sorts of things to make hallucinations go away. They all vanished from her mind. She knew her parents would be no help, they couldn't see the monsters in the night. Scrambling for ways to make it stop, she closed her eyes tight trying to shut out the outside world.
    Those few moments of darkness seemed like hours. Soon she couldn't stand it anymore and her eyes snapped open. The monster was inches away from her face, with a devilish grin that would surely make even a grown man cry. She screamed, tears flowing down her pale face, chanting to herself that it wasn't real. She heard a commotion downstairs as her parents scrambled to see what had happened. The darkness claimed her.
    . . .
    When she woke up, she had three bloody marks scratched down her arm and her disappointed parents staring her in the face. "Amber, it's time we put you in more intensive care. A special school for people like you", her mother said with a fake smile plastered on her face.
    . . .
    Her parents dropped her off at the so-called "school". "Have a good day!", said her father, grinning. She turned around to look at the place and walked back a few steps in shock. The place was crawling with nightmares. The spider-like monster she'd seen earlier beckoned her inside saying "I do hope there are noooo hard fee~elings". She wondered how in the world this place was supposed to cure her "mental illness".

    Because it was anything but a school.
  3. ((Forgot to mention that Lacey is also scared of mirrors and those horror stories where you look in a mirror in a dark bathroom and recite a phrase to "summon" a series killer like candy man or Bloody Mary or Piggy))

    The more popular kids always liked to pick on Lacey for her sheepish behavior. She was a shy girl and was teased constantly for her fear of Mr. Piggy. She had once opened up to a boy about her fears but he broke her heart and told the more popular kids about her weaknesses completely embarrassing and hurting her. Now she was scared of even going to school. The halls seemed to small to her. The corners too dark. And the wide wall length mirrors in the bathroom were more than she could handle.

    One day she attempted to brave the bathroom. Lacey knew from experience that the other girls would pick on her if they knew she was in there. She peeked her head in to check that the room was empty, carefully avoiding the glare and frightening silence of the silvery mirror. Lacey quickly darted to the handicap stall. She appreciated the room even if she felt a little guilty for using it.

    Then as if by some demented schedule the girls she feared most came in to the restroom to gossip and talk behind the backs of their so called "friends". Lacey's heart stopped. If they knew she was in there they would torment her. But despite Lacey's most desperate wishes the girls discovered her.

    "Hey girls. Looks like the freak shows in here!" Said one of the girls

    "Hey have you ever heard of the Piggy?" asked the second girl

    "No! How's it go?" Said the third through snickers.

    Suddenly the lights went out in the bathroom and Lacey the whispers. A scrapping sound dragged at her ears. Like metal on stainless white tiles.

    "Here piggy pig pig" Lacey's heart dropped as the first words were uttered outside her stall.

    "Here piggy pig pig"

    Only one more time and he would come for her again. Lacey began to feel a chill. Like a breath was going down her neck. Her ankles tingled as if cold fingers were running over them. She jumped up and darted out of her stall screaming "no please stop!"

    The girls laughed and shouted in together "Here Piggy Pig Pig!!" And with that the three girls ran laughing from the bathroom.

    Lacey was left alone to the dark. The scrapping grew louder and the room began to close in on her. She stood frozen staring at her reflection which stared back at her. A hot flush of air ran past her ear and the face of a pig appeared above her shoulder. Lacey darted across the bathroom and slammed into the mirror cracking it. Piggy's pig head sat on the shoulders of a tall butcher man. He found her again. His cleaver in hand he walked up to her and put is pig snout just before her face. He scrapped the wall with the knife digging into it and breathed heavily into her face. Lacey cried and screamed. She slipped under his arm and ran for the door. She busted out screaming and the girls who had once been laughing stood there shocked staring at Lacey huddled on the floor crying.

    Lacey's mother dropped her off in front of the school. Tears crawled down her mothers cheeks as Lacey stepped out of the car. Her mother had tried everything but nothing had worked. Lacey kissed her mothers cheek and sorrowfully said goodbye. Lacey didn't realize then that she may never see her mother again.
  4. First her parents... Now the grandparents. Night after night waking up to screams and cries from the young lass. Why couldn't she sleep like a normal person; with happy dreams filled with rainbows, bunnies, and magic? These dreams were paradise compared to the nightmares the woman constantly lived through. The stories were supposed to be just that, stories. Not real. Zoie often tried a tactic that she was taught when younger. In the dark place, her eyes closed and her lips began to move.

    "One." Darkness closed in.

    "Two." Her back slid down the wall stopping once she reached the floor.

    "Three." Zoies arms wrapped around herself in hope; in defense.

    "Four." Almost done.

    "Five." She took a deep breath in the let it go softly.

    Hazel eyes peered ahead hoping it was gone. Sure enough... The room changed. White walls full of fluff. No windows. One single door made from steel. No lick of color. Zoie's head throbbed as raging headaches pounded inside her head. Her hands shot to her ears then relocated to her temples, giving it a light rub. Her eyes began to roll back with the pain helping it to subside. The thick steel door creaked as it opened lightly. "Who--Hello?" The pain disappearing her body stumbled to its feet and swayed cautiously through the door. Looking infront, to the left, then to the right... Nothing. Dark halls as far as can be seen. Lights flickered not showing much for the exit. The saving from one hell led to another. Just her luck. Taking her chance, she chose the way to the left. Zoie pulled out a butterfly knife from her back pocket. It wasn't much but at least she want completely defenseless.

    Minutes passed, so far not a thing out of the out of ordinary had happened. Sounds echoed from behind her and lights flickered more. Her body quickly turned in circles. Breezes and soft whispers brushed across her. Looking forward again, a being stood with a crooked grin, doctoral needles in hand, and the typical street clothes. Screeching laughter hammered into her throwing her body wih force. "What the hell!" Zoie quickly turned and ran the other way. The walls began to bleed and looked as though they were peeling away. Tears filled her eyes as this became another tragedy all over again.


    Her screams echoed throughout the house, unaware of anything that had been going on. An elder lady with short white curled hair and peach fuzz covering her skin rushed in then rolled her eyes at the scene. "The brat's parents weren't kidding." The woman's husband followed limping lightly.

    "Wake her already. I have to work in the morning." With that, he exited towards his room.

    Zoie's grandmother tip tied to her side then nudged her until she had woke. "Nana!" Her eyes filled with water that continued to stream down her face, leaving her arms to tightly wrap around the woman. Without giving it too much time for his and loves, nana peeled her away and stood looking down on the woman. Zoie saw it was the lay straw.


    The car pulled around and the door forced open. Her grandfather drug her out of the car then pushed her towards the school. "Have fun!" Nothing else to say, he turned got in the car and it drove off. Zoie looked forward at the building before her. A sigh escaped her. There was nothing else to do but move forward. There was no way facing her fears was going to help. She knew this. Parents gave up and now so did her grandparents. No one believed her... The nightmares weren't just something that could be easily overcome. There was more to it. It was reality after all. She hitched her bag over her shoulder and headed towards the building.
  5. Mika looked up at the building.
    It looked like a school, but it was obviously abandoned.
    She took a deep breath. There were a few other girls standing nearby, but Mika wasn't sure what was going on.
    So instead, she just stood by the gate, and waited. It was cold outside, but she'd brought her coat.
    Blinking at the sun, she noticed it was setting.
    Her fear kicked in, and she looked around, desperately trying to see why she was here.
    She was freaking out, and she knew she would have a panic attack soon.
  6. Zach was shaking in the middle of his parents' bedroom, surrounded by strips of paper that had once been letters written by his long dead mother. She had the same 'mental ailment' as he did. She had understood at some point how he felt now. The betrayal part? Probably not. His father had known the entire time. The whole time that his own son was telling the truth! For his mom, he had pittied and helped her through the life of Nightmares. What about his only child? No... He didn't love him, just because he was born and she had died because of it.

    The sound of tyres on gravel in the driveway was heard all the way up into the room. The slam of a door. A beep as the front door's alarm system alerted that someone had entered. Squeeks on the stairscase. The doorknob turned. Opened. No one was there. Zach's breathing was coming in little pants, heartbeat speading up to match its pace. 'Zaaaacharyyyyy.....' A cold chill ran down his back as he realised he hadn't turned on the far lamp. He had been arrogant, thinking that they wouldn't bother him here. It had been a false trail all along. His mother had never been a protection. 'Pleeeeaaaase....? Won't you come and plaaaaaay....?' The one and only on lamp in the bedroom flickered a moment before turning off completely and plunging him in darkness, staring at the empty doorway. 'We won't hurt you.' A small girlish giggle came from directly behind him, making his breathing louder as he swung around and saw only darkness. 'Much.' It was at the doorway. It was a girl in a bloodied, ripped up frock that seemed to be made of swirling patterns of flesh. She smiled at him as if she had been hunting for him for years and now here he was for the taking. Not realising it, he had started to shake his head 'no' only noticing now as the girl started nodding 'yes'. Something brushed against his ankles like cold, sharp metal and he screamed. Covering his ears, Zach rushed at the door, just needing to get away from them. All of them! He ran straight in to his father who had just stepped in to the doorway after running up the stairs at the scream, only to get knocked on to his back. "Let go of me!" Zach started screaming again as he saw one of Them make a mask over his father's face in a replica of the girl. He grabbed his father's suitcase and beat him until the whispers consumed him into darkness.


    The chief of police had his hands straight on the wheel and eyes locked on the road as he pulled up in front of the school. "You're lucky, ya know?" he started off huskily. "Had you of been anyone elses child in the entire district, they would of forced you to juvenile detention. They suggested you were put into an asylum but," he made a 'tsk'ing sound with his tongue, "you're father knew that this was the worst that could do considering how often you begged him to change his mind. You understand how lucky you are, boy?"
    Zachary nodded, not really hearing anything that was being said the him. His entire body was numb except for his stomach which felt like vomiting all over the fine leather of the car. "Yes, sir. Goodbye, sir." He grabbed a small bag of belongings he had insisted on bringing, got out of the police car and slammed the door shut. It drove away too fast for him to even look at the licence and make a word of the three letters.
    He looked up at the self-acclaimed 'school' with wide eyes as his hand started to shake slightly. It was so.... dark. He shivered and glanced at the soon to set sun, immediately jogging up to the few others who were already waiting for their first 'school day' to begin.
  7. ((Oh my gosh, I did not think this would be so long… 0.0 ))

    Jack was walking around in the halls of school on his was to the cafeteria, listening to his iPod very loudly as he always would. He had been told many times before that listening to his music this loud would make him deaf but he didn't care, the loud volume made it harder for him to hear Them. He could still hear them, but not as loudly as he normally would without the loud noise of his music. He walked quickly with his head down to discourage others from talking to him, as if someone would anyway. For as long as he could remember he was always the weird kid that no one would talk to. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow pass by that was not connected to anyone. They were near.

    His muscles tensed as it passed saying, "Come on… It won't be so bad…" It said then stopped, he couldn't see it anymore and just continued walking, this time faster, he weaved in and out of the crowds of other teenagers on his way to the cafeteria. But then the apparition suddenly appeared right in front of him, it was a tall, spindly creature, his skin bleach white with eyes sown shut yet he could still see and a cruel smile on his lips and his whispered the last words; "​Just turn off the lights…" The sudden appearance of this creature in front of him, the same creature Jack had been hiding from all year, caused jack to stop walking so suddenly that he fell back onto his back in the middle of the hallway with a terrified expression on his face. A large crowd of laughing students circled around the boy that suddenly fell. They shouted taunts at him which he could not hear, the only sound Jack could hear was the good pumping in his ears and the whispering of the man in front of him.

    Jack scrambled to his feet then turned and ran the other way, down the hall, breaking through the wall of students and continued to run down the hall. He turned a corner and ran head on into a group of some of the students which seemed to bully him more than the others. He had fallen again but this time his iPod fell out if his pocket and his earphones fell out. He looked behind him to see if the creature followed him. He couldn't see it but he knew that is was coming, it was coming for him and he needed to get out of there. He jumped to his feet and tried to break through this group same as the last but they wouldn't break apart like the others had, they barely moved and instead they guys grabbed his arms and dragged him to one of the abandoned class rooms. No one was allowed to go in it yet because a month before, one of the students committed suicide in there because he was bullied so much.

    Jack tried to fight them and get out of their grasp but it was no use. Once he saw where they were leading him his eyes widened and he started yelling, "No! Not there! Not there, please!" His shouts for help only made the guys laugh at him. He had gone by this room before, just a little while after the student had died and he was plauged with Them surrounding him and trying to force him into that same dark room. Right before he reached the door he looked back and saw one of the boys pick up his iPod which had fallen then turn to Jack, showing him the device with a wide smile on his face. The students shoved him into the room, making sure that the lights were off then left, locking the door behind him. Jack quickly ran to the door but couldn't get out since they locked it. His eyes darted around the room, seeing Them all around, they were in the shadows and were coming closer.

    Jack's breaths started to becoming shorter and quickly as his heart sped up. Many different being of all shapes and sizes were encircling him and he felt their cold breath on the back of his neck. Then the man from before walked in, he came in through the wall and walked closer to him. Jack started shaking his head and backed up to one of the walls. "No… No…!" The figure came closer and Jack squeezed his eyes shut, covering his ears with his hands so he couldn't hear Their voices but he could still feel. He felt the icy cold breath of the man fan across his face and Jack ran across the room, trying to escape Them. He found the window, covered before so none could come and tamper with the scene but they were left up because no one remembered to take them down. He swiftly grabbed the covering and ripped it off but even the window seemed to provide too little light to help him much. He punched through the window and jumped out of the first story window, running off of the campus.


    Jack knew he was only allowed to be at the school to get the rest of his things from his locker since he was suspended for breaking that window. He saw the boy, Kevin, who had taken his iPod and he was actually listening to it right then. Jack could over-hear his conversation and he was saying that the iPod was his. That was the it for him, he charged over to Kevin with a furious look. Once he approached Kevin, he just wound his arm back and punched him right in the face. Kevin fell back, gripping his face in pain. Jack simply glared at him then took his iPod back and walked out of the school.


    Well, Jack went from a suspension to an expulsion for the second time since he got into high school and that was the last straw for his parents. They put him in an extreme sort of therapy and he was on his way now. He sat in the back seat, listening to his sister talk about a boy in her class that she liked and he asked her out. She was 13 years old now which still seemed odd to him, he still thought of her as his little sister but now she old enough to have a boyfriend. He made a mental note to check up on this guy so he knew his sister was in safe hands. He may not like other people but when it came to his sister he was a tad overprotective. He then looked out the window behind her and saw the abandoned school. A small sigh escaped his lips at the sight, he knew that that was his destination and it was coming quickly closer. His sister then stopped talking and looked out the window also and saw the building. Her face became sad as she knew that her brother would be left there.

    Once they reached the school Jack got out of the car, his earphones blasting in his ears. He walked around the car, toward the front entrance and the other kids who were also standing there, when his sister jumped out of the car and pulled him into a tight hug. Tears were starting to form in her eyes as she was saying her last goodbyes. As they were hugging, their parents exited the car with sad looks on their faces also. After a minute they pulled his sister, Holly away from him. His parents then gave him half smiles and nodded their goodbyes then the rest of his family all went back into the car and drove off. Jack took a deep breath then turned and walked to the others, pulling his hood over his head and turning the volume of his iPod up.
  8. Mika watched as one more boy walked up.
    She stood farther off to the side, as the gate opened.

    A skinny female walked out and smiled brightly.
    "Hello children!"
    She said, looking far too happy.

    "You're here at Nightmare School because you all have fears of the dark, or other things like it.
    You're here until we cure you of it.
    We've got cameras installed in every room, even the toilet rooms. Not in the stalls, of course!
    Now, you're all being locked in here, every night, and let out every morning, until we can cure you!
    There are cots, pillows, and blankets inside, and flashlights with batteries for all of you.
    Plus some water and food.

    She smiled and pushed them inside the gate, one by one, then locked it, and walked off, humming to herself.

    Mika's heart dropped.
    "W-What?! N-NO! LET ME OUT!" She screamed, tears rolling down her face.
    "I c-c-can't do t-this!"
    Her breathing was rapid, and she knew she was going to pass out.
    It was almost dark, and she couldn't stay here without lights.
    Flashlights only helped so much.

    "Oh G-God.." She whispered, sliding down to her knees.
  9. Zachary stood speachless, staring after the woman with wide eyes, jaw slightly slack. What kind of introduction was that?!? 'Hello, welcome to your doom. Try not to die. *big smile* Good luck.' His knuckles tightened around the metal bars of the gate as he glared at her retreating back. It was futile though. She actually seemed glad to leave them here to rot. Turning around towards the school, a sweet voice drifted down from one of the second storey floor windows, once again beckoning him to follow it. It was the girl. He knew it had to be but he couldn't spot her. That is, until one of the large, shady ash trees shook in the opposite direction of the wind, making the rustling branches sound like scraping bones. It stopped suddenly. Who the hell knew where the Nightmare was now. They had to get out of school yard though, it was far too open and soon the sun would be down with them left defenseless. At least inside the school there was were some more flashlights.
    Zachary looked at every person that was here, taking an individual mental note on each. He crouched down next to the girl who was crying and had formerly been screaming at the woman. "We have to go inside," he told her as gently as possible without the shaking in his voice being obvious. "Staying out here in the open would be suicide."
  10. Jack stood there for a moment in shock then rushed at the gates, his face fully of fury, "Hey! What is wrong with you?" His voice boomed in the empty space as he shook the bars furiously. The woman did not even pause at his outburst so he gave the gate one last spiteful shake then pushed himself away from it angrily. He looked over to the girl who was crying sadly. He then turned to face all the others who were stuck with them; four girls and two guys, this won't end well… He sighed then looked up at the building in front of them in fear but he wouldn't let it show, he's learned over the years how to hide his emotions, especially fear. He didn't take his eyes from the building as he replied to the other boy who was locked in with them, "I agree, we need to get inside and find those supplies that witch was talking about." He said, his voice devoid of emotion.
  11. Someone crouched down next to her, talking calmly.
    "We have to go inside. Staying out here would be suicide."
    Mika looked up, tears in her eyes.
    "Y-yes. I'm sorry. I'm so embarrassed."
    She stood up, and dusted herself off.
    "C-Can I stay with you?" She asked quietly, looking at him shyly.

  12. He smiled at the girl politely. "If it makes you feel better, then I don't mind." Zachary was one of those who believed about power and safety in numbers, even if they had the lesser of both. At least it would be better than going in alone. "I'm Zachary, by the way," he said for the entire group, but only looking at the girl as he said it. Looking at the sun, he noted that they had about five to ten more minutes left before the entire yellowy-orange disk of the sun was gone for another twelve hours.
  13. "I'm Mika." She replied, and looked at the sun too.
    "I think we should go inside, guys.." She whispered, stepping closer to the building.
    It was dark, and cold, and she was scared. But if Zachary was with her, hopefully it wouldn't be too bad.
  14. Hearing the the others say they wanted to go inside, Amber shook with fear. However, As she saw dark clouds gathering overhead she felt there was no choice but to go into the haunted place.
    Remembering her manners she stuck out her hand to Mika and said "I'm Amber, its a pleasure to meet you."
    Amber tried to look at the positives of the dire situation. Her face wilted as she found there were none.
  15. Jack sighed and looked to the others then pulled his earphones out. "Come on you guys, we should get going…." He really do not want to go inside that godforsaken building but it was there only option. His only consolation was that there would be supplies inside, especially the flashlights. Everyone else was introducing themselves but he wouldn't, the closer you are to someone, the more you would let your guard down and he couldn't risk that. They may be like him but he wouldn't let himself get comfortable them. With that thought he turned and began walking toward the 'School' with his hands shoved inside his pockets and his head down.