The Nightcrawlers

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  1. Lore

    The Nightcrawlers, a name, a title perhaps, bestowed upon the discreet modern blood-craving beasts of the dark. Vampires. They've lived among oblivious inferior humans starting from the late eighteenth century when a normal young aspiring researcher found a odd undiscovered bat that eventfully bit him. Suffering from a unknown poison the researcher died, and so was buried with a whole funeral service in his honor. But three days from the man's death he awoke in his coffin. He dug out of his "cage" with behaviors unlike a human. He didn't need oxygen, he didn't have trouble breaking out of the dirt pressured resting place, and as he reached the surface. He lusted for blood.

    That researcher's name was Alexander. Alexander Kleich.

    Alexander wandered around the darkness of his city, his thirst for blood almost unbearable. He managed to keep a grip on his common sense and human mind, so he "hunted" in silence. He drank the blood of many lonely women whom were tempted to join his company with his sharp looks and silver tongue. But one night, something wrong happened. As Alexander drank the velvet red blood of Elesa, his most recent victim, the sweet liquid turned bitter. Alexander's tongue burned on contact and as he backed up aghast by the rare occurance Elesa woke up. Her body, still scared with fang marks, she stood up with a craving of blood plaguing her throat.

    Only a few people have the ability to handle the bacteria given by a bite of a Nightcrawler and the very same people are doomed to live a eternity of blood-thirst. Well, eternity if they manage to last that long.

    Alexander and Elesa (Who he took as his wife, feasted upon insolent humans, their group growing with the numbers of deaths they caused. Soon they led a large..coven of Crawlers and as everyone would guess the larger the group got, the larger their problems did.

    Many newly-turned Crawlers wanted to just massacre the city, not hunt discreetly others wanted to tell the humans of their existence to see if they might find a cure for the curse they had been destined to live out forever. And one day the coven got divided into three factions. The Deathdealers, The Purebloods, and The Shades. These three factions still thrive up to this date their relations getting shakier by the years.

    The Covens
    The Deathdealers
    - They are the descendants of the more vicious members of Alexander and Elesa's original coven. They, just like their ancestors despise humans, only thinking of them as animals, as food. They are blood thirsty and merciless to humans and other covens alike. They are known for their strength and long kill count, most likely their coven name stemmed from this evidence.

    - General Properties: Strip-Clubs, Fight Clubs, Brothels. Their meeting place is a large downtown Brothel known as Chains and Whips.

    The Purebloods
    - They are the descendants of Alexander and Elesa, along with the few Crawlers that stayed close to them. They are more of a balanced coven, not to aggressive not to neutral. They hunt down humans, in organized raids, only enough to feed them for long periods but they never over-hunt. Their titles stem from the fact that their direct ancestors are the first vampires. The Purebloods are known for their special elite, known as the Hunters.

    - General Properties: Manors, Hotels, Nightclubs. Their meeting place is at a Countryside Manor just outside of the city.

    The Shades
    They are the descendants of the reluctant first Crawlers, who decided to hide away and feed on animal blood then to kill the humans. Like their names, they are known to keep all their activity in the dark. When they fight they tend to take a more stealth-kill route than direct. They are however mostly known for their elusiveness and reluctance.

    - General Properties: Nothing notable. Usually normal homes. They have a meeting place for discussion deep within a forest not to far from the city.

    - Starting from Alexander they are creatures whom feast upon blood. Very similar to Vampires but there are some notable differences between the two races. Nightcrawlers can breed and give birth to children who are also of Crawler blood naturally allowing descendants and ancestors. Nightcrawlers can go out in day, but if they are not covered properly their body will begin to smoke before catching ablaze giving them more time to find shade than a vampire would have. Nightcrawlers kills via bacteria that spreads through the veins after biting while as vampires suck dry.

    - Groups or clans of Nightcrawlers bound together because of bloodlines, beliefs, and habits.

    Rules and Guidelines
    [1.] No GMing any characters that aren't yours.
    [2.] No perfect charters.
    [3.] Please refrain from making children characters unless they are minor ones.
    [4.] In regards to #3 teenagers are okay.
    [5.] This will not be placed in mature so nothing like that on here. Just PM each other if you want too.
    [6.] There won't be a definite posting order, but make sure to not leave anybody behind.
    [7.] If you will be unavaliable, please tell us ahead of time.
    [8.] Interaction that isn't fighting between the clans isn't often so don't make it so that they see each other too much.
    [9.] Defecting is allowed, but don't do it too often.
    [10.] Make your paragraphs detailed.
    [11.] Not to be snobby, but please make your posts at least understandable
    [12.] No one-liners
    [13.] Nobody she be too overpowered.
    [14.] Multiple characters are allowed, just make sure you can handle 'em!
    [15.] 15 is a nice number to stop so yeah. :3

    Character Sheet
    General Information
    Full Name:
    Race: Mainly Nightcrawlers. Humans are allowed but should be side characters.
    Age: Nightcrawlers live forever if they aren't killed so tell me how many years they look and are.
    Personality: Optional. If you choose to not put this, you have to make it noticeable in the RP.

    Coven Information
    Opinion of his/her coven:
    Opinion of higher ranks in his/her coven:
    Opinion of other covens:
    Rank in the Coven: Choose between Leader, Lieutenant, Member. Your chosen rank is not promised to you however.

    Appearance Information
    General Appearance: Photo or Written
    Hair Color:
    Skin Color:
    Eye Color:
    Hair Length:
    Body Mods: Tats, Piercings, Scars